Are you planning for Weight Loss? Follow these five tips to Loose Weight

Individuals, young or old, Male or Female desire to look younger and live longer. On the one hand they try to shed a few pounds and on the other hand they end up in adding more pounds due to unplanned weight loosing measures. This articles tries to explain effective ways to shed pounds from the waist line to maintain the attractive bodily figure.

How much do you want to loose - Set Your Target Correctly

Individuals, visiting the weight loosing clinics, just tell their adviser to loose say 20 pounds and such clinics also tell the visitor to go in for 25 pounds offering 5 lbs free with the 25 lb scheme. In my opinion both are wrong if they do not plan the weight loosing plan on the bases of BMI, Body Mass Index. If you compare Ideal Weight as per Body Mass Index and your actual BMI on the basis of your height and existing weight, you will come to know about the weight or extra pounds to be shed. Half the battle is won in the very first tip otherwise it is feared that you may not end up in unhealthy body getting tired soon.

Check inventory of eatables in your kitchen

All house holds keep eatable stocks in the kitchens. Remove all aerated drinks, french fries and ready made snacks ready to be fried and taken with tea. Demarcate the kitchen area and drawer or cup boards in two area that is one with high fat and high calorie foods and the other with healthy foods and grains which can be taken in sprouted state. Your refrigerator be full with fresh vegetables and fruits including citrus fruits, apples, pomegranate, carrots. If possible switch to organic fruits and vegetables. When there will be less storage of junk foods, it will help to keep away from the tendency "Ruka Nahi Jata" or "Can not stop emptying the full pack of Kurkre". By following this tip you are nearing the expensive weight loosing target.

Can you afford time to loose weight

We are in the habit of either following high voltage advertisements or following others who have joined the weight loosing programs. Have you ever checked up that actress Katrina Kaif actually wears Flite brand of Relaxo footwear? This is just to impress you. Similarly major weight loosing programs sign brand ambassadors but the choice is yours. If you are so busy to find any time out of your busy schedule regularly then how can you thinks of loosing weight. Stop, think and decide if you will be able to be free every day in a given time slot which suits your weight loosing program time slot too. You are to stick to the program with near 100% attendance and similar success rate. If yes, read further, otherwise you are definitely to loose money instead of loosing weight.

Choose your hobby wisely as hobbies can help loose weight

If I ask somebody the simple question - Do you exercise? Straight comes the reply that while moving from bed to drawing room, office seat to chamber of the boss throughout the day, the total resultant walking will be few miles. Physical exercise means time devoted and dedicated to exercise only. You can do gardening on weekly basis, watering of plants on daily basis, cleaning of home and disposing the unused items and scraps on regular intervals, going to temple, mosque or church as a part of your daily routine. I am sure that such hobbies will make you sweat without much effort. If you are conscious enough to shed your extra pounds then cycling and swimming are the best exercises in which all the body parts participate actively.

Ward off Stresses - Keep yourself Happy

In my opinion there is no disease in the world and all the diseases and stress conditions are the creations of man himself. Under stress conditions our body metabolism releases the toxins whereas the God has made our body in such a way that it absorbs all the toxins inhaled through polluted air, polluted water and above all inorganic foods, vegetables and fruits. The God has provided us the best machinery of Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, Livers and so many organs working restlessly for 24x7x365 despite being abused by us through smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating habits. Due to continuous abuse of our body organs, they get stressed and start under performing their natural tasks leading to malfunctioning of the major glands like pancreas, thyroid further leading to weight gain by the body.

You can help your body organs through deep breathing, meditation, full sleep, yoga and relaxation. Always follow the old proverbs like "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" and "An apple a day, keep the doctor away". Go for vacations at least once a year to break the routine and you will feel the difference.

Do not starve yourself

Last advice not to starve your body from essential nutrients in your effort to loose weight. Our body needs balance diet and all the nutrients to keep the body organs in working order. While joining any weight loosing program do consult a qualified dietitian and consult your family physician too as the family physician might be aware of your clinical conditions.

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Author: Ashok Goyal19 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 10

Do's and Don'ts in Weight Loose Plans

There are many myths and doubts about wight loosing plans. The author of the above article thought it better to supplement this article by clearing the myths and doubts or frequently asked questions by the individuals, who are planning for loosing weight:

Myth: We should check up our body weight daily?

Truth: Checking weight once a week is best to build awareness and never get stressed if your weight goes up and down on weighing machine as it can change by a few pounds due to shift in water weight.

Myth: We should stop taking all type of fats including saturated and unsaturated fats?

Truth: No, Our body needs fats to function normally. One should take at least 10% of calories from saturated fats. Try to replace butter and processed foods with more healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, cold water fish and very small amounts of nuts.

Myth: Drinking more water can help in reducing weight?

Truth: True, drinking water before meals can help you to eat less. Drinking water before meals and that too chilled water can increase metabolism and help burn fats.

Myth: Skip Lunch or Dinner if heavy breakfast or lunch is taken?

Truth: No, never skip meals.Missing a meal can lower down your energy level and make you unfit for exercising which is utmost required to loose weight. Have good breakfast as the persons having good breakfasts have been found to be more leaner then those who start their day with empty or half stomach.

Myth: Eat fast to get fullness signal from stomach.

Truth: No, Allow your brain to decide if the stomach is full or not as there is time lag between the brain and the stomach to decide the fullness of the stomach. Chewing food 32 times with your 32 teeth will not only make the food easy to be digested with release of necessary enzymes but your brain will tell the stomach 100% correctly that it is full. Stuffing stomach in a hurry does not make any sense.

Myth: Fasting can help in weight loss?

Truth: No, Instead of fasting and taking extra calories at once may do harm than benefit your plan to reduce weight it is better to maintain a daily dairy as written record makes you more accountable, so that you think twice before you snarf.

Myth: All types of carbohydrates should be eliminated from diet?

Truth: No, it will be sufficient to avoid carbohydrates in processed foods like non diet sodas, junk foods and animal fats while taking carbs from whole grains, fruits, and veggies may not be that harmful in your mission to loose weight in a planned way.

Myth: Sleeping more can make you overweight?

Truth: No,burning the midnight oil may look like a cunning way to burn extra calories, but poor sleep can result in to hormonal changes and feel hungrier. Adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sound sleep helps in regulating metabolism with extra bonus of burning your calories by 6 to 7% per extra hour of sleep than the normal sleep as you are asleep and not eating.

Author: Pravat Kumar Das20 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

Nowadays to look good and stay fit people are having a trend to loose weight. Because over weight or fatty people does not get comfort while working and due the heavy weight they do all work slowly (although in rare case fatty people have flexible body). The latest fashion is stay slim so that you can wear anything to look trendy.

But that does not mean, you should skip your meal and work very hard at Gym to lose weight. Nowadays many people are using fat burner in either tablet or powder form. This is a very bad habit. If you want to loose weight follow some simple steps as stated bellow:
1 - Go for jogging every day for at least 4-5 kilometer.
2 - Drink lot of water as it helps to use your fats properly in your body as most of our toxin get stored in our body through fat which decreases your metabolism and make your life slow.
3 - Eat heavy breakfast so that you get sufficient energy to work whole day.
4 - Add salads in your meal which balance your fats and help to easy digest.
5 - Do some exercise or yoga which helps you to sweat and remove toxins.
6 - Use stairs in your home or office and avoid lift.

Benefits of loosing weight:
1. You look good.
2. You can wear your favorite dress.
3. You can work fast and better.
4. It increase your confidence.

Author: Mathi Barath16 Jan 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very useful information, if you know the problems occur due to over weight definitely you will reduce your weight. Excess weight or obesity brings lots of problems along with it. It leads to many health problems like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and even heart diseases. It is always better to lose weight to lead a healthy life.

Losing weight can make your body fit and active. The problem like tiredness, stress and anxiety vanish off by reducing extra weight. The patients of thyroid and diabetes are advised to keep the weight under control to keep the disease under control. The risk of heart attack is very less after losing excess weight. Losing weight can make you look young and gives you new confidence. Losing weight with proper exercise and balanced diet can regulate the blood circulation and keeps your fit and healthy.

Author: Kailash Kumar28 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

If an individual has say 20 Kgs extra weight, then he is carrying an extra load throughout his lifespan putting that much extra load on his heart and all the other organs. Just imagine carrying a sandbag of 20 Kgs unnecessarily. One golden rule is that one will never be able to lose weight by adopting the policy of burning calories though continuing to eat unhealthy food. Food can never be lost by eating anything - be it slimming pills or any other medication. Weight can be lost only by firm determination to do regular physical exercise and consuming only healthy balanced food.

Author: Partha K.31 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

No, I don't want to lose weight in such a manner which harms my body irrevocably. Recently in Paris, the fashion show/modelling show organizers have banned participation of 'zero-figure' models because unscientific dieting to lose weight rapidly has caused irrevocable health problems to some models.

In my opinion, balanced food intake carefully calibrated with age along with morning walk and evening/night walk can effectively control weight of every person.

Author: K Mohan08 Nov 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Normally people have the notion that by starving they can have control over the weight and it helps in the weight loss; but on the other hand starving brings much more problem to the individual with side effects on the body. Avoiding junk food is the must to prevent over weight, and if some one wants to reduce the weight, go for pomegranate fruit juice which is very effective to reduce weight. Likewise having the juice of bermuda grass is also effective to have control on over weight.

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