Tips to prepare for study abroad and become successful

Home is the comfort zone to the students. They are moving out from it to a different place/city/country for higher studies by making them confident. They have to follow the below discussed tips to get success.

Now-a-days, students are moving out of their homeland to fulfill their dreams. Different students have interest in different subjects. Students are leaving home to live on their own. The students may miss all his/her family and friends. Once you decide to move out, the things you should have to remember is: You should be mentally prepared and you should be ready to make compromises. The coming 2-4 years of your studies will decide your future. You should know the fact that your family members will not be with you whenever you want to spend your valuable time with them. However, you can connect/talk with your parents/friends through video chatting like Facebook/ Yahoo/ Google HangOuts (Previously GTalk) etc. You can keep in touch with your friends through social networking sites.

Study Abroad

Many people are moving out from mother India to study abroad for their higher education. Firstly, you should have an idea on which course you want to do master degree/ research. For this, you should have to gather the information about the course like in which universities it is available, in which country it (university) is available, what are the available features to Indian students, scholarship details to reduce your financial expenses, available admissions to Indian students, admission process, visa time etc.

Studying abroad has its own advantages and the reasons for selecting foreign countries for their higher studies are many. Some of them are: faculty-student ratio, communication, updating the technologies with time, Number of books/magazines etc., providing practical knowledge with latest technologies, equipment available in the university labs, International teaching staff, employment opportunities etc.

The number of students who are moving to abroad for studies is increasing from year to next year. This means, we can observe the fact that there is an increase in number those who are migrating to foreign countries. Numbers of students are applying for admissions/VISA. Only lakh's people will get this opportunity. Getting admission and go to there is not your goal but getting success by remembering your basics is the goal of yours. It is not that easy because of the age factor. Yes, the age of 20-30 will decide what our future is. At the same time, students will attract too many other evils. Therefore, students should aware of this and should choose the right path always and more important is control of oneself. Then only you will get benefit.

Achieving success is not an easy. However, by following some tips you can get it very easily and make your education abroad successful. Are you interested to know the tips for successful studies abroad? Then keep on reading.

Tips for success in studying abroad

The students should have to follow some tips for a better career and the tips are discussed here.

About Foreign countries:

I think you are the luckiest person to get this opportunity to study abroad and I can say this is the most important development in your life. This is happened only through your Parents, family, the teachers, community, birthplace etc. The foreign study should bring you the maturity. It should provide a value to your life. You are going to the place where the opportunities are more.

Generally, if any one talks about foreign country, the first country, which will come into our mind, is: America. Even we compare our currency with dollar only. It is a collection of several parts. It is the home nation of freedom and equalities. It turned as a modern world because of the great people like Steve jobs, Bill Gates, Barak Obama etc. You are going there alone for studies and want to be there for 2/3/4 years means that would be your second home. Try to know the culture of other countries before you go to study there and learn how to use it in our country in a right way.

Know the value of time

Generally, people will think about life in many ways like studies, job, parents, love, marriage etc. However, did you ever wonder life is nothing but valuable time? Yes. It is the time. If you spend you valuable time for other person then you have given some part of your life. That's why knowing the value of time is a very important, it is a precious thing, no one can buy it, and no one can stop it. Generally, people will give importance to the money. Surely, one can accept the fact that time is the more precious than dollar/rupees. You parents are sending you there to study abroad by spending lakhs of rupees. Make basics as your pillars. Use every minute to reach the target in a right path. If you maintain the punctuality then you can win anything. First, you should strict about maintaining punctuality. If you do like so then you will have time in your hands. Try to write down on the paper about what you are going to do; at what time you are going to do work/study/other works/chit chatting with friends etc. This will helps you later. Generally, people will follow this in the starting days but as the days are passing they ignore this and enjoy the life like they have achieved something. But it is not the correct way. Once you get success means, in other words it is progressing. Yes. For example, if you have secure good percentage in the first year then you will promote to the second year. If you didn't study well then the result you get is very bad. So we have to follow the rule: Maintaining punctuality. Don't forget. Make it a habit.

Have the capacity of Control on your mind

Make the electronic gadgets like laptop; smart phone etc. as your servant's then only your life will be comfortable when you study abroad. The youth are attracting to social networking sites and as the days are passing they are addicting to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. Computer chatting, mobile texturing/messaging etc. will eat your valuable time. The reasons are many for addicting like photo sharing, updates, video chatting, making new friends etc. The balance/ talk time can be cheap. It can be cheaper in the coming years. You should do the work as a responsibility and at the same time enjoyment also should be there. Without enjoyment you cannot concentrate on the work. Hence, if you have control on your mind then everything is possible for you. And at the same time better to recognize time and life are too valuable.

Win yourself

Yes. First you should win yourself. Every person will have flaws. You will achieve success only when you have more positives. This is applicable when you go abroad for studies as well. Then only the real freedom obtained. In olden days, what European's think about Indians is: "The Indian people will not come forward to take the responsibility and even to think about new". Their mentality is to just spend the life as a normal. They lead the life with careless, laziness and the beliefs". You should prove that this concept is not right. To do so, you must obtain the necessary skills. Your personality should be good. The construction of good nation depends on the good personality.

Love your work

The person can get anything only when he loves the work what he does. The founder of Apple is Steve jobs said that: "If you want to achieve any great task then the only way to get it is, love your job/work." If you didn't found any work which you like then continuously try to know that or continuously try to work on it. Don't compromise anywhere. So know your interests and try to work on it. Then the world will be yours. Victory and defeat is not in our hands but depends on our hard work with interest. While determining those (victory and defeat), the major role takes place in the nature of a person but not a on the capacity.

Leave social enemies

There are great qualities in the culture of our country. Likewise, disorders also there in our country like caste, religious discrimination, blind beliefs, the riots; foully politics etc. wherever you go these are the common in all countries/places. But, I wonder some people who are educative and those also follow these. It appears like there is no effect on the social enemies on the development of modern science. We felt very sad. Don't try to keep it with you. You should change as a perfect person intact and make your education successful when you go for study abroad.

Know the difference between study and life

Marks, Scores, ranks will bring you a seat in the best university and it brings job in a good company. However, the life is different from this. Until you studies is one part and later is the another part. There are many to help you like your friends, parents, professors, colleagues etc. But, once you get job then you should have the capable of how to use the learned skills in your student life for better career. In academics the scores are only between 0-100 but in the life it may be zero to underworld or it may crosses 100 too but it always depends on you. That's why life is broader than studies and job. Developing skills (updating) from time to time is the necessary for success, even if you choose to study abroad. It is not important how others understand you but is important how you have to understand other people's things. You may be fall or rise, that is based on your view.

Prepare resume

Generally, students will prepare good resume after completion of his/her course. All will write/include Birth place, your studies, qualifications etc. But, you should capable to say why the job it (company) should give you. Who should have to explain the other properties/qualities available with you other than education, marks, certificates etc? And you should have to prove it. That's why many are saying to attach cover letter along with your resume. For this, in addition to the bookish knowledge you should have to improve knowledge on life. Make a habit of reading books. If holidays are declared, then try to visit new places/ parks/ museums. Talk to your faculty and take special assignments. Try to read the books based on your interests. Where the worthy books are available there the university will be. Collect and study books. If you read one book for a week then, in the coming two years 100 books will be added to your profile. Inspiring lecturers are available in the internet. If you do like this no company will leave you. In fact, you may be the guide to hundreds of thousands of people. If you go through like ABC Study Links, they might help you fine tune your resume to make it impressive.

Part-time jobs

You are going to abroad for higher studies. Earning some money by doing work (Part-time) job is not your goal. It is good to do hard work, earning some money for your own expenses but it should not be your goal and that should not mislead you. I have read some stories in the newspaper like the students went for higher studies. They worked hard when they were in India to get VISA but after they went to abroad they didn't concentrate on the studies. They are interested in doing only part-time job. Do a part time job only if it doesn't do any harm to your studies. Focus on your studies. Accept the fact that "Education is the most useful weapon in the world". If you clearly know your destination, the whole world will move aside and will give you a path.

Don't forget your basics

Don't forget your deep sources. The hopes of your parents, other family members are upon you. They spent money, time and energy on you. Now, it is the responsibility of raising the family honour is yours now. If you pass with good marks, if you have a great job, helping to others etc. then who were the most happiest person other than your parents. That's why, where you are and what you did, don't forget the light lines examined in your parents eyes. Don't be get upset for not getting anything. But, try from now onwards with a good plan. And, don't wait for the results just concentrate on your work. Remember, there may be thousand miles to travel but it starts with one foot only! Whether you choose to study in India or study abroad, always remember your roots and respect your culture.

Conclusion - how to prepare for study abroad

Many students are going to the foreign countries for their higher studies. In order to get success they must follow the above discussed tips. In addition to the above tips, the students should learn to share the expenses, make compromises, innovative cost-saving methods, being responsible for your own actions, to make them independent in thoughts and actions, to enjoy the freedom etc. The reasons to moving out from home are to gain more exposure, to become confident and learned to live by one. However, parents are always with us to take care on the basic necessities and always connected over phone. Students are stepping out of their comfort zone (home) tends to react in two ways: a majority of the students take it in the right spirit and tries to learn new things and make a new habits/ extra-circular activities. Al last what I want to suggest is decide on what you want to do with your freedom. Because, it yields a result either credit or blame. Choose the right path and make your career success.

All the best!


Author: Seema Mittal18 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

If you want to go to abroad for Study; It is great thinking but you should carry necessary documents , fulfill official procedure and try to follow rules and regulations as per government in addition to that we should keep several things in our mind like different atmosphere, poles apart studies pattern, culture, weather, food habits so on. It is totally depend on us how to manage there. We shouldn't forget our fundamental values and become more responsible. Always connect through phone and social networking site with your parents and friends. We are far from family so we feel more free and desire to enjoy our freedom but we should be care of our reasonability.
By this article Jyothirmayi ji gives her precious as well as useful instructions “Tips to prepare yourself for success". It is really a saluting article. I think no one has to need more explain on this article because writer covers all technical and social elements in it.

Author: Jyothirmayi18 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Seema Mittal - Happy to know that I am able to include all elements under one resource with valuable information. I hope readers will get more information from it. Not only the students who are going to abroad but to some extent these tips are very helpful to all students. Some of the concepts which you have written here are already discussed in the article. Here, the main concept of this article is to focus on the work which we have selected and not on the results. The results will be come but soon or late. Our intention should not go anywhere other than studies. Of course, we should enjoy like we will not cross the limits. Many times I have listened is: for every work there is a time. If we follow this rule, you can reach your goal soon!

Author: Kailash Kumar10 Jun 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Read the article today and found to be informative and useful. The article has given broader overview only. Specific requirement for different countries varies which require further details.

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