Michelin Pilot Sporty, the most recommended tyre for bikes

Did you know that Michelin Pilot Sporty is the most recommended tyre for bikes? Are you interested in knowing the unique features that makes this particular tyre the favorite among bike enthusiasts? Read on and you will find all the information in the below article.


Tyres are the only part of any vehicle that keeps us in contact with the road. Hence utmost care has to be given while selecting tyres for your vehicles be it two wheeler or four wheeler. Now, here I am going to discuss about Michelin Pilot Sporty, an apt tyre for bikes. Normally, we have heard that our purpose states the type of tyre we need to use for our bikes, however Pilot sporty has proved it wrong. Yes, it is suitable for any bikes irrespective of its purpose. Do not get misguided by the term 'Sporty' in its name. This tyre is suited for any road conditions.

About Michelin, the manufacturer

Michelin, is a familiar brand to one and all, hence much explanation is not required. I am sure the picture of 'Michelin man', the mascot of Michelin tyres will be going through your mind now. The manufacturer is based in Clermont - Ferrand, France and was founded in 1888. Michelin and Bridgestone are the two biggest tyre manufactures in the world. They sell their products throughout the world, that is they manufacture varieties of tyres depending upon the climatic conditions of each country. This is one reason why it is been widely accepted. They were able to mark their presence in India too. Pilot Power, Pilot Road, Pilot Road 2, Pilot Power 2CT, Power Pure etc are some of the models they have released in India for bikes. Among these Michelin Pilot Sporty stands out with its amazing features.

Michelin Pilot Sporty, the most recommended tyre for bikes

Michelin Pilot Sporty, the most recommended tyre for bikes
It is normally the youngsters who depend very much on two wheelers. For them racing is a passion and they are sportive in mind too. Michelin Pilot Sporty proves perfect for such people. It is highly recommended by bike enthusiasts for everyday use even though it is described as a sporty one. Now let us look into the features of this tyre which makes it one of the best among the available options in the Indian market.

  • Michelin Pilot Sporty is a high performance motorcycle tyre and is long lasting in nature. It is very much useful for the kind of rough use our youngsters are involved in. Moreover investing in a long lasting tyre saves your money and time.

  • The grip of Pilot Sporty is worth mentioning. It ensures great grip even for small engined bikes. Moreover both the dry grip and wet grip is amazing and will make you feel delighted. Do not go for cheap tyres and keep your lives at risk. Invest in something that can save you and keep you intact. Grip sis very much essential when you use the break, if gripless, then you might end up stopping somewhere else or you need to use the bike one km before to stop in the desired place.

  • High levels of control is another outstanding feature of Michelin Pilot Sporty. This feature is very much essential to keep us safe on road. We are unaware of the uncertainties and hence need high levels of control.

  • Are you looking for something as accurate as a racing tyre? If so, pilot sport can give you the best results. Haven't you admired the super grip, control level and finishing of the racing tyres? Yes, pilot sporty too have all these features. It ensures high mileage as well.

  • Michelin Pilot Sporty does provide a smoother ride. But I wouldn't say that there are no other tyres that is as good as pilot sporty when it comes to smother ride. However, it provides great feel and a smooth drive for everyday use.

  • It is a round profile tyre which seems to be very helpful during cornering and turns. This is a feature which many tyres lack.

  • This tyre can be used for both front and rear section and is available in different sizes. However the most commonly available sizes are 100/90-17 and 110/80-17.

  • The tyre has got flexible side walls which provides better shock absorption thus in turn you get more comfort while riding.

  • Last but not the least, the Michelin Pilot Sporty tyres can be used by a beginner, learner, advanced rider etc. Similarly it can be used for sports, ride within city limits and so on. In short, it is an all purpose tyre. The tread pattern design performs well on uneven, rugged or paved road surfaces.

Cons of Michelin Pilot Sporty

Like any product, Michelin Pilot Sporty too is not free from cons. There are not much to say when it comes to its demerits but the major con is that it is sensitive to punctures. The manufacturer claims that the robust tyre structure makes it puncture resistant. However the issue is quite common and is expected. After all, it is a product made out of rubber and depends upon how you maintain and use it. Use the tyre wisely and follow the tyre safety tips so that it will stay healthy and fresh with you for long. Another one to point out is the absence of hard side walls, this makes the ride a little bumpy. But it has got flexible side walls which gives better shock absorption. However, if we keep aside these two issues, the tyre will prove to be an excellent friend of yours.


A tyre not only gives you a smooth ride but also prevents you from meeting with an accident. The quality of the tyre certainly matters as it is the only thing that keeps you in contact with the road. The Michelin Pilot Sporty tyres are available in different sizes and you need to find the one best suits your vehicle. The price of it falls within Rs. 2000.00 throughout India. It is always better to use the same tyre for the front and rear section of your bike and always remember to change both the tyres at the same time. This gives a much better ride and grip. The incredible performance of the tyre has made it rank one among the best.


Guest Author: Pang VFR40009 May 2018

Can this tyre be used for a 400 cc bike?

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