How to apply for a duplicate driver's license in India?

Have you lost your driving license and is badly in need of a new one? From this article you will get to know all the details with regards to applying and issuance of a duplicate driver's license.

Driver's license

A driver's license is a valid document issued under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, which allows a person to operate a vehicle within the limits of India. There are different varieties of license such as light vehicle license, motor vehicle license, heavy license, automatic license, manual license etc. The procedure to obtain a license differs from country to country. As per the Indian rules, a person has to reach 16 years of age to obtain a motor cycle license and 18 years of age to get a four wheeler license. The validity of your license will be for 10 years or more. Driving a vehicle without a proper license can lead to imposing of fines or imprisonment if caught red handed, hence it is always safer to keep your driving license along with you in good condition.

Precautions and measures

A driving license appears as an ID proof and we may use it for various official purposes due to this advantage and chances are there that we might misplace it or get it stolen away. Utmost care has to be given while handling your driving license as it is mandatory to drive a vehicle within the county limits. Also as it stands as an ID proof, every measure has to be taken in order to avoid identity theft. Certain measures that have to be taken to preserve your driving license and the steps that have to be done immediately once your driving license is stolen are listed below.

  • As your driving license is valid for many years, say 10 years or so, you need to give more importance to this card as chances are there the figures and letters imprinted on it may get erased off as time passes. To avoid such a situation, it is always better to keep the same safely in a card holder. Whenever you are requested to produce your driving license, give it along with the card holder (preferably single cared holder).

  • As your driving license is an important document, always take photocopies of it and keep it safely with you. When your driving license is lost you might be requested to produce the copy of it, even though it is not mandatory, having one will speed up the issuance of the duplicate one. You may also get your driving license scanned, so that you have a color copy of it in your system and can have the print outs as and when necessary. You will have to go through a tough time if you fail to produce the details regarding your driving license in case it is lost.

  • The theft of a driving license is related to as identity theft. It can be used by the thief to manipulate things by misguiding his identity for yours. To avoid getting into troubles it is always a must to report to the nearest police station as soon as you have lost your driving license or any other form of identity. A FIR report from the police station is a mandatory document to be submitted at the issuing authority in order to obtain a duplicate license.

What is a duplicate driving license?

A duplicate driving license is nothing but a fresh driving license issued on the request of the card holder stating that the original license is been stolen, lost or is been damaged. It will have the same validity and features as of your old/original driving license. The license holder will have to prove in front of the concerned authorities that the original license is stolen, lost or is damaged to be eligible to get a new license.

Application for duplicate driving license: Basic FAQs

When can we apply for a duplicate driving license?

One can apply for a duplicate driving license with the concerned authorities when he/she has lost the original driving license, when the license is been torn, mutilated or destroyed or when it is been stolen away. You should never apply for a duplicate driving license when you have the original one with you in good condition as it is illegal to do so.

Who can apply for a duplicate driving license?

The holder of the driving license will have to apply for a duplicate driving license. He/she will have to be present in person at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) or at the unit office to apply for the same. It is mandatory to carry your ID proof along with you. Atleast one of the ID proof should have your photo in it. No one else on your behalf can apply for a duplicate driving license.

What are the documents to be produced while applying for a duplicate driving license?

The person who has lost the driving license will have to go in person and present the following documents to the concerned authorities for the issuance of a duplicate license.

  1. Fill up the application form relating to the loss or damage of driving license. The form is named as L.L.D. I have attached herewith a copy of the form (refer below) for your kind perusal.
  2. Three Passport size photographs of the person has to be produced.
  3. A photocopy of your old driving license or the details of it. You will be requested to fill up your driving license number in the Form L.L.D.
  4. A police certificate or a copy of the FIR report has to be submitted if your driving license is stolen.
  5. The original license is to be surrendered if the duplicate license is applied for on the basis of mutilated, torn or damaged.
  6. A Self declaration certificate.
  7. An ID Proof with your photo and a residential proof is required. (Voter's card, passport etc can be used for this purpose.)
Note: All photocopies will have to be attested.

To whom should we apply for a duplicate driving license?

In India the issuance of driving license is monitored by the Regional Transport Offices. Each state has its own regional transport officer or Licensing Authority. Once you find that you have lost your driving license, immediately apply for a duplicate one to the regional transport officer in your area, assistant RTO or to the motor vehicle inspector (Grade 1) along with the above said documents and with the required amount of fees.

What is the amount of fees payable to obtain a duplicate driving license?

The amount of fees payable to obtain the duplicate driving license card varies from state to state and you will have to pay a service charge of Rs. 25.00 to Rs. 100.00 depending upon your residential area and issuing authority. He charges for applying duplicate license in certain states are mentioned below.
Delhi: Rs. 200.00 (fee) + Service charges
Kerala: Rs. 200.00 (fee) + Rs. 25.00 (service charge)
Tamil Nadu: Rs. 15.00 (fee) + Rs. 50.00 (service charge)
Andhra Pradesh: Rs. 15.00 (fee) or Rs. 40.00 (if application is made in From 7)
Kindly check with the concerned authority in your state for the exact fee in your region before applying for a duplicate driving license. Almost all states now provides the option to apply online for a new license and you may also pay the said fees online. Do not forget to get a print out of the e-receipt.

What is the time required to get the duplicate driving license in India?

You may get your duplicate driving license within a time period of 1 week to 15 days from application date or within the time mentioned by the assistant road transport officer. Once you have submitted the documents mentioned above eh concerned department will scrutiny it and will issue the order to make a duplicate driving license. At times you may be asked to give a driving test or a signal test.

How soon do I have to apply for a duplicate license?

It is always advised to apply for a duplicate driving license immediately your original is been lost or damaged. If you exceed a time period of six months from the date of losing your license, then issuance of a duplicate license in your case will have to be approved by the Head Quarter of Transport Department.


  • Form L.L.D - Application Form to apply for a duplicate driver's license in India (162826-74729-Form-L.L.D-Application-Form-apply-duplicate-driver-s-license-I.pdf)
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