Aadhar linked Govt cash subsidy DBTL scheme application forms for LPG cylinders

Looking for the DBTL online application forms? Want to know how to link Aadhaar UID number with LPG cash subsidy scheme? This article provides complete information about the Government of India's Direct Benefit Transfer scheme for LPG consumers. You will get details about the features of the Aadhaar-linked DBTL scheme and the application process for the scheme.


The Govt. of India has launched the Direct Benefit Transfer scheme from January 2014 for LPG consumers. This scheme is known as the DBTL (Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG) scheme. Under this scheme, those who use LPG gas cylinders can get the cylinder at the full market price (excluding VAT). The difference between subsidized price and the cylinder's full market price (known as the subsidy) will be transferred to their Bank account. The subsidy will be provided for up to nine cylinders in a year. The scheme will be available in 3 different phases (see the links provided at the end of this article) across the country, each phase covering certain regions in each State.

Aadhaar registration sheet for LPG subsidy scheme
[Image courtesy: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/]

Govt. of India DBTL Scheme Features

  • From 1st January 2014, domestic LPG cylinders will be sold at the market price.

  • In order to get the cash subsidy in your Bank account, you will need to follow the procedure to become a Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC) consumer

  • You will receive a cash subsidy in advance to buy the LPG cylinder (at market price), the subsidy being directly credited to your Aadhaar linked Bank account.

  • In case you are not able to complete the formalities by 1st January 2014, you will receive the subsidized LPG cylinders as you are getting presently till 31st March 2014.

  • After 31st March 2014, you will have to pay the market price for the LPG cylinder and the subsidy will only be available to you if you have completed the requisite formalities.

How to enrol in DBTL scheme

There are basically 2 forms for enrolling for the DBTL scheme: Form 1 is a Bank linking form and Form 2 is the LPG linking form

First Step

You need to get an Aadhaar ID number if you don't already have one

Second Step

You need to link your Aadhaar number to your existing Bank account using Form 1 (the Bank linking form). You can deposit this form at your Bank's branch or put it in the Drop Box at your LPG distributor's premises (alternatively at select company petrol pumps).

In case you do not have a Bank account, then you will need to open a new one and link that account to your Aadhaar Number. You can check the list of banks for this purpose here: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/bank.pdf

Third Step

You need to link your Aadhaar number with your LPG consumer number. This can be done through one of the following methods:
  1. By Hand: Fill in the details in Form 2 (LPG linking form). Give the completed form to your LPG distributor along with the requisite enclosures.

  2. Through the Call Centre: Phone 180-02333-555 and register your Aadhaar number.

  3. Online: Visit the website www.uidai.gov.in. Click on the button 'Start Now'. Follow the instructions of the procedure which appears on your screen.

  4. Through IVRS: Call up your LPG company's phone number and follow the IVR instructions. The numbers are:
    • BPC [Bharat Gas]: 94204-56789

    • HPC [HP Gas]: 88888-23456

    • IOC [Indane Gas]: 09669-124365

  5. Via SMS: For this process, you need to follow 2 steps:
    (1)Register your mobile number by sending SMS this way: (a) For HPC/IOC Customers: REG (then ) distributor telephone number with STD code without zero consumer number. (b) For BPC customers: Register your mobile number with your distributor.
    (2) Send SMS for Aadhaar submission like this: UID (then ) Aadhaar Number
    Where to send SMS:
    • For Bharat Gas: 57333 /52725

    • For HP Gas: 88888 23456

    • For Indane Gas: 09669 124365

  6. By Post: Send the completed Form 2 along with requisite enclosures to the address given in Form 2. The address will vary for each city and each LPG supplying company.

Receiving the subsidy

  • You can check your Aadhaar linkage status at: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/linkstatus.html

  • You will get the subsidy in the Bank account which you have linked within 2-3 days after delivery of the LPG cylinder.

  • Wait for a further 1-2 more days to check whether the subsidy has been credited in your bank account or not through the portal.

  • Even after that if you have not received the subsidy, you should register a complaint with the DBTL Grievance Cell (Toll free number: 18002333555).

  • They will then inform you the reason or will deal with it and revert back to you on the mobile number which you registered at the time of application for the scheme.

Contact Information for LPG cash subsidy scheme: Phone up the call center's Toll Free Number 1800-2333555.

Important Links for DBTL scheme

  • Website: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/

  • FAQs: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/faq.pdf

  • Phase I Districts: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/ph1.htm

  • Phase II Districts: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/ph2.htm

  • Phase III Districts: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/ph3.htm

  • Form to link Aadhaar in LPG: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/leaflet.pdf#page=1&zoom=80,0,842

  • Form to link Aadhaar with Bank for LPG: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/bankacc.pdf

  • Link your Aadhaar UID number with your Personal Identification Documents or Benefit Cards (in this case your LPG consumer ID): https://rasf.uidai.gov.in/seeding/User/ResidentSplash.aspx

  • Link Aadhaar to LPG by SMS and IVRS process: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/sms.html

  • Link Aadhaar to LPG by Post: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/post.html

  • Link Aadhaar to LPG via call center: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/call.html

  • Contacting your LPG company: http://www.petroleum.nic.in/dbtl/contact.html


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the scheme will be available in 3 phases across the country. Hence check out the official website to know during which phase your city/State will be covered (links provided above). Look out too for the notifications of the DBTL scheme in advertisements in the leading newspapers in your area.

LPG consumers are advised not to delay in availing of this DBTL scheme since, as mentioned, the subsidy will not be available after 31st March 2014 for those who did not follow the procedures for enrolling in the scheme.

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Author: K Mohan15 Sep 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

This is an important article shared by you and it is really become necessary for every household to get a Aadhaar card and prove that he is the citizen of this great country. While many have considered this card as another gimmick by the government to get details from the public regarding their living conditions, suddenly when the government announced that Aadhaar card must for every future dealing with the government schemes, then the necessity of it is felt and sudden rush for the card began. In Hyderabad too still people are yet to get the cards even though enrollment has been made.

Guest Author: Anti Corruption09 Oct 2013

Let none of the subsidized or non subsidized benefits be linked with the aadhar card. Let the aadhar card be used used only for identification and not for any other benefit or purpose.

Guest Author: Rajagopalan.T.S12 Feb 2014

The toll free number given is always engaged. I got a message from Indane that Subsidy will be credited to my HSBC account but now even after a month it is not credite. I am worried. I am not able to speak to anyone in toll free number as it is always engaged.
God help us..

Guest Author: indran nair.11 Nov 2014

The subsidy is sending to some other banks other than that I gave to the agency this gives much inconvenience.

Guest Author: Anti Corruption13 Nov 2014

Let this government be voted out for imposing the bank account/aadhar and related problems with bank accounts upon the people, just like the previous government was voted out. Let them never come to power again.

Guest Author: DILIP KUMAR BASU15 Nov 2014

I have bank a/c in Kolkatta address but at presently I along my family are staying in Bangalore and my LPG system transfered to Bangalore for time being my point is can I apply 1) I have SDDARCARD NO 2) my bank a/c in kalkatta addresss CAN I PROCEED ON ?

Guest Author: Haren Nath27 Nov 2014

Those who don't have Adhar No., they have to fill up form-4 to mention their bank a/c no. Now how can I get form-4 in website to fill up the form?

Guest Author: Sundar29 Nov 2014

Some of the distributors selling this forms. If asked, they are saying not sufficient forms are supplied by the petroleum companies. Is this true?

Guest Author: Subramani03 Dec 2014

I don't have aadhaar card. How to join DBTL scheme?

Author: Vandana03 Dec 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

An update for readers: It is no longer madatory to have an Aadhaar card to enrol for the DBTL scheme. Having a bank account is sufficient. You need to fill Form 4, which is available online at: http://petroleum.nic.in/dbt/form4.pdf

I came across this very useful article which is an excellent guide for those enrolling for the DBTL scheme as it contains the latest updates too of the scheme: http://www.bemoneyaware.com/blog/lpg-subsidy-and-direct-benefit-transfer-scheme/

Guest Author: S S Majumdar06 Jan 2015

I don't have aadhaar card. How to confirm DBTL scheme after submitting Form III & IV?

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