Fear is your worst enemy of students

We all love to be regarded as bold and courageous. But what does being bold mean? What happens if one is not courageous? This is a small moral story which gives the answers we need.


All of us, whether a small kid or an adult, have good friends and worst enemies. But do you know who your real enemy is? It is your own fear of failure. When a person overcomes this fear, he/she is sure to attain success and have a peaceful life. Being bold, does not mean, not being afraid of anything. Everybody has fears about something or the other. Being bold, simply means the will to overcome and win this fear of failure. Here's a small story for kids to know about what is the plight of people who do not overcome fear. Read on.

The Story

Once upon a time, there lived a saint in a forest who possessed some magical powers. One day, when he was in deep meditation, a little mouse came running to him and said "Oh holy man, please save me. I'm very afraid of cats. I'm tired of trying to save myself from them everyday. Please be kind and change me into a cat, so that I don't have to be afraid of them anymore". On hearing this, the saint took pity on the mouse and whispered a few hymns. All of a sudden, the mouse changed into a cat. The mouse thanked the saint and left the place happily.

After a few days, the mouse (now a cat), again came running to the saint, this time with a request to be changed into a dog, so that it need not be afraid of dogs anymore. The saint accepted the request and miraculously changed the cat into a dog.

A week passed. The mouse (now a dog), again came to the saint, to be changed into a tiger so that it need not be afraid of any other animal in the forest and can live at peace. This time the saint thought that this was a good idea and turning it into a tiger will not only solve the mouse's problem, but also his problem of getting bothered again and again. So, the dog was now changed into a tiger. The tiger went happily to live freely in the forest.

A few weeks passed. A hunter came to the forest and started hunting on this tiger. The tiger immediately fled to the saint and this time, as per its request, it was changed into a hunter!

But just after a few days, the hunter came to the saint and fell at his feet and started to cry. He began to say "Oh great saint, I'm afraid of other people. They always tend to pick up a fight with me. Please change me..". At this point, the saint interrupted and said "Look, whatever form I change you into, your fear always remains with you. So, your form is not the thing to be changed, but it's your fear that needs to be changed. Overcome your fear and you will be peaceful in your life whoever or wherever you are." So saying, the saint changed the hunter back to his original form, a little mouse.


Fear is the worst enemy that needs to be conquered.


Author: Jyothirmayi24 Sep 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Wow! What a wonderful creative story. Yes, most of us will feel about fear. Even they didn't do anything. Once you fear about anything then you should fear about all the things. If we are always worrying about fear then one day will come, then we will fear by seeing our shadow itself.
This is a good story!

Author: Jagdish Patro07 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Really a good story which leaves a fine message.

Life is full of challenges and one has to survive here by facing these challenges boldly. If you are scared of the things and try to run away, you have to face different kind of challenge, otherwise you have to run further. You cannot get tired like this. You have to fight with your fear yourself and meet the challenge.

It is really a versatile presentation by the author.

Author: Ashok Goyal12 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 13

Good Moral Story. No doubt fear is the worst enemy and if one is fearless then he or she can get out of depression without even consulting the doctor. Had the author also written a piece of advice about How to overcome Fear then the readers would have benefited out of it. The readers have been left high an dry to fight fear. For the benefit of the readers I provide a few hints as to How to overcome Fear.

What frightens you?

Just note down the reasons of fear. It can be any thing like:
1. Fear of Loss of Job
2. Fear of Death
3. Fear of Loosing Reputation
4. Fear of Boss or Parents
5. Fear of Accident
6. Fear of Failure
and so on

After noting down the reasons for your fear, just think that what can you do to fight with fear or what could be the final consequences. No body else including your Psychiatric Doctor can know about your fears actual or imaginary.

First of all try to get rid of your imaginary fears by positive thinking. Think positive and stop negative thinking and you will see a drastic change in your life. You will feel at the top of the world. Think that you are the best, you can do the best and whatever good will you do it will give best results. Shell out your inferiority complex and feel superior. I am sure, public will accept you as your superior, senior and motivator.

Then comes the actual fears. for example you met with an accident while you were a child and the memories of the accident are still live in your memory. You may fear driving a vehicle but do you feel that accidents can not happen in you do not drive. No, bad things do not happen again and again. Strong Will Power and doing good things without expecting any thing yields very good results.

Live Examples

Take the case of Lance Armstrong, who overpowered the deadly disease called Cancer and became the founder of LiveStrong Foundation to improve the lives of the people affected by Cancer. (Ref.: www.livestrong.org)

Only Recently Indian Cricketer YuvRaj joined the Cricket Team again even after undergoing for carcinogenic surgery.

Reviewed Moral of the Story

Moral of the Story by the Author is that becoming tiger from mouse is not the right answer to overcome fear but it is the strong will power within your self which can make a mouse even stronger than the tiger.

Good Story by the Author. Read More Short Inspiration Stories by WQAINDIA.

Author: tenzin thaye14 Dec 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

FEAR is not always your enemy but also a good friend. Fear restricts us from trying and it pulls us down from giving the best in us. But at the same time it also make us realise that you should be prepared. Fear give us hope to prepare for the worst. I think fear should be there in oneself so that it makes you realise that we are alive and it pushes us to do more.

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