What is Anger Management? What are the tips to reduce anger using Anger Management?

Anger Management is great technique to reduce the anger in different situations. Anger is always bad for itself and for others too. What are the excellent tips comes under Anger Management and why we have to control our anger? All questions has been resolved in this article.

What is Anger Management

Anger is one of the natural behaviours of any person. We all faced such situations in our life that is the basic root makes us to feel angry. In such situations what we feel? We feel that everything is out of control and there's nothing to do with. It is very genuine feeling and it doesn't harm until we react. So it is important to not act in response in such worst situations. Ok, here I am sharing some tips to manage your anger in such a critical state of affairs. It's very important to control yourself than hurt anyone's sentiment. Obviously it is not that much easy to control our anger, but if you will do it means you are now perfect to manage your anger. Mostly people think that it is impossible to have control over our anger but I don't think in this way. Of course it is not good idea to control your anger that makes you feel like damaging inside. Anger management helps you to control your anger in this way that makes you feel good and healthy. A different situation is where you don't have any control over the condition. In such situations Anger management facilitate you to demonstrate your anger in such an approach that surpasses the awful feelings without hurting others.

Why learning to control your anger is important?

The great and legendary freedom fighter Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ji is the first example comes in my mind that used anger management during those days. He manages his anger in positive way. His slogan was about "non-violence". He never shows his anger in negative way against ruling country. This is the one and acceptable reason to learn how to control our anger, so that we will be successful in our way. Here I will explain some authentic points that arises one question that why I can't learn anger management?

  1. Maintain your psychological fitness- Anger and mental has very closely relationship. Your mental health decreases with the increase in your anger and vice-versa. So it is in fact very important to control your constant anger. Otherwise it will enlarge the bad effects such as depression and stress. Mental health is very essential for good and prosper life.

  2. Maintain your physical health- With the bad effects of anger on your mental health, your physical health also going to capture bad diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. As we know that only physically healthy person afford healthy mind. Means another valid point to learn techniques of controlling your anger.

  3. Anger gives birth to bad relationships- If you show your anger towards your nearer, then it results into appalling relationships. No one will feel comfortable with you. They are not in a situation to talk with you properly. They want to remain far away from you. This is really lethal situation for any person in his life.

Some excellent Anger management tips

If you are fighting with your continuous anger that results inconvenient environment in your home and workplace etc. Seriously, you have to think about it and its ghastly results.

  1. Find the cause of anger- The first thing comes under anger management is to know the root cause of your anger. What is hiding behind your anger expression? Means you are covering your problem inside the anger. So, first comes to understand the reason behind your anger. Now try to write your reasons in a dairy behind your anger. Give some more time to analyze these points. Now you have to remain far away from these situations as possible. You have to recognize such situations and mould yourself by doing some interpersonal analysis.

  2. Recognize symbols as well as initial points behind your anger- Anger symbols such as breathing fast , uptight your shoulder and compressing your jaws etc. Now, once you get recognizing your anger symbols you can work upon it by doing some meditations and special exercise. It will help to reduce your anger at minimum possible level. Always try to avoid worst situations that can makes you feel like an angry person. You can avoid anger symbols by doing some prompt exercise such as deep breathing. Deep breathing means you have to breathe some fresh air that controls the faster beating of your heart and make you cool down. Massage those parts that increase the tension and raise the chance of getting more anger. Perform some unusual thing (unusual doesn't mean wrong here). For example start counting in reverse order from hundred. It will distract you to feel anger. Note down in your dairy that you are following your technique to control anger, what extent and how you will improve it?

  3. Alter the approach you convey your anger- You have to change the way you express your anger at any situation. If you think situation becomes worst that leads to the anger from your side, then you need to distract yourself from such situation by going out for break and then think in depth. Listen good music to change your mood. You can take the help of professionals and your seniors etc. Don't show prompt reaction for anything. You can observe that your anger is now decreasing with the passage of time.

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I think this interesting topic should be added in the category of HR along with stress management and author has come out nicely on the topic. When everyone is focussing on the fitness to relieve from stress like yoga , meditation, he has come out with new coin of term anger management which is concern with psychological outcome. This is also one of the emotional quotient how one will tackle the people of emotion at the time of emotions.

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