Have you fallen prey to Chevrolet winning prize fraud through Chevrolet Motors Worldwide Ltd.

The internet users are receiving mails purportedly from The Claims Director and or Event Managers of the company on the eve of Chevrolet Anniversary in UK. Beware of such Chevrolet Winning Prize fraud. This article tries to explain that they should not rely on such mail and ignore such mails to avoid loss due to fraud being played on you.

The internet users are receiving mails purportedly from The Claims Director and or Event Managers of the company on the eve of Chevrolet Anniversary in UK. Beware of such Chevrolet Winning Prize fraud. This article tries to explain that they should not rely on such mail and ignore such mails to avoid loss due to fraud being played on you. Even Google is not able to recognize such mails as spam mails.

How does it Work - Initial Stage

Initially you may get an email message, not filtered by Google Spam activity. The message will look like as under :

Your e-mail is attached to lump sum pay out of 1,000,000.00 in CHEVROLET MOTOR UK.Send Name/Tel No/Address to chvrlt015@hotmail.com.

The email may be received from an email attached to ccTLD domain with country code like dk for Denmark or vu for Vanuatu or some other country code Top Level Domain asking you to send your Name, Mobile Number and/or address to email ID at chvrlt015@hotmail.com or some other email ID appearing to be genuine.

Second Stage - Convincing documents and Chevrolet Keys and Prize Money

You get the email to take delivery of the following documents from someone named like Tony Moore, who has reported departed by fright as under :

Departure Date /Time: 23 rd January 2013 -5:15:00 p.m (UK TIME)
Arrival Date /Time : 24 th JanuaryY 2013 - 9:30 a.m (INDIA TIME)

The email is purportedly sent by Chevrolet Motors Worldwide Ltd with address as under:

CHEVROLET Programs & Events Department
P.O. Box 850
Telephone: + 44-871 974 440

Parcel or documents to be delivered said to contain all of the following items:

Demand Draft of £ 1,000,000.00 GBP, the prize money - see image of courier to be delivered.
CHEVROLET Captiva Car Keys and documents.
Affidavit of claims eligibility.
Other covering documents.
Fund Release Order from Financial Service Authority (F.S.A)of United Kingdom.

Attn: Name of the email receipent (e.g. John Smith)

Email reads as under:

We wish to congratulate you once again on this note, for being one of the lucky winners selected on this year CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION 2014. We felicitate with you and your family and especially for being a citizen of (INDIA). This promotion was set-up In United Kingdom CHEVROLET MOTORS to encourage prospective Mobile users.

Congratulations on behalf of the 'CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM'. Our Screening Committee and National Advisory Board has completed all verification and screening by the Screening Committee of "UK's Overseas National Advisory Remittance Claims Unit. You have been approved to receive your Demand draft and Chevrolet Captiva car by a special delivery agent arrival been approved by the regulation council of the Chevrolet Motors Promotion 2014. Your cash prize of One Million Pounds will be delivered safely to your door step through our Accredited Transglobal Xpress Courier Dispatch Officer. Having considered all possible measures to convey your cash prize, we resolve to use a special affiliated courier company under Diplomatic Umbrella. We have made all necessary arrangement to convey your winning prize direct to your door step. Your name, phone number and address has been received.

Let it be known to you that all taxes has been paid by ENGLAND CHEVROLET MOTORS UNITED KINGDOM. Therefore, you will only be required to pay LOCAL Custom Duty, Custom Notarization Clearance Fee RS12,700-00 INR to India custom duty fee in clearing of your consignment from the custom duties in your country INDIA. Our DELIVERY Officer, named for example Mr.Tony Moore from the Trasglobal Xpress Courier Services will be arriving in India tomorrow morning and you are to provide him a copy of your ID proof ( ID CARD/ PASSPORT / VOTERS CARD PAN CARD OR ANY VALID ID PROOF) to enable him to identify you before he will handover parcel to you. Below is his flight information. B.A flight information has already been sent to our dispatch officer and you have to contact his email so that he can furnish you with time of arrival in your country.

Diplomat Mr: Tony Moore (as per example)
Email: contact@transglobalxpress.de.vu (ccTLD vu is for Republic of Vanuatu)

Please be aware that your CHEVROLET CAPTIVA CAR has already be shipped to your country with your ADDRESS provided to us and will arrive India two weeks after you have received your authorized draft been cleared in your country INDIA. Our delivery officer will instruct you immediately as he arrives in India Delhi International Airport By British Airway ON 24 th January 2013 by 09.30 A.M . He will put a call across to you immediately he arrived India Delhi International Airport and you are to make sure that you oblige to his instruction by remitting a payment of One Hundred And Twenty Five Pounds (£125.0197) equivalent in India currency Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred Rupees (RS,12,700 INR) for INDIA INCOME CUSTOM DUTY NOTARIZATION CLEARANCE FEE levied upon your Foreign draft for Endorsement and approval and your CHEVROLET CAR, hence the delivery agent will proceed to your stated address after which meet with you for his deposit of your won amount to your nominated account in your state. Payment must be made by you as the sole beneficiary of the certified draft and CHEVROLET CAPTIVE CAR as we have contacted the India home financial ministry and they have given ENDORSEMENT as regards to International Monetary Funds regulatory policy (IMF) adopted by the INDIA HOME FINANCE MINISTRY. You are to contact our Senior Delivery officer via email id: contact@transglobalxpress.de.vu and provide him with any of your identity proof. You have to give us confirmation of this mail before our Accredited Courier Delivery Officer commence to your country and also make arrangement for the requested amount that will be paid in your country to avoid any further delay with India custom when he arrived INDIA DELHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Your Winning Certificate is been attached to your mail and our Delivery Officer Identity for your confirmation purpose.

Do not hesitate to contact this office via telephone or email if the need arises. For security reasons, you are advised to keep your Consignment Code: AI629018XXX confidential till your Parcel get to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program. Please be warned.

Best Regards,
Dr Anderson Wayne
The Claims Director/Event Manager.
England Chevrolet Anniversary.
5 Attachments as below

Third Stage - recipient of email reaches Delhi International Airport

No Tony More arrives and you feel cheated by wasting your time, energy and money spent on travelling but there was every possibility of someone impersonating as Tony More might have cheated you in big way.

Caution by Author

Do not rely on such mails and check the persons, companies' credentials as in the above case the same can be checked at the following address: http://cybercrimecomplaints.com/content/chevrolet-winning-prize-fraud

Moreover the Government of India, Google and Facebook should not allow such Chevrolet Car Promotion or other Promotion Campaigns to make the internet users fall prey to such malicious mails.


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Author: J.B.Gupta24 Jan 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Timely warning Mr.Goyal. I also received similar mail and was tempted to follow the mail. But before I could part with the money, one of my friends cautioned me that it could be a phishing mail. On checking it was found to be a spam and fishing mail to extract personal information.

Guest Author: krishna murari10 Sep 2014

I just have got an email like this on 10th sept 2014 they said that they have reached new Delhi airport

Guest Author: naveen14 Sep 2014

I got the message from claimsuint94@gmail.com saying what you have posted above. It was written that one person will be arriving tomorrow at 9:00 am to deliver a prize of 2 crore and a car.

Guest Author: JANAGARAJ18 Sep 2014

Dear goyal sir,
I also got the mail from CHEVROLET motors on 8th Sep, 2014. I believed that and loss Rs. 17000 to them. Then only I realized they are fraud. Please tell me what I can do now. That persons calls me even now. Please give your ideas to me.

Guest Author: durgaram mali22 Sep 2014

I got email and SMS. It is a real fraud.

Guest Author: Hercules28 Oct 2014

Thats true. I also Got That Similar Mail.. And A Call Just Now.. Winning Amount Was 3 crore 35 lakhs.. Andthey Said I have to pay 24500 to Custom duty I replied 'take Your 24500 n Give D Rest Amount on My DoorStep
I Googled 'chevrolet motors Worldwide' and I got Here. Thank you So Much.

Guest Author: maruti chawa29 Nov 2014

Really its fraud I also got mail on 26-11-14 and they convinced me so much to pay Rs18000 and told they will give 2 crore 35 lakh because of advice given by my friends I did not paid other wise I would have paid thank god...& don't believe such things..

Guest Author: madhuri01 Dec 2014

I got the same massage in my cell phone and then got a mail.

Guest Author: Virendra Kumar Sriva07 Dec 2014

Thats true. I also Got That Similar Mail. And A Call Just Now. Winning Amount Was 3 crore 35 lakhs. And they Said I have to pay 24500 to Custom duty I replied 'take Your 24500 n Give D Rest Amount on My DoorStep
I Googled 'chevrolet motors Worldwide' and I got Here. Thank you So Much.

Guest Author: S K Deka21 Dec 2014

I Got Email in such manner and SMS on mobile about their representative's arrival in Delhi.

Now I find about the fact here. thanks for timely update.

Guest Author: Sanjay04 Jan 2015

The same mail came for me also. That they giving of rs 7crore 45lakhs on 5 jan of 2015. Along with the cash they also informed to give the cheverolet suv key and documents and apple laptop. But now i alert. Thank you.

Guest Author: SAMEEULLAH04 Jan 2015

I have also received thats type of messages and mails

Guest Author: susheel Dogra06 Jan 2015

yes Iam also cheated for Rs.15,500/ by paying this amount through NEFT of some builder, Varun Towers and further demand of Rs.98,000/- which I decline to pay as the cost to divulge the code of transfer of Prize amount of RBS Bank. Itold tony Moore since I am based at Delhi why don't you handover things to me at Delhi. Again I got the email stating that someone will meet you to handover Keys of car and draft worth Rs3060000 but you have to pay first Rs.98,000/- to a person who will handover your parcel.It is all fraud and I suggest that nobody should fall in this trap

Guest Author: ranjeet15 Jan 2015

Sir I got a mail that I have won a 2 crore 35 lakh and captiva car please tell me what can I do its real or fake
Please tell me sir.

Guest Author: Core102196@gmail.com19 Jan 2015

Hey friend me too Got the same nasg and they had given time of tomorrow morning 9:45

Guest Author: G. S. Rao03 Feb 2015

I too received an email that I have won a prize money of 750,000 GBP and a Captiva car and was required to send the details of account number etc. I ignored and deleted the mail. Subsequently a letter from Reserve bank of India supposedly written by the Reserve bank Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan, asking me to fill in the details of the bank account number and to pay an amount 18,500 (currency is not mentioned, I suppose it must be Rs 18,500 since it is written supposedly by the Reserve bank Governor). Is this also a fraud or prank? I am still wondering as to what extent the fraudsters can go.

Guest Author: Shekar10 Feb 2015

Hey friends me too got such mess and they given time at tomm morning 9:45

Guest Author: kishore24 Feb 2015

Its true today I got a call, they said tomorrow I should pay 24,700 to custom duty thank god.

Guest Author: Payal Deva17 Mar 2015

Received similar mail and even a call regarding this from the no. 8588939197 . they even offered me to speak to the agent also. On checking I found it to be a fraud. Please be aware.

Guest Author: shankarganesh20 Mar 2015

Sir I got a mail that I have won a 3 crore 35 lakh and captiva car please tell me what can I do its real or fake
Please tell me sir.

Guest Author: raju25 Mar 2015

I got a message +918468864422 from this no.saying that I have won 3 crore 25 lacks on promotion of Chevrolet motors

Guest Author: SUJIT KUMAR SAHA26 Mar 2015

I have received a message +918287158520&91901559228
0n 20/03/ 2015, from this no. saying that i have won 3 crore
35 lacks on promotion of chevrolet motors. More over received
a email from your end . confirm what is facet.

Guest Author: 5ter26 Mar 2015

I got a call from name James Desmond saying that i have won CHEVROLET MOTORS PROMOTION UNITED KINGDOM' and I should deposit a amount of rs.24500/- in sbi account of customs department I don't know what to do guide me please

Guest Author: Praveen kumar pk03 Apr 2015

I have got the same mail in three time after got the such mail I discuss my mam,friends they told me that it is fraud I am confused among those but today I received same mail and I searched it in google and a got it is really fraud

Guest Author: Saurabh Kumar Thakur19 Apr 2015

I got call from Mr. Eric Jonson stating that he arrived on Delhi airport with winning prize 3 crore 35 lakh. When I ignore this, they again e-mail to my account that they want to redeliver the winning prize.

Guest Author: venkatesan07 May 2015

Please any solution to arrested that team tell me sir

Guest Author: Rupak Hazarika18 Jun 2015

Same message I have just received recently. Same procedures and steps were also sent to me through my gmail account. I was given a hope that I was one of the six lucky numbers to receive a prize worth Rs. 3 crore 60 lac from the Chevrolet Anniversary Award. I was confused whether I should do this or not, but I was also assure that such types of mails are normally fake and are just making people foolish. The day after he sent me the mails like above, he called me from a number 918587938283 and advised me to make a demand draft of Rs. 24500/- into an account no. to make the registration for the winning prize. But I didn't respond to any of his direction. I told him to provide the DD draft to me before I make the payment. As I told like that, he just stopped calling me and I also blocked his number. These are generally fake and just they want to make the people foolish worldwide. They can be anywhere from any country, but don't just believe them. When you receive such types of mails and calls, you should just block them directly before they make you foolish. Do not respond them in any means. Person like me might receive such mails and calls, just be aware. Think hundred times before you suffer some unexpected losses. They have been just playing with people worldwide and are getting money through these types of Cyber Crimes. They should be punished and moreover Google should not allow these fraud mails to make the people foolish.

Author: Ashok Goyal18 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

@Rupak Hazarika, dear guest author - I wrote the whole episode after actually testing the modus operandi of the fraudsters. I am happy that you have also posted your experience adding dubstance to the original article and seconding my findings so that the public can be forwarned about such fraudsters.

Author: Sarojah18 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

@G.S Rao
You have asked 'I am still wondering as to what extent the fraudsters can go'.

These kind of fraudsters are not only in the name of Chevrolet but in various names coming through e-mails and messages and I feel at least one among 10000 may get into their net and recently I watched a reality show on how people are cheated by fraudsters. There a person described about his cheating case when they get an email and they had make all the instructions and even passed their amount to their account as they have promised about some number of times of amount they deposit. In fact even they have met personally and got the box with currency notes and after they depart, when they check the notes, its all turned out to be black.

So fraudsters are plenty & we should take care not to get into their net.

The author must be thanked that he got the idea of writing this for protecting others with warning as others may simply ignore and keep mum.

Author: Ashok Goyal19 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@Saroha, Thanks for your remarks "The author must be thanked that he got the idea of writing this for protecting others with warning as others may simply ignore and keep mum". I am prompted to write more articles in public interest.

Guest Author: Rohit Kadnayke22 Jun 2015

Sir I am nothing doing anything but I am received one msg from Chevrolet ltd.it is for five lakh cash.what a froud ....

Guest Author: Rishab24 Jun 2015

Those are all frauds! I too received and gave details but after seeing all this stuff I am alert now. Thank you very much all my friends.

Guest Author: Dhanush26 Jun 2015

I too got the same mail. Who is the fraudster sending such mails?

Guest Author: Manjunath27 Jun 2015

I am Manjunath from Bangalore. I got such type of massage - they were giving me time on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., 29 June 2015. Please tell me whether it's real or fake massage.

Guest Author: Sandip Kumar Yadav29 Jun 2015

I have received a massage first. When I have ignored it, they have again e-mailed to my mail account stating that they want to redeliver the winning prize.

Guest Author: Biswajit30 Jun 2015

I have got an email on 28.06.2015 from Chevrolet Motors Promotion United Kingdom informingd that I won Rs. 3.6 crores. Next day again I received an email stating that 3.6 cr will be reached in India. On 30th, today, a lady has called me from +918468064187 and said that the your parcel has been received at airport. If I want 3.6 cr then I have to pay Rs. 19000/- for custom delivery charges.

Guest Author: Ashok Goyal30 Jun 2015

Dear Biswajit, It is better to lay a police trap for the lady but you have to be very careful. Thereafter you can write down your experience as a detailed response to this article as to how you laid police trap for the fraudsters.

Guest Author: kamlesh18 Jul 2015

Sir, I have also received a message from Mr. Smith and I paid custom duty then after Sushilkumar RBI transfer manager tells me that your winning amount of is transferred to you local bank but you must pay COT amount. I showed the amount is 875000INR so I asked my bank friend and he told me it is fraud. I am already in trap set by them so I complained to the police. Till today the phone numbers are running but no one can catch him. All are fraud. So don't reply to any mail related to winning prizes. Do not waste time and do not send any money or documents to him. Be aware!

Guest Author: charles brown27 Aug 2015

I too got the same mail and I provided all my personal details. Today is the 28th of August and he told me that he will reach India at 9.45 am. Let the person call me - I will reply to him with slang.

Guest Author: Daisy Hemrom09 Sep 2015

Same with me. Even I keep receiving such Emails and SMSs frequently.
I knew only parasites live on other orgasms, but unfortunately, the world's most advanced species like humans have built up such disgusting nature too. Its really shameful. People should learn to live on their credentials.

Guest Author: narendra.b09 Sep 2015

Sir I got a mail that I have won 7 crore 35 lakh and Captiva car please tell me what can I do - it is real or fake?
Please tell me sir.

Guest Author: renjith13 Sep 2015

I'm got a same message from chervolet. Am winning price 3.35 lac. It reply a mail my detail address. Yesterday one Mr. Morgan Smith called me and he set to me pay custom duty amount of rs 13500. Am not do it. Then today morning in got a call from UK. Please give me a reply.

Guest Author: tushar patil15 Sep 2015

Just now only I had a talk to them and when they called me, I told them you are fraud then they cut the call!

Guest Author: Tarun Verma19 Sep 2015

Chevrolet Motors Worldwide Ltd. have sent me a message that I have won 3 crore and again a mail has been received today from their end to receive the money. They have given me time on Monday morning at 10:45 a.m., 21st September 2015. Please tell me whether it's real or fake.

Author: Ashok Goyal20 Sep 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

@Tarun Verma, It is 101% fake message. I have not encountered even a single winner who could confirm that he or she is not cheated through the fake mails. Never rely upon such mails. Rather get the cheaters trapped in police net so as to teach them a lesson to desist from their fraudulent activities.

Guest Author: rakesh20 Sep 2015

Even I got a message and email saying that I got 3 crore and a Chevrolet car and I googled and read the above messages and know that it is a fraud, thanks to your people!

Guest Author: babysaya22 Sep 2015

Same with me. I also received an email and sms and even call from Mr.Eric Johnson saying that I have won 3 crore, 35 lakh rupees from Chevrolet car company UK and Chevrolet Captiva car and he told me to pay Rs.25,900 for custom duty but I asked him to lower the money and he told me to pay only Rs.5000 rupees. I thought that he just lied to me that how can he lower so much money for custom duty. So it is a fake!

Guest Author: santosh acharjee25 Sep 2015

I got mobile SMS from Chevrlett company that I won 3cr 35 lakhs. Is this fake?

Guest Author: surendra26 Sep 2015

I got in my mail same message that I won prize of 3 crore 35 lacs. Customs charges paid to 22500.cot code transaction I pay 89,000 rupees - is a true or false?

Guest Author: Rajibul Ali30 Sep 2015

I have received the same massage.

Guest Author: usha ganesh shingole20 Oct 2015

I got a similar message in my mail that I won a prize of 3 crore and 35 lacs. Customs charges to be paid was mentioned as Rs 19800/-

Author: Vandana24 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Everyone who gets such mails: please ignore them completely. They are just out to dupe you of hard-earned money. Why on earth do you believe in such nonsense? Read newspapers or online news of such fraudsters and open your eyes!

Guest Author: Rajesh Rajak24 Oct 2015

Sir, I also get such messages that I won 700000 GBP in Chevrolet motors company Ltd. Is it true or fake?

Author: Vandana25 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Rajesh, they are all fake messages. Delete them. In fact, nobody should even open such email messages from unknown IDs. They may even create some virus problem in your PC or hack into your emails and get personal information.

Guest Author: Shafeekh.K.T27 Oct 2015

I got similar messages in my mobile and E-mail today 27th OCT 2015 stating that I won prize of 2 crore 35 lacs and he also claim that a registration charge of Rs 500/- should be paid and he forces me to send ID proof immediately. He has also send the his bank account details.

One small thing, is he acting as a lion?

I'm attaching his messages-

1st message on 26th OCT 2015


2nd message on midnight of 26th OCT 2015


He has also been calling me too many time; I think about 8 times. I have recorded his calls also.

3rd message on 27th OCT 2015 10:00 AM


" Name:Ashwin Singh, Actt no-xxxxxxxxxxx, ifsc sbin000211, Branch- Delhi, Bank SBI"

Guest Author: Bihai Singnar15 Nov 2015

The same SMS and mail was sent to me saying that I was the lucky winner of Chevrolet Motor's 2015 03 crores, 35 lakh in Indian rupee in cash and the key of a car. They asked me to pay Rs 24,500 as custom duty.

Guest Author: Alfius16 Dec 2015

I have received this particular message but I do not believe in it. Because I was asked to pay a tax of rupees 18,000 for my lucky winner without a lottery ticket. So please friends, do not try to run after money. It only kills you.

Guest Author: Jasmeet Singh Bedi04 Jan 2016

The same SMS and mail was sent to me saying that I was the lucky winner of Chevrolet Motor's 2016, 03 crores, 35 lakh in Indian rupee in cash and the key of a car. They asked me to pay Rs 22,500 as custom duty on 1st, January 2016.

Guest Author: deep18 Jan 2016

Why don't you or anybody inform the police department or cyber cell? An illiterate or poor person can fall prey to such type of frauds.
Please do let the police know about such cyber crimes, it is your duty.

Guest Author: langam dilipkumar si05 Mar 2016

Recently I got one mail from this address and they showed me the picture of a car. ID card is in the name of Eric Jhonson and winning certificate was also posted. Since this was first time and believing them I had send total sum amount of Rs. 85000/ through different bank a/c. Now I have filed an FIR with the Police and have blocked all my accounts. Now further they are forcing me to sent Rs. 385000/ more to give the income tax code to transfer the money. I have stopped communicating with them but they are still calling me. What should I do now?

Guest Author: Kk04 Apr 2016

Today I got a call from James Morgan he said that I am in Delhi airport so your parcel is ready with a dd of 3cr 60lakh to deliver u have to pay 15500cash India rupees then he will meet me and hand over to u the rest. Actually I arranged money before that I got a doubt I think it's fake. Thank god

Guest Author: Dr Pal13 Apr 2016

I have received a message on my mobile today. It reads:-your mobile no have won 3crore 35 lakh from Chevrolet Car Company awards. To claim, send your name_add_age_sex_occup_mob no to chevrolet_headofficuk16@hotmail.com
But I do not believe it and want to see on net.

Guest Author: sharath20 Apr 2016

Just today I received mail as winning of 3.35 crore and a car. They will be calling tomorrow as they mentioned in my mail. What do I do sir?

Guest Author: juber lohar26 Apr 2016

The same SMS and mail was sent to me saying that I was the lucky winner of Chevrolet Motor's 2015 03 crores, 35 lakh in Indian rupee in cash and they asked me to pay Rs 10509 as delivery charges. So what I have to do now.

Author: Ashok Goyal26 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

It is a fraud. Neither act nor react.

Guest Author: teja29 Apr 2016

Friends, kindly be informed that nowadays such type off mail and sms are making us tensed and bringing some confusion. So please leave such type of sms or block the numbers from which they are sent. Without knowing perfect reasons or particular proof don't believe such fake messages.

Guest Author: Duggu30 Apr 2016

Just now I too have got a mail that I won 3 crore 60 lakhs, that they are going to bring it to my door step on Monday and that after 2 weeks they are going to send a car. Is this true or fake?

Guest Author: Payal kachiya10 May 2016

Do I take legal action against them? Wanted to do so as I got same msg nd didnt like such frauds

Guest Author: Shamim Shuvro09 Jul 2016

I have also received their final confirmation with various document attachment, and they said that Mr Morgan Smith will be coming to Bangladesh Airport and will give me my winning amount and other documents with the Car's Key. But I know and believe that it is totally fraud and cheat. Everyone should be beware of them.

Guest Author: vishnu raj11 Jul 2016

They just called me . I am now in India Delhi with your prize money and car key as well as the all documents related with this. So what I have to reply to him. Whether can i inform to police station for further procedure?

Guest Author: NOTTATH JEEVACHANDRA15 Aug 2016

Have I won Chevrolet car and indian rupees 3.35 crores?

Guest Author: sai27 Jan 2017

They just called me to transfer 21500/-!

Guest Author: Sunny06 Apr 2017

I also just got an email from them, same about winning 2 crore 35 lakhs and handover of car with keys. Then I asked my brother and he sent me this link and so now I am aware. Thanks to all and my brother.

Guest Author: Bimal Roy06 Jun 2017

Yesterday I got the similar text message on my phone. I replied that and I got a mail regarding the winning prize money. I told all that to my fried whom I call Baban; she rebuked me and told all this is a fraud, but I didn't believe. Here, seeing the comments, I surely understand that all this is indeed a fraud. Now the schedule is tomorrow morning - the parcel is coming at Delhi airport. The mail told me to pay 24,700 as customs money. Thank you Google and sorry Baban for wasting time in such valueless things instead of spending time with you.

Author: Geethanaini15 Jul 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Even I got the mail from some Chevorlet company about winning prize money and car. I did not know if this is a fraud or something and i replied to that mail by giving my personal details. So please help me how to get out of this fraud. Please replay me as soon as possible.

Guest Author: Ashok Goyal15 Jul 2017

@Geethanaini, Do not worry. Just let me know what personal information have you shared so that I can guide you to take remedial steps.

Guest Author: Warisa noori21 Jul 2017

Even I'm trapped in this spam mail and I've given my bank details, ID proof and my address. Am I in trouble now? Please reply soon.

Guest Author: WILSON ZUZE14 Nov 2017

I have just had this stuation. I got an email asking me to give my bank and personal details to claim if i were a real winner of 500,000 GBP and Chevrolet Jeep and unknowingly i did send the details.then i got another email claiming as official congratulation to me and asked me to contact the Royal Bank of Scotland for remittance and payment of my prize .surprised i am when the so called RBS is demanding me to send them 300 pounds.What should i Do now? Please help me. And i would also like to know how the Promotion is run and when so that I may also help others in same problem because this is becoming rampant nowadays.

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