Importance of debates in the civilized world

Debate is extremely important to our survival as a civilized world. Talking about issues and trying to figure out how to solve them, not only makes the World go round, make people smarter(reading, writing and researching are its core parts), and makes it easier for us to handle issues when they arise. In this article i have described about importance of debates and how to improve debating skills.


Debates form an important part of formal education. Debates are held and arranged from time to time in schools and colleges. A debate is a discussion or argument on an important subject on which people may have different opinions. In the parliament and legislatures issues are debated in detail before a decision is taken on them. In public subjects of social, national and political importance are discussed and then opinion is formed about them. A debate or meaningful discussion is a democratic way to reach wise decisions. Debates help in finding widely acceptable and sane solutions to the problems.With its emphasis on critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork, debate teaches skills that serve individuals well in school, in the workplace, in political life and in fulfilling their responsibilities as citizens of democratic societies.

Necessity of debate

Man is rational being and so he wants to analyze, debate, discuss and argue about important issues, problems, matters, ideas and plans. The debates become all the more important in democratic and free societies. No decision can be imposed upon the public before they are convinced about it. And the way to convince the public is through debates and discussions in open through mass media and on platforms and stages. Thus, debates discussions or public speaking become of crucial importance for success. It is the only way to carry a message across .A good debater can easily win over public support and become popular. Efficiency in debates and public speaking can be developed and cultivated if there is strong will and motivation. It is both art and technique. We have several occasions to develop this art and technique. Besides formal debates, and question-answer sessions in the school and colleges, we have opportunities to address a group of friends, preside over an informal meeting, hold group discussions, introduce a speaker, speak in social gatherings, canvass in school and college elections and organise meetings. Our conversation with friends, parents and others are occasions to acquire and improve our debating skills. What is needed are strong will, preservance and practice.

Few tips for a successful debate

To be a successful it is essential that there is a sound and thorough preparation. It needs a proper planning and preparation. A good debater knows his subject well. He studies all the material available on the subject before speaking in the debate. He studies books, magazines, newspapers and consult reference books on the topic. He puts ideas and arguments in writing. Stand before a mirror or mock audience, or a sample audience and read aloud your written material a couple of time

A sound preparation generates desired confidence. Self confidence is of great importance in public speaking and debates. It is the sure key to success. Only a self-confident speaker can best sell his arguments and ideas. Only a debater with self confidence can convince his audience. Listen the good and well-known speakers as often as you can. Never be cowed down by failures in the beginning. Take them as challenge and carry on your efforts to win debates and discussions. There is hardly any famous speaker who did not fail in the beginning.

What we say in a debate is important but how we say is also equally important. Your arguments should be sound, sincere and convincing. You should speak eloquently with enthusiasm and be natural and spontaneous in your delivery. Don't be stiff or self-conscious on the stage. Be relaxed, assured and polite but firm. Never feel inferior or hopeless. Avoid nasalization and too many movements of your hands.Stand erect, firm but relaxed. Neither speak too loudly nor so low that you are not distinctly audible.


Students who are successful in debates and discussions also succeed in other fields of life. They have the skills and abilities to become a good leaders, politicians, and parliamentarians. They can become very successful salesman, managers, advocates etc. Success is assured to a good debater in these fields of life because he has the power to persuade, convince and carry people with him. He can reason out, discuss and carry his message across the people successfully.


Author: Joseph25 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Conducting debates will help the supporter and the opponent to get more points about the topic because when discussing automatically one will get more ideas about the topic. Whenever we discuss, the ideas of the members are different so whenever a new idea is arise from the opposite member, the other member will get a new idea. You have written a nice article with good explanation keep it up.

Author: Pranita25 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thank you very much. I am thankful to ISC for publishing this article on the importance of debates.

Author: Jagdish Patro27 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Debates give us an opportunity to share our views and know the views of others. A good debate will provide a logical conclusion for the problems being discussed and leads to a solution for the core issue.

The tips provided for a good speech really, if put in practice, will help for active participation in a debate. While participating in a debate, one should be consistent and should not try to divert the core issue.

Author: Chitra28 Oct 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Debates play an important role in our lives. Participating in debates makes one more stronger and they learn to fight and to argue. The main benefit they gain out of debates is that they learn to stand for their word. This is infact a character that many of us lack. Participate in debates and perform well not to be a winner in the debate but to be a winner in your real life. Consider all our life situations to be a debate and stand on your word, if you feel it is the right path.

Author: JyotiS18 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 15

I consider debating among children as a mean of promoting basic cognitive development in them. It is an art which combines and co-relates all the knowledge stored in a child's brain irrespective of the fact that all those information and knowledge is acquired by him at different stages of his development.

It may sound a bit complicated but this is what actually happens when a child participates in a debate competition. First of all he tries to get the actual meaning of the topic on which he has to speak up. After that he searches his acquired knowledge for all the information he has about it. His past experiences, reading, listening skills and understanding skills plays a very keen role in it.
He tries to think about the possibility of relating his other knowledge with the topic he was given. And thus all the parts of his brain are super active at that very moment. Relating and reorganizing all the cognitive and conative data in his brain boosts up his brain functioning making his memory more permanent.

Analyzing all the pros and cons of the given topic and preparing to be ready for any question from opposition team, motivates him to master the subject concerned. Thus by promoting debating habit in a child we are also promoting scientific methodology in him; in which he
1. closely observes the subject.
2. gain all the past available information about it.
3. analyze this available information.
4. explore on the possibility of new concept, ideas and reasoning.
5. Puts forward his opinion with solid examples and/or proof.

These are nothing but the various steps of scientific method which indirectly are used when a child prepares for a debate. My point here is to make parents understand that every subject has a basic scientific methodology which develops cognitive powers in our children and thus we should not see science and language subjects with different prospective.

All those children who masters this art of debating actually masters his life where he is ready to face any situation. He can reason out things, makes our understand his point of view and also, he is open for new and different ideas from others.

My appreciation to the author for bringing such an important topic for discussion.

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