Discrimination prevailing in our society

This article is about how today also in this modern era gender discrimination prevails. Whether its because of poverty,illiteracy,conservative mentality or something else.let's find out.But whatever be the reason we have to fight against it.

Yesterday, I was just climbing up the stairs when I saw a girl of about fourteen or fifteen wearing a bright coloured salwar suit with dozens of red bangles in her hand, a big line of vermilion and a small bindi on her forehead, heavy anklets and a blank expression on her dull face.

It appeared as if she was a newly married girl. Actually she got married five days ago. I had been noticing her since last one month I came here to stay. She was the maid servant who worked in my neighbour's flat. Everyday she came, did her work and went on silently. Imagine a little girl of fifteen whose present aim should be to study, play and enjoy every bit of life is unfortunately struggling hard to cope up with life, earn her livelihood and above all married at such an early age. What a pity? A shameless, cruel act carried out in our society. Is it her wish to get married or just because she is a girl?

On the spot I found myself to be weak and felt like crying on seeing her but I was shocked to see that courageous girl who though has lost control of her life yet is very happy and bold enough to live.what else she can do? She might be happy today but her future has been sold to someone else. I think the people supporting these acts should be harshly treated. What is the use of these laws, acts and amendments? All in vain if not used in time. Please please please....!!! Anyone if seeing such inhuman acts happening near you take actions against it. Somewhere the little girl's courage, determination, patience and hardwork proved to be an inspiration for me however the injustice done to her life touched the deep end of my heart.

The whole day I kept on thinking of her and the thought took me to a pensive mood. I am shocked and sometimes feel insulted on observing that still people are so conservative and have a orthodox culture inculcating near them. Its time to move on, bring some changes in our society, take the social issues to a great turn and flip the dirty image of our country. If today not stopped tomorrow a large part of the girls section in our society will turn out to be the victim of this hazardous act.Just developing a few selected sections will not work, its time for the development of whole of the country.

The country where goddesses are worshipped is suffering from such a ravenous act where the sufferers are the girls and women itself. Unless we respect our girls we are never to get the respect back. So wake up everyone see the truth protest against lie and support what is right and true. Life is all about learning and experiencing the facts and the world around. If you give something you get something. Nothing can be achieved easily without putting any effort. To shape up the country with a presentable image, efforts are to be taken and only then we can stand and say proudly that we are proud to be an Indian citizen.


Author: Vishnu Priya11 Jun 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Very nice and painful post. We have to join our hands as you said and let us.

Author: Ritesh Nishar06 Jul 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Its sad to see discrimination still active in our society. Early marriage is still a big problem in rural parts of India. There are so many campaigns going around to save a girl child but this shameless act still continues. We see so many cases through news channels and TV series everyday. It just saddens me a lot.
This is even painful when educated people do these kind of acts. Considering the case you described here, I can say there are multiple charges possible against his husband and family members. The charges include early marriage, child labor etc. Thanks for spreading awareness through this article.

Author: Rahul31 Jul 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Good one. Thanks for sharing this.

Author: Umesh30 Jan 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Nicely brought out. Yes, you are right. Still in our society there is lot of gender discrimination though we talk a lot about women's liberation. There are a large number of people who feel that woman is only for household jobs and has to serve the family. She has no right to think for her career or get exposure to the outside world, the things for which men are privileged.
This is really an unfortunate thing that the attitude of society towards woman is very shameful. With increase in girl's education and overall awareness in the minds of modern youth, things are slowly improving but it is a long way to go.

Author: Harshmani Uniyal29 Apr 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Even today gender discrimination prevails. Our society, however modern it may be, have very upsetting trends towards this.
We have reached the moon but still have not left behind gender discrimination. People are so narrow minded about this. Every man wants to have a beautiful lady as their wife but no one likes to have a baby girl. They prefer baby boys.
Whatever may be the situation, wherever me may reach but our discrimination thought will not change ever.

Author: DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao23 Jun 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I feel very impressed with the way the author wrote the article about the sorry state of affairs in the society. I have seen this kind of incidents many a time. Near my house there is a family. The husband was habituated to drink 24X7 . No job for him. He has four daughters. The wife is working in various houses as a servant and earning their livelihood. He used beat her and take away all the money from her and used to drink. Once I tried to advise that man but he never cared. The humiliation that lady was feeling can't be described. The man died because of ill health and now she is independent. She put three of her daughters in a school and hostel. They get full expenses as scholarship as they belong to reservation category. The elder daughter is going for tailoring classes. The lady is having a peace of mind and leading a happy life. She is more healthy now. With all these problems that lady never fought with her husband.

Many are like this. The society has to change. The benefits that are being given to downtrodden by government should percolate down and reach the deserved. Then only we can see all happy faces. Otherwise the situation continues to be the same.

Author: Gaurav Singh19 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Went through your article and found that almost everyone of us has witnessed this kind of situation in their life. This practice is carried on in every part of country. Getting a girl married at a tender age of 14 or 15 is a common practice. If you think it is a shocking act, I think her family and parents would also be feeling bad but they can't help themselves. You know its a big deal for a poor family to get their children married. They think that if they take more time to marry their children then they will have to spend more money as prices of everything is increasing by leaps and bound.
We can talk about this injustice because we are financially and socially strong. It's easy for us to get over these kind of problems but for a poor family its a big challenge. No parent want to ruin the future of his child, every parent think that their child get educated and live a happy and successful life. But sometimes situation force them to do something undesirable and they have no option but to surrender before the destiny.

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