Easy and reliable ways to overcome fear

Fear is one of the most dangerous enemy of human beings. Some fears were extremely dangerous for mankind and need to control at the beginning stage itself. This article is about fear, phobia and some easy and reliable ways to overcome it.

Fear and Phobia

Fear is one of the greatest enemy of human beings. It can lead a person to many dangers without his or her knowledge. So it is very important that one should have to overcome their fear to grasp many achievements. Fear is also termed as phobia. There are many kinds of phobia that is related with water, certain animals, food items and many things. Phobia is a higher stage of the fear so it is very important that one should have to overcome their fear before it take control over the person. Some phobias may affect mentally also which is very harmful to human beings. Fears are very common to all, all the people all over the world has some afraideness against something which is quite natural but if this fare increase in great amount then surely it will affect many problems. At the beginning stage itself one should have to take some actions to avoid these fears unless at the higher stage that is phobia stage it will be very tough to handle. Excess usage of various things and missing it for a day may also lead to some phobias as it is concerned with mental depression.

How do fears and phobias occur?

This is just like a disease as its effect in a step by step process. Some common reason behind fears are because of some incidents. For eg: If a person once fall into the pool accidently and felt some problem with water then surely he will feel some fear later onwards that incident. Because he mentally feels bad about water so always have a fear in the mind of that person. Another case is if a person uses a thing continuously and one day if that person felt any worse with the thing then surely a fear may arise in the mind against that thing. Like this base of most of the fears is some kind of bad incidents in which a person can't forget about it. Our mind is taking control our body to not to perform the task that once we experienced with the incident. But these fears may get increased if it doesn't stop at the beginning time itself. And its after effect may something that we can't predict because our body can't take any action as our mind is controlling it. Some people may afraid to see some harmless insects even though they are harmless a fear in the mind taking control our body to stay away from it.

Ways to overcome the fear

It is not at all easy to get away from the fear within one or two days. Sometimes it may take long months to overcome it. What we have to do is to make our mind to know that there is no problem with that particular thing. Try to forget the part incident so that only one can reduce their fear. Some people who were afraid of water may go to swimming classes to get rid of their fear. Our mind is the one behind this fear so if take control over our mind then surely the fear will go from our imagination. Friends can also take part in helping their friend to overcome a particular fear. If that fear increases and became a phobia then it will be very difficult to handle the situation. Some tensions may also result in fear, that is the person will himself that is he can overcome it or not. These tensions may lead to an increase of the fear. It is very important that I already that if the fear get away in the beginning itself then it will be great otherwise it will be tough to handle. Thank you all.


Author: Chitra26 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Everyone has fear in one or other thing. Small fears can be overcome by understanding that it is harmless whereas phobias and serious fears can be removed with the help of a good counselor. Every fear has a base. We need to find that out to actually treat our fear. Sometimes certain childhood incidents create a fear in us. We or our parents do not even remember the incident but a counselor can bring it out and can treat us accordingly.

Author: JyotiS26 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Fear is actually an inevitable part of our existence. Every living being on earth has this in-build emotion which acts as a very strong driving force. The basic phobia which everyone of us feel is directly related with our life and this is very much acceptable but when the fear of known or known starts interfering with our everyday activities, then it takes the shape of a disease.

The case when a phobia or fear starts dominating us, then it should not be taken lightly. At this moment, psychological help could prove beneficial.

In general, the phobia of water, height, dogs, speed, darkness, loneliness, electricity and so on are generally seen in some people around us to some degree.
I have once known the phobia of getting lowest score in exams. This is generally observed in students who are toppers of the class. The mere thought of loosing in examination is enough to make the legs tremble and palms cold. This is also known by performance anxiety in common terms. This fear could become a huge giant if not treated on time with care and support. I remember my mother coming to my rescue at that moment. She told me it doesn't matter how much marks I gets in exam, she loves me and nothing can alter this. I can work hard and get more marks in next exam, life is too long for this. Her words were like magic spell and I at once spring up with new confidence as I knew my family will always be with me whatever may be the outcome. This support is what kept me going.

I would like to suggest all the parents to show similar trust and support to your kids so that they may easily overcome their phobias of life.

Author: Ashok Goyal29 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 15

Fear is being talked about since the existence of the Universe. In the ancient times when there were deities and demons, the fear of death was prevalent at that time also. There are many stories when even Gods did not like that one should be immortal. When Lord Shiva was telling the secrets of immortality then a pigeon listened to the story and became immortal. Similarly Ravana of Ramayana epic tied all the nine planets to his Bed and became fearless even having no fear of death. But even Ravana had to die at the hands of almighty GOD, the Generator, Operator and Destroyer. These were fear and Phobia only which prompted so many good or bad characters to meditate to have blessings but God blessed with all blessings but immortality.

How to overcome Fear or Phobias

Do you know driving a motorcycle, car or aeroplane? Remember the day when you started learning driving and the day when the trainer asked you to go on the highway or the sky without his or her company. There might be hidden fear in your mind and if you allow such fear to overtake you then the fear may turn into phobia making it near impossible for you to drive alone. You have to keep control over your senses which will guide you to overcome your fear. It is your own choice to come out of fear or crumble to the fear. Even Psychologists while treating the phobia patients bring out the fears or phobia in the sub conscious minds of their patients. The Psychologists make their patients comfortable to talk in confidence and when the cause of fear or phobia is known the patients are given counselling to come out of their unfounded fears. Phobias and fears can cause stresses, anxieties and result in failures in life and work as the big impediment in one's life. You can read this Short Story to arrive at the conclusion.

Grooming the Child by Parents, Teachers

Now imagine a child who is fearless and may even try to catch hold of a snake or even like to play with fire. Then the parents tell the child or frighten the child with their postures but when the child grows up then he or she needs to be groomed up by the parents and teachers in such a way as to allay his or her fears faced in daily life and if the child is allowed to grow with his or her fears, then his or her fears will also grow with him or her and parents or teacher may not even know as to when the fears got converted into phobia resulting into a suppressed personality within the grown up child which will be reflected in his or behavior. Good Parenting of the child is a must for the child to develop a balanced personality.

Author: K Mohan02 Dec 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Yes overcoming the fear phobia is the first lesson we must learn from different situations. Some people has the fear to travel by trains due to frequent accidents. Some hate travelling by bus due to series of road accidents being witnessed elsewhere in the country. I think one must understand the fact that we are destined to live in this world as per the predetermined plan of the God and no one can take our life that easily. So we must come above the fear complex and lead a happy life so that the things will run smoothly. In fact with our attitude others must take cue and surge ahead.

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