Guidelines for new bloggers to earn through Blogging and AdSense

Blogging is picking up in India and so many blogging platforms are available. Immediately on joining the bloggers world the bloggers come across various posts about earning through blog content via Adsense advertising. The bloggers, in an effort to start earning from the day one, forget the basic funda that good content on the web is the king and they should not be distracted from acquiring best blogging skills before they think of monetizing their blogs.

New Bloggers often ask the question as to How can they create a blog through which they can earn monthly regular income via Adsense. Such Bloggers repeatedly ask many basic questions through forum discussions and Ask Experts on question answer sites. In an effort to consolidate all such questions and anxieties, the author is taking the issues one by one as a question asked by the member on this great educational channel. New and fresh bloggers, I feel, will like the article in which all the questions raised have been dealt with minutely one by one.

What is the correct information about blogs

Basically the very world Blog is short form of web log and it is an informational site on the internet or world wide web. It is just a log book where posts on subject topics are kept arranged in chronological order divided into categories like Health, Technology, Banking and Finance etc etc. Individuals can write the blogs and they have the option either to make it public or keep it private or to be shared among his or her friend circles by invitation. Now through microblogging multi-user blogs can be published on sites with every blogger having a subdomain. For example, if a user is writing a blog on blogger platform then the user will be provided a subdomain on in the shape of Blogspot sub-domains are provided by Blogger owned by Google, there are other blogging platforms also like Wordpress, Typepad, Tumblr etc. etc. For a beginner, who aims to monetize his or her blog content, the blogger is the best platform to blog in addition to having sub-domain and Adsense revenue sharing sites like IndiaStudyChannel and Hub Pages. Such Adsense revenue sharing sites provide an opportunity to get approved from Adsense after the members learn the basics and have written sufficient content in the resources or articles sections for a continuous period of more than six months as of now Google Adsense is very strict in approving the Adsense publisher ID which have low quality content and who have not established themselves as a matured, responsible and experienced blogger abiding by all the Adsense Terms of Service.

How to create a blog and monetize content

If you are new blog writer then it will be better to start with blogger owned by Google, first of all, create a Google Account and religiously follow the steps to create your Gmail, Google+ and your own blog. Keep following points in mind while creating a blogger blog:

Select a good name or title for your blog which matches with the content of your blog. For example, you are having good knowledge about diets, herbal preparations and health tips to boost immunity then you can select the title of your blog as Health Tips to Boost Immunity and the blog address may be taken as an immunity booster. To understand the address or URL of your blog you need to know about domain names which are a replica of IP addresses, which are difficult to remember. For example, is an address with subdomain name as www which will be replaced by your domain address name as an immunity booster and then comes the main domain name. As millions of users all over the world are creating blogs in the similar fashion the blogger is allowing such blogs to be created at as you will see that every blog and blogger will have the address as your subdomain In the underlined address .com is the top level domain which gets automatically changed to .in for India, au for Australia and similarly for other countries to be known as a country-specific domain.

After selecting Title and Blog address, then select the template and go ahead to see view your blogger blog which gets relayed on the web immediately.Blog Layout Purview

How to Customize the Blogger Template

Customize the templates and select the design and layout to make the blog look more and more attractive. I prefer the Awesome inc template provided free by the blogger platform to its bloggers. While customizing, when you change the templates to try different templates, change the background, adjust the width or change any advanced settings the results or purview of your blog is available immediately to be applied or ignored by clicking back to blogger in the right side upper corner. After designing part is over you need to visit the blogger dashboard to set the parameters on the blog created by visiting Overview, Google+, Stats, Layout, and Settings. We have intentionally kept the blog Posts, Pages, Comments and Earning Tabs pending as the readers will appreciate that haste makes waste.

Blogger Dashboard

Understand your Blogger Dashboard

Overview: Here, the new blogger are not supposed to take any action except that they can read the topics under Blogger Guide, so beautifully written and explained by highly experience bloggers in layman language.

Google+: While creating a Google Account you might have created Google+ account which enables a blogger to promote its blog posts publicly without much effort. While creating Google+ account the blogger can create a page similar to blogger so that Personal and Public Pages are preserved separately. It will be the sweet wish of the blogger to select the Google+ Page or Personal Google+ profile to promote the posts in public.

Layout: Here the blogger can drag and set the widgets as per his or her own liking to make the appearance of the blog more attractive.

Settings (Basic): Here you can recheck the Title of your Blog and in description you can mention the category of topics to be covered for example Health Tips, Immune System, Look Younger Live Longer, Human Body, Nutrition in the above-named blog Health Tips to Boost Immunity. In Privacy make your blog searchable by search engines by selecting Yes and Saving the options.

Blog Address: This is a very important area and if you want to have your own customized top-level domain of your own like without Blogspot then purchase the domain name immunity booster in the present case from any domain registrar through Google like Godaddy and redirect the blog address to customized address by adding the custom domain name purchased by you.

Blog Authors: The blog can be a single author blog and multiple author blog and if you want to permit your trusted friends to post their articles on immunity and health tips directly on their blog, then you can invite the friends by adding their emails from your Google Contacts. You have the liberty to set the settings in such a way that articles by your friends and contacts will not get published unless and until the same is approved and published by you. Such posts will be available to you as Draft Posts in Posts section of the blogger dashboard. Your friends will have to accept the invitation before posting articles.

Blog Readers: This feature is applicable when the blog content is not public and is limited readership like groups or family members alone. You can select the option as per your own choice.

Posts and Comments: Though all the columns are self-explanatory yet for the beginners, it is important to know what should be the numerical value of the number of posts to be shown. More the number of posts, your readers will have to scroll down the page to read the content. Keeping this in mind and approximate length of your one post (in the number of words) you may select 3 to 7 number of posts to be shown.

Add Template: If you want to post some quotable quote or anything of a permanent feature in all your posts, you can just put is the text or HTML code in the add template.

Comment Moderation To keep the spammers at bay, it is advisable to select the registered users and comment moderation to always and in the box provided for Comment from Message just write the message like Thanks for your comments, will be published soon or the way you like to convey message to commentators to your blog posts or articles.

Rest of the items be accepted as default settings like Comment Location, Back Links etc. Basics have been explained and for remaining advanced features we shall continue with another article with title as "Know Your Blogger Dashboard" in Know Your Series by WQAINDIA.

Post your first Post on the Blog: Come out with your first blog post to be shared with the world through Google+. Your post should be impressive, unique and not copied from elsewhere as search engines ignore the copied content.

Monetizing Blog through Adsense Earnings

Never be in a hurry to make quick buck as you may get lost in earning techniques only. Concentrate on your blog and blog posts. Fetch maximum visitors to your blog by your unique articles, social plug in, through Google+, Facebook friends and circles. Spare time to respond to the commentators so that the visitors, who leave their valuable comments, do not feel ignored. Basically such commentators are your real visitors who have spared their precious time to write their comments.

After your blog gets popular with sufficient articles and quality content for a period of not less than six months probation period, it is the time to click the Earning Tab in your Blogger Dashboard so as to apply for Adsense but make sure to verify your blog ownership in Google Webmaster Tools and get Google Analytic Property Number to be associated in blogger dashboard in other settings.

By the time you get any response to your application for getting approved as an Adsense Publisher read the Adsense Terms of Service so that after approval you do not violate any Adsense TOS intentionally or unintentionally as Google takes a very serious view of the violations and once you get disapproved then it is extremely difficult to convince Google to restore the AdSense approval.

Eligibility for Adsense in India

The following are the eligibility criteria for applying for AdSense:

The applicant needs to have a website and in case the applicant is fresher, he or she can start with Bloggers Blog.

The applicant should be minimum 18 years old or in case he or she is less than 18 years then he might have natural guardians or guardians appointed by a court of law or parents and the applicant can submit the application through the Google account of the guardian or parents.

The applicant must own the site or blog for at least six months. This condition is applicable for many countries including China and India.

The applicant and the applicant's site or blog should strictly adhere to Terms and Conditions and religiously follow the Adsense Program Policies.

The applicant can not have more than one AdSense account but can submit separate applications of Individual or Business type of accounts and should be able to receive payments in the name of Individual Payee or Payee being the business name and style.

Know more about Adsense Publisher Program

There is no charge for the Adsense publisher program and it is totally free. However if as a business site owner you want to earn more from AdSense by advertising your site then you can sign up for Google Adwords also.

At present blogs or site with Money Matters, Health and Nutrition, Food and Recopies, Technology, Fashion and Style, Mom and Baby Care, Parenting, Home, Finance and Crafts are in big demand.

How much can you earn from your blog or site

There is no upper limit. Amit Aggarwal of Digital Inspiration India is a living example of earning handsome income and you can search for Google Adsense Top Earners list at IndiaStudyChannel.

You will have to keep your blog or website live with all content updated so that your content is not ignored by the search engines as low-quality content. Quality and Quantity of content will decide the level of traffic for your site and traffic is the true Mantra for the success of any online venture.

Do not expect instant results. You will have to work hard so that your blog or website spins money for you even if you remain inactive temporarily.

Quote to Remember: Failure is Key to Success. Try, Try again.

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Author: Shravan06 Jan 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 5

This is one of the best guide for any newbie to understand what blogging really is and how can one start making some decent amount of money from it. In my opinion every new blogger should start his journey in the blogging world by starting a blog with blogger platform and should move to Wordpress platform once he is a bit successful. The main priority of the blogger should be providing useful and original content to his/her readers or blog visitors and then he can think of monetizing it. There are lot of ways to monetize a blog like sponsored posts, publishing ads, affiliate marketing etc. Blogging is not really difficult it only requires patience, hard work and curiosity to learn new things.

Author: Jash Jacob08 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Since you mention that the site should have been up for minimum of six months, I have a question. If I decide to move my site to a new host and also change the domain name at the same time, does that mean that I have to wait another six months?

Author: Ashok Goyal08 Jan 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

In the meantime write your article on such sites which have strong SEO policies so that when you transfer or export of your articles on the site search engines can recognize your articles through the content they had been visiting for long and your article will be revived also with current date of updation.

Author: Shravan14 Mar 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

This is one of the most exhaustive article I have ever seen on this topic at ISC. This will definitely be of help to many new beginners who are looking forward to make money online by starting their own blog. Would really like to thank the author for this resource. Thanks for writing.

Author: Ashok Goyal27 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Shravan, thanks for liking the article but I will welcome more questions or problems on the topic as I like to test the systems and the behaviour of online platforms like Google, Blogger, Foursquare, HubPages, Twitter etc and their multiplier effect of whatever we blog.

Author: Naveed Ahmed04 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

This is an excellent article on introducing blogging to the newbies and the ways to use blogging for making income online are masterly explained. By the way, I want to know how did you embed the images in your article alongside the content. I also want to use images in my articles but do not know how to do it. One way I can imagine of doing this is through tables, but using the table tag is not allowed as per ISC policies. So let me know how I can do it?

Author: Joseph17 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

This is absolutely a good article with detailed explanation with the help of images. In addition, it contains the information, answer that a new bloggers are seeking. It is easy to start blog but it is not that much easy that to make that blog a successful one. For that, a real hard work is necessary and it is good to see that you have provided the real snapshot of the blog and its stats, the hyperlink etc. This is almost a best guide for newbie who wanted to start a blog and looking for the details. Blogging is a like an art if we train it at its best then we can successful in it, there are many who only starts a blog but didn't go for any further but that is not the right thing we need to make is it a knowledge sharing portal. I am appreciating your hard work behind the preparation of this lengthy content. Keep it up.

Author: Ashok Goyal18 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Joseph, Thanks for liking the article and encouraging a senior citizen like me to go further into the details of blogging and launching multi user blogging sites like webquestionanswers. Commentators are the real assets or real authors with real profiles like me. Thanks once again for your boosting the spirits.

Author: Prabhat Jani07 Nov 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Making a blog is very easy. But making it successive is very hard. Now a day almost everyone want to create own blog. This article will help you for creating blog.

Author: Ashok Goyal07 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

@Prabhat Choudhary, Thanks for comments. New bloggers can ask questions and find answers on the web through ISC Channel as asking questions and finding answers on the web was not so simple as it is today. Readers have to post just one question and in-numerous answers will pour in and questioner's problem will get solved instantly. But has anybody applied mind as to why so many answers are available at sites like IndiaStudyChannel and others? These sites pay their members for the correct answers and the readers have the choice to choose best answers by trying and testing the provided answers. Answers which are chosen as best answers by the audiences attract the visitors to try and test such answers.

To make your blog to be successful, keep on asking questions to solve your problems.

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