How to teach nursery rhyme,'Rain, rain! Come again'?

In this article, you will find the nursery rhyme, 'Rain, rain! Come again!' as it is given in rhymes and songs book of kindergarten. But it will be followed by some explanation, activities, conversation and questions asked by kids regarding the rain. You can use one or all the suggestions listed here to develop your child's personality.


Nursery rhymes are essential to give knowledge to your children along with music and dance. In school we all learned them. Now its time to give this knowledge to our kids. In this article, you will find Nursery rhyme 'Rain, rain! Come again' as it is given in kindergarten textbooks.

Let them to make fun with Nursery rhyme:

Playing in rain water is a great life time memory for all of us. There are still many ones who enjoy cloudy shower in this adult age also. Rain is blessing of the nature for all living beings, as it recycles the water. This rain rhyme is taught in schools. Here are lyrics as they are in books.

Nursery rhyme lyrics:

Rain, rain! Come again,
Come again today.
Little children love to say,
"Rain, rain! Come again."

This is a rain calling rhyme. Every living being and little children want rain. Hence children are dancing and calling the water shower for the very day.

Activities for Nursery rhyme:

Activities are useful for physical as well as psychological development of toddlers. You can use one or all of the qfollowing activities for your little one.
1. Let your child to play in the soft sprinkling rain water. This will improve their immunity for rainy diseases. More your child is exposed to nature, he or she will become stronger.
2. Rowing a paper boat in the water pond is still a fun though time has changed. Plastic boats of many shapes and colours are available in market but paper boat origami is still a fun.
3. Drawing activity is necessary to strengthen the palm muscles of the tiny tots. You can draw clouds, lightning, rainy lines and a water pond with circles when drops hits the accumulated water. Give this picture for colouring. You can draw the same scene in dotted form and tell your kid to trace the dots. The curves of clouds and water pond will make the grip of drawing curved items such as alphabets. Tracing circles of water in ponds will be helpful in the cursive writing full of curves. Zig zag lighting and slant rainy lines are useful in practice of basic writing patterns.

Conversations regarding Nursery rhyme:

Conversation with kids is compulsory in any case, as it opens their minds. Here are some questions to ask them regarding the rhyme. The answers of kids may be different. Here are some sample answers given.
Q. 1. Do you like rain? Why?
Ans. Yes, I like rainvery much. Because I can play in rain water.
Q. 2. What rain gives us?
Ans. Rain gives us water.
Q. 3. Is it good to have food outside the home, when it's raining?
Ans. No, it is not at all good to have food outside the home when it's raining.
Q. 4. What should you do after playing in rain?
Ans. You should take a wash with warm water and dry off whole body and hair with towel after playing in rain.

Note: Ask these questions in your mother tongue and then tell them synonyms in English so that they will have ease with the language.

Questions asked by children about rain:

The questions listed above are also asked by children when you teach this rhyme at first time. Curiosity makes the young ones to ask the question. Here are some questions that my boy asked me about rain and my answers.
Q. 1. Had you played in rain when you were child?
Ans. Yes. I had much fun in rain in my childhood.
Q. 2. Had you suffered illness or infection during raining? Why?
Ans. Yes I was suffered with fever and infection in my childhood during raining. Because I eat some snaks on roadside without washing my hands.
Q. 3. Why should we take bath after playing in rain?
Ans. We should take bath after playing in rain because dirty mud in the road side accumulated water is sticked to our body, which may cause skin rashes with itching.
Q. 4. Why should we dry off our wet hair after bath?
Ans. We  should dry off our wet hair because in wet hair lice will be generated on scalp which will cause itching and irritation.
Q. 5. Why we need rain?
Ans. Rain recycles the water and make it useful for drinking as well as harvesting.

Your child may ask a new question on your answer. But don't worry about this, and try to answer them very lovingly after all we parents are their first teachers.

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Author: shabir ali baig20 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Good article, but when we were kids we used to say rain rain go away little children wants to play.

Author: Rohini Gilada20 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Yes, we use to say rain rain go away. But these lines are redeveloped by Navneet publications for the Indian schools. As we all need rains at right time.

spread the best.

Author: shabir ali baig20 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Good article. I liked it.

Author: SuN27 Mar 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Dear Rohini,
I am really impressed with your this article on nursery rhyme. This sort of rhymes with good explanation and question and answer will make the nursery very important. Kids will certainly learn it with interest. Now I suggest you that you should create more such rhymes of your creations. Eg. about Sun, Moon, Star, hill, river, summer, winter, A car, A train, A plane. I think a rhyme with detailed explanation with question and answer will be a wonderful creation to learn. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Hope to see a rhyme book written and published by 'Rohini' soon.

Author: Rohini Gilada28 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 7

@ Sun
Thanks for the compliment. I have discussed about this subject with many teachers in Nagpur. They also concluded it as a good idea. But they have given me an outline about the article which is as follows:
1. A small Introduction in 3 to 4 sentences.
2. A small fiction story associated with the complete article in 5 to 7 sentences.
3. Nursery rhyme lyrics.
4. Small explanation about the lyrics.
5. What you have done with this rhyme in your childhood?
6. Physical activities
A. Simple dance steps or facial expressions
B. A game or outdoor activity along with advantages.
7. Writing, art and craft activities depending on the age of ward.
8. Which questions may the child ask regarding the subject of rhyme with sample answers.
9. Conversation with kids on the rhyme. For kg2 and above.
10. Synonyms for the words used in the rhyme. With match the pair activity. For kg2 and above
11. Rhyming words with matching activity.
12. A small essay on the subject of rhyme upto 15 small sentences. For kg2 and above.
13. General knowledge about the subject. For all ages.
14. A vovel identification image by created by using the words used in the rhyme. For Kg2 and above.

Author: Bhavani29 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hi Rohini,

This is indeed a thought out of the box with an interesting and catchy questionnaire about welcoming rain for little ones. It takes me to my school days during rainy season, loving to dance in rain, making paper boats, etc. Everyone does. Good one not only for KG but for all ages.

Author: Sarojah04 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

It is good to know that the rhyme is modified nicely as 'come again' from 'go away'. Also teaching rhyme and also understand a rhyme in its own thought is really good. In fact when I raised a thread on nursery rhyme with different perspective has get only one response but now I feel that has lack the expressive way of a rhyme and really your article make everyone to think in these lines to teach a rhyme.

Author: Vinod.R03 Nov 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

rhyme is new, we have studied rain rain go away , come again another day. The a question and answer section is good. The good habits are also given here. Nice article.

Author: Dhruv05 Nov 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Modifying the original rhyme "rain rain go away" into "Rain, rain! Come again" was a splendid job indeed. These days we all know that young children should be fed with positive thoughts. So a positive rhyme welcoming the rains is always better for the development of young minds. In later stages such kids will take things and problems in a positive perspective.
I wonder, if Rohini Mam can do the same magic with another very popular rhyme. That is " Jack and Jill....., Jack fell down and broke his crown.....". This particular rhyme, even though very popular is a bit violent for very young minds, isn`t it?
The very popular rhyme, Humpty dumpty also meets a very sad end. If only we can give them a happier ending, everyone including the kids, will be happy.

Guest Author: Ram14 Jul 2016

Is there any video for this new ryhme where I can teach my kid with proper tune?

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