Solar energy and its advantages

Coal and petroleum are limited in nature. These resources are non-renewable source of energy and will not be there forever. So we have to look at other renewable sources of energy like solar energy which are available abundantly in nature.

Energy resources like coal and petroleum are limited in amount. We have to start thinking about the alternatives of these resources. There are renewable energy resources available like solar energy and wind energy. The best thing about these resources is that they are available in abundance. These resources may cost you a little more money in the beginning but it is a very good option in the long run. It is a clean and never ending renewable source of energy.

Solar energy setup needs a solar panel and a chargeable battery. The sunlight is the source of energy and panels convert the solar energy into electrical energy which is stored in the lead acid battery. The charged battery can be used during night when electricity is needed. Solar panels come in different power according to your need. If you want more electricity then you have to install more panels.

Types of solar panels available:

1. Crystalline Silicon: These are the earliest form of solar panels. These types have panels have silicon with less purity means they are less efficient when compared to other type of panels. These panels are the cheapest compared because of the lowest grade silicon used in it.

2. Monocrystalline Silicon: These are made of the highest purity silicon and have the highest efficiency. These panels require less space too because they are more efficient than other panels. Also they have the long life compared to others. These panels perform better in low light conditions. They come with a warranty of 25 year which is very good if we see the electricity price rise today. These panels are expensive and you have to take care of it. Dirt shouldn't be allowed to settle on it.

3. Polycrystalline Silicon: These panels are less expensive than monocrystalline panels due to the manufacturing process. The efficiency of these panels in slightly lesser compared to monocrystalline panels. These panels have less tolerance to heat which makes their life span a shorter. Efficiency of these panels is lesser compared to monocrystalline because of impurity of silicon used in it. Also these panels require more space compare to the monocrystalline panels.

Advantages of Solar energy:

1. Renewable energy: It is a never ending source of energy. Sunlight will always be there most of the time during the years. Especially areas around equator receive a lot of sunlight. Hence if there is no dearth of sunlight in your area then you can surely enjoy solar energy.

2. No electricity bills: Once you make an investment in the beginning then you can enjoy solar power for a long time. Hence no electricity bills for many years. You can also use this energy to lower your electricity bills.

3. Cost effective: The new type of solar panels is cost effective and will cost you less than the electricity bills you are paying.

4. Environment friendly: This energy is produced from sunlight means there is no emission of greenhouse gases. This makes this energy source a clean energy and environment friendly.

5. Good for rural areas: The areas which are cut off from main cities can enjoy this solar energy. There are many remote locations which are still not receiving power. Hence solar power is good option for those people. Maintenance free: There is not much time required to take care of panels. Just little bit of dirt cleaning it required which can be done very easily.

Disadvantages of Solar energy:

1. Rain: During rain and cloudy weather there will be no solar power. This is due to sunlight being low or dim. So it can create problem during rainy seasons.

2. Initial cost: The initial cost of solar panels is a bit higher. Panels are costly and if you want to produce electricity for whole house then the cost will be a lot. But in the long run the cost is not so much because once you install then it will be free of cost electricity for many years.

3. Space: Panels take a lot of space and if you don't have space then it will be problem for you to use solar energy. Terrace is the best place for solar panel where there will be abundant of sunlight.

If you are planning to go for solar energy then have to remember these things. The best panels for solar energy are monocrystalline panels because it has the highest efficiency. Monocrystalline panels are most expensive compared to other panels but certainly they are having the longest life span.

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Author: Rahul Dubey25 Mar 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 4

@ MR. Gupta

If their is some advantage then their is also the disadvantages of it. Nature don't make anything fully perfect,but in the case of solar energy advantage overflow disadvantages.Today our big problem is environment degradation. when we produce energy by coal and petroleum it affects our environment.Modern technologies are now enough that it can now store the energy for 10-15 days which can't be affected by rain but as I said their is not anything which is fully perfect, but use of solar energy is best for now as the limited resources are existing day to day.

Author: K Mohan06 Apr 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Surely solar energy is the best possible available natural energy through which we can sustain the process of economic development in a big way. Now a days the power situation is going from bad to worse and in every state the people are experiencing power cuts for minimum two hours in a day. So going solar is the best way to compensate the electrical needs in the households. But the awareness in this sector is very minimal and the government must encourage the people to go for solar power instead of depending on regular power. Even interest free loans must be provided to acquire the solar power systems.

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