Best bike tyres in the Indian market

Tyres are always essential parts of a vehicle and so we should be aware about the tyres we use for our bikes too. This article talks about the best front and rear tyres available for bikes in the Indian market, with details of each typres unique features and its pros and cons. This would be very useful for all who look for new tyres for their two wheeler.


Tyres are the most important part of a bike. Even if the bike is superb, we need tyres to ensure a run and even the selection of tyres matter. When we go for a shopping of shoes, for example, we look for a good product as we know that it is important as we use it daily and so it should be the best to last long. Here in this article we are just trying to find out some positive and negative points related to the bike tyres in the Indian market. This is purely in a wish to help the common man and is not at all an attempt to promote a brand or endorse it. The comparison of each tyre is made based on the experience of drivers and so it is hoped that it would be useful for all who look to buy a first-hand tyre to their bike.

MRF Zapper C

This tyre is mainly used as rear tyre in bikes and the size available commonly is 10/90-17 and 120/80-17. For the 120/80-17 size model the cost is approximately Rs.2500. It was found to be more useful in sporty bikes for Indian roads like Pulsar from Bajaj etc. Anyhow this one is good in its genre and provides good grip in both wet and dry surface. The most important point is that the tyre is very resistant to puncture and that may save your pockets. Anyhow the surprising fact is that 100/90-17 size model shows more decent performance than the 120/80-17 size model. The latter shows more softness compared to first one and is about medium in performance. Such tyres are necessary for more cc bikes of same genre of Pulsar as the company suggests so. Still, the first model is quite good and it shows good performance. The refusal to wear off makes this tyre a good one but on the other hand it also has got some negatives. After few thousand kilometers of use, fishtails became crazy and also tram lines are a lot. Also it loses balance during cornering. Anyhow the tyre is a good choice if we look for long lasting tyre avoiding such minor negatives.


This is also used as a rear tyre in bikes and is available in 120/80-17 size. The approximate cost for this size is Rs.2600. It is a nice one and has got attractive looks and undeniably one of its strengths is its beauty. This soft medium compound tyre has got good after-market value also and it is easily available after market. The tread depth of VYDE tyres and rounder look compared to Zapper C from same brand makes it interesting one to watch out. Interestingly its fits all pulsar range bikes from old to new generation. Even the 100/90-17 size tyres of such bikes can be replaced by 120/80-17 model of Zapper VYDE. You will never be disappointed to see the performance and such is the grip of this tyre. It is best in grip and so provides a smooth braking to bikes. Anyhow it is not affordable to your kitty if you look for a long lasting tyre. It is true that Zapper VYDE has got many good points to point out. That includes excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions, good and stylish look, the cornering perfection provided and the comfort provided to the ride. Anyhow the wear off is high and easily it gets punctured. The life of this tyre is just 15K to18K km and that stands as a big setback.

Michelin Pilot Sporty

This is an imported tyre used as both front and rear tyre. The available sizes are 100/90-17 and 110/80-17. But the company has not released it officially in Indian market and so the imported tyre gets a little costlier. The price ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 approximately. It stands out and out enemy to Zapper VYDE in aspects of look. The rounder profile makes it attractive and also has got good tread pattern. This soft compound tyre has got good look in 100/80-17 size too due to the rounder design. Like VYDE model from MRF this one also provide good cornering and grip. Anyhow Pilot sporty becomes a superstar in terms of wet grip. It shines in providing grip in dry condition too but the wet grip is simply awesome. That is a big pro for this tyre but on the negative side a bumpy ride is provided due to some irregularity and also it is very sensitive to punctures. So just go for this one if you want to experience an excellent mode of wet grip. This is not at all a long lasting tyre and chances of puncture is high.

MRF Zapper FS

It is used as a front tyre and is available in sizes 90/90-17 and 2.75-17. The approximate value of this tyre in market is Rs.1650. This one is a hard compound rubber tyre that has the normal effect of any tyre. It does its works decently and has got nothing more to boast off. It provides the normal dry and wet grip and that's all. In short, the positive word to describe it is only an all-rounder. On the downside, though, the hard rubber gets cracks after a one year usage and also the grip on wet surface is not that great.

MRF Zapper FY

It is another front tyre version from MRF that is available in size 80/90-17 only. It costs approximately Rs.1600 in Indian market. In fact it is a better tyre and may be the best. It was designed for the R15 series of Yamaha and provides excellent grip. The cornering is also made excellent and interestingly even with such qualities the life never fades. It is resistant to wear compared to the genre of these types of tyres and so it is the best one to have. The tyre lives up to your expectations and it becomes visible when you use the same. The way it makes braking easy and the grip in dry and wet tarmac is astonishing and so this is a tyre that gives value to your money. Go for this one undoubtedly and that is the final verdict for such a quality product.

MRF Zapper FY1

When the new version Yamaha R15 2.0 was released, this tyre was designed for use as a front tyre. The size is 90/80-17 and is tubeless. At Yamaha showroom it costs Rs.3100 and the money value is regained through quality. FY1 has got everything that is needed for a front tyre and the gripping feature in out of this world. The stability provided to the ride by these tyres are awesome & braking makes it a world class one. Even on wet surface you will never worry about braking and just check it by cornering too. Surely the best selection for emergency situations and this tyre provides a safe ride too.

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Guest Author: sudharshan21 Dec 2015

sir, I want to change my PULSAR 180 stock zapper c 120/80 TL (rear) and zapper fs 90/90 TL(front) they are worn out. I want change it with zapper vyde or revz for rear and zapper fy 1 for front , Please suggest me the best tyres for my 180

Guest Author: Bhx23 Apr 2018

For Bajaj avenger 150's Tyre grip for rough road only in a jungle area - Which tyre is best?

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