How to earn badges and certificate of excellence at

ISC is awarding ISC Certificate of Excellence, Badges to acknowledge your skills, Platinum, Diamond and Gold level up graded memberships and many more awards like Member of the Week, TOW, Contest Winners and much more. This article encourages members to lay their hand on prestigious Badges and Certificate of Excellence at IndiaStudyChannel and claim the award...

Global Sites like IndiaStudyChannel and HubPages encourage their contributors, content writers and authors by designating them as honorary editors and the site webmasters are also awarding badges and levels to the new and existing members as per their contribution and quality or uniqueness of their content.

What is recognition system at ISC

The members at ISC are recognized in many different ways and a few methods of awarding ISC Ratana are discussed below.

ISC Certificate of Excellence

Level of Membership

New Members start with Bronze Medal, continue with Silver Medal, put in their best to grab the Gold Medal, accelerate their efforts to touch the Diamond Level and celebrate with Platinum. Have you claimed your medal? If it turns out to be Diamond or Platinum then you can claim Certificate of Excellence from the webmasters of this great educational site and it will be a nice feather in your crown already made of Gold, Platinum studded with diamonds. What are you thinking now? Accelerate your journey to be the proud owner of the Excellence Award.

Win a Badge at ISC

ISC Badge
IndiaStudyChannel awards Badges to its active members and the Badges earned by them are visible in their profiles along Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum Levels. The Badges are over and above the Bronze to Platinum level of medals studded with diamonds. ISC awards a number of badges with expiry date as badges are normally awarded for a period of one year and a total of seven popular badges along with the eligibility criteria is listed below.

Guide Badge

This Badge is given to members who are ever ready to guide the new members. Members can check the List of Recipients of this Badge.

Proficient Writer Badge

This badge is awarded to members having good writing skills with the ability to present an article well & a good grasp of the English language. Members can check the List of Recipients of this Badge.

Creative Badge

This Badge is awarded to people with lot of creative ideas. Just try your imaginations and give wings to your ideas to capture the most prestigious Creative Badge of ISC. Members can check the List of Recipients of this Badge.

Debater Badge

This badge is awarded to the people who have good debating skills, who would never give up on their points. Great debating skills include the willingness to listen to the opponents, present their ideas with proper supporting evidence. Good debater never depends on shouting or screaming at opponents to win the debate, instead, they present their points in a decent language and convince others. ISC will not only train you to take part in debate or group discussions but you can be recognized as a debater too. Only recently I got crowned with this badge along with Sun, the shining commander with creative ideas and Hermes, who has the capability to reach Diamond and even Platinum Level. Members can check the List of Recipients of this Badge.

Doctor Badge

This Badge is given to the medical doctors in this site who can help their audiences with their medical experiences and solutions to the sufferings of the public in general by contributing to the health-related questions, forums and resources at IndiaStudyChannel. The site has recognized the four Doctors so far as per List of Recipients of this Badge.

Helper Badge for Volunteers to Help New Members

This badge is awarded to the members who always offer a helping hand to others, especially the new members. Members can check the List of Recipients of this Badge. This Badge is awarded to one member so far though you can depend upon me - the Google Approved and Verified Author.

Spammer Badge

This Red colored badge is given to those members who post copied or spam content in one or more sections of ISC. Spamming, though taken in negative also requires skills. You will not like to earn the Spammer Badge and the members can check the List of Identified Spammers.

Honorary Editors at ISC

The members can look forward to becoming Editors, All editors, enjoy extra privileges.

Benefits of winning awards, badges and medals at ISC

You may think as to what are the benefits of winning the above Medals, Certificates of Excellence, Badges at ISC after all. This can help you as a member of this great educational site to get approved for AdSense and earn revenue not only from Adsense but your share from ISC also.

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Author: Sarojah20 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

There are more members got creative badge and also the expiry of date is there for any badge article would be nice if you give link to the respective badge page which takes care of the list of recipients instead of members page. Also some feature has been stopped so this may mislead other members and also I feel the badges are not claimed by members, it may be only awarded by ISC admin which might have a system of nomination from editors and admin.

Author: Ashok Goyal20 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Here the word "Claim" is intentionally used as it is in the hands of the members to become Diamond Level or Platinum
@Saroja, First of all, thanks for your quick and rapid response.

1. Level so as to ask for the certificate to be issued as per specimen embedded in the article. As regards "Badges", I think the members have to be creative, proficient writer, helper, guide, doctor, astrologer, debater like the existing winners of Badges or even excel in their performance so as to deserve the Badge. Founder Webmasters are fair enough to recognize the efforts.

2. As regards link to the respective badge page which takes care of the list of recipients instead of members page and features reported to have been stopped may be clarified clearly as an update to the resource which will not earn you points but also cash credits and it will benefit the millions of ISC members.

Author: K Mohan24 Dec 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

I do appreciate the author for taking good effort to bring in the excellence and known fact of India Study Channel site in awarding badges and its procedures. What I feel that nothing is more than the smart contributions and sustained contributions. If you are regular, following the rules and regulations of this site, guiding the new and existing members, clearing the doubts of the members, participating in the discussions, giving good advise when needed, coming up with creating threads, earning the appreciation of the members, surely the badges or the recognition shall also comes to your fore automatically. Creating impression on others mind can always be possible with attractive threads, good headings and sustaining the interest of the members. By getting many responses for your threads, you are being taken to the level of good awards and rewards for sure.

Author: Ashok Goyal27 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@K Mohan, Thanks for the good words. Your appreciation means more than ISC Badges, to me at least.

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