How to download free Kalnirnay calendar features apps for Android and Apple products

Want to get a free download of the 2014 Kalnirnay Marathi calendar for Blackberry or other smart phones? Find out in this article where to get the Kalnirnay calendar online in English, Marathi and other regional languages of India. This article also provides an insight into the origin or Kalnirnay, its unique features and the types available.


Most of us have at least one calendar in the house. Some of us buy calendars which have picturesque images of nature while some of us go all out to get hold of special edition calendars with unique photos. There are many, though, who prefer not to have just calendars with general dates but also dates marked for festivals and pujas. Then there are those who are eager to know auspicious & inauspicious days and specific times for an occasion, such as a marriage or for buying a new home. These groups of people are a huge number amongst Indians around the world. For them is a very special calendar called Kalnirnay, published by Sumangal Press. This is no ordinary calendar, but is practically a reference guide by which a lot of activities centered on community festivals and rituals get done.

How Kalnirnay was launched

It is interesting to take a peek into the launch and success of Kalnirnay as narrated at the official website of Kalnirnay, which is The people behind the popular calendar-cum-almanac are astrologer Jayantrao Salgonkar & his son Jairaj Salgonkar. People generally refer to the Panchaang, a booklet which provided the tithis or dates which were considered to be auspicious or inauspicious as per the arrangement of the celestial planets and stars. This booklet or almanac gave Salgoankar the germ of an idea: to create a simpler version of it in such a way that you did not need to be an astrologer or literally study the stars to know the good and bad days. Thus was born Kalnirnay, the word 'Kal' referring to the planets' position and the word 'nirnay' meaning decision. By referring to Kalnirnay, one was taking a decision whether or not to perform a certain activity on a certain day or during a certain range of dates. The very first edition of Kalnirnay was published in Marathi in 1973 at an inexpensive price of just Rs.1.25p. It was not an immediate success since at that time calendars were easily available for free! The publishers then took to the air waves, promoting it via radio and television. That did the trick. Soon enough, people started buying Kalnirnay. Then arose the idea to not waste the blank rear page of each month on the calendar. Thus was born on the back pages the concept of providing monthly forecasts for each sun sign as per the Hindu calendar. This later expanded to a range of other concepts: household tips, medical & nutrition advice, recipes, etc. The general public lapped it up, buying Kalnirnay the minute it hit the stores. Its popularity soared, so much so, that today from the initial start up of 10,000 editions, there are literally zillions! Due to this phenomenal popularity, Kalnirnay today is now available in a variety of languages. In keeping up with contemporary times, you can now download Kalnirnay iPad app and even get the Kalnirnay Android version.

Unique Features of Kalnirnay

As mentioned earlier, Kalnirnay is not just a ready reckoner to check out the months and dates (is 7th December a Sunday?) but also a mini-encyclopedia of articles, some by famous personalities & celebrities. For example, the back page of the December month of the 2014 Kalnirnay Marathi calendar has an article by none other than Sachin Tendulkar! (see image below)

Sachin Tendulkar Article in Kalnirnay calendar

The back page of each month also provides auspicious dates and the times of sunrise and sunset. The other details vary from month to month & thus you will find:
  • Recipes

  • Useful quick-fix tips

  • Yoga exercises

  • Mehndi patterns

  • Classifieds

  • Railway timetable (you can refer to it to quickly book your tickets!)

  • Emergency telephone numbers of your city

Kalnirnay online services

Kalnirnay has special premium online services available for the general public for a specific fee, the fee depending on the type of service availed of. These services include:
  1. Online Stotra Service: You can get a personal consultation with Kalnirnay. Simply post your question and their pandits will speak with you directly. You can choose 30 mins. Or a 1 hour consultation.

  2. Online Muhurat Service: You can get information on the right day and time which is suitable for you for a specific activity, such as buying a plot of land, inaugurating your new shop, signing an important document, etc. You can post one question per category and receive the answer of the appropriate muhurat within 7 working days via email.

  3. Online Janampatrika or Janam Kundali: This is the document which will provide details of the appropriate point in your life when you should do a specific activity. You can opt for the 7-page kundali or the 12-page one. The 7-page one provides information on: Birth Details, Panchang, Lagna Chart, Chalit-Cusb, Rasi Navama, Favourable Points, Vimshotari Dasa. The 12-page one, in addition to these details, also provides: Sudarshan Chakra, 16- Charts, Tara Chakra, How to wear stone, Sadi Sati.

  4. Online Kundali Matching Service: You can find out if your kundali matches with the person whom you will marry by uploading the 2 kundalis. You will get the Guna Matching service as well as an analysis of Guna on providing these details: Name, Date of birth, Time of birth, City of birth, State of birth, Country of birth. Then give name and details of person requesting (email, date of birth, address) and proceed to payment. Kalnirnay will email you within 7 working days.

  5. Online guidance about various issues: Kalnirnay can be your online mentor to deal with various issues in your life, including troublesome ones. All you need to do is ask your question. For example: When should I start on my pilgrimage? or How can I control my temper? You then provide details such as language, name, date of birth, email, city, state, etc) and proceed to payment. Kalnirnay will email the answer to your query within 7 working days.

Types of Kalnirnay calendars

The Kalnirnay calendar is published in various formats and sizes in different languages. You can buy a home calmanac or an office calmanac. It is available in Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati, Telegu, Tamil, Kannad and English. There are 4 different types available: a big version, a small version, a desk version for the office and one for the car. The small versions are extremely useful as they are pocket-sized ones & do not occupy too much space, whether on a wall or on a table.

Kalnirnay car calendar
Small Kalnirnay English calendar for the car

In addition, there are unique Kalnirnay calmanacs based on a specific theme. These include:
  • Beauty (English edition) – it provides a number of useful tips related to beauty

  • Marathi Arogya – it includes useful articles on health

  • Saundarya – this is the Marathi beauty edition.

  • Swadishta – this includes articles related to food and is the Marathi edition.

  • What's more, there are even international editions which are US & UK centric, which provide the daily almanac based on the timings of those countries.

How to download Kalnirnay Android App

All you need to do to get the Kalnirnay Android App is to visit and download the app for your ready convenience.
The app provides the following features:
  • You get the complete version of the English Kalnirnay Calmanac: You not only get the complete Panchang with the list of special festivals and events, but can also get reminders for one specific event simultaneously. For example, if you wish to have a reminder of all the events related to various Ganesh Chaturthis, you will get the reminder of each of these in the various months. You can thus select an event and doing so will result in an automatic listing of all the dates for that event.

  • You can make your own personal notes for any day and get an advanced reminder too for these notes.

How to download Kalnirnay iPad App

About 2 years ago, the publishers of Kalnirnay decided to keep up with the contemporary age by launching the Kalnirnay app for Apple products. The app is available in Marathi for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The app enables you to check out calendar dates as well as read up on monthly forecasts, details of lunar events & find out auspicious dates to start a new business venture or to get married. The app also provides the facility to view monthly and annual events by categories and take daily notes with reminders of these notes.
Download here:


The unique features of Kalnirnay as pointed out in this article have made it the most immensely popular calendar, so much so that it takes pride of place in many an Indian's home. In fact, the Kalnirnay wall calendars have become a part of the home's decor & furnishings, much like tastefully depicted art!

Contact Information for Kalnirnay Calendars

Sumangal Press Pvt. Ltd.,
G-8, MIDC cross road, 'A',
near MIDC bus depot,
Andheri (E),
Mumbai - 4000093
Ph: +91-22-24134151

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