How to answer job interview questions: vital tips

Appearing for job interviews is one thing that happens quite often in most of our lives, especially in those of the aspiring youngsters who have a lot of dreams about their career and wish to reach somewhere professionally. But to face an interview, crack it successfully you need to be smart enough to answer the questions asked during the interview correctly and impressively. This article will offer you vital tips on answering job interview questions properly. Read on.

If you are preparing for a job interview that is to take place in the near future you will have to make a list of the probable questions and have the answers formulated beforehand. The lines below enlist some of the common job interview questions and strong, positive answers to help you gain confidence in your approach.

How to answer job interview questions

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  • Tell me/us about yourself

  • This is one Job interview question that is asked almost everywhere. This question helps the interviewer get a broader view of your personality, your ability to speak professionally and your confidence prior to indulging in other specifications. The answer that you provide should last for not more than a minute and should include a summary of your career and your special areas with reference to your last job. Do not include your personal life in it. Your interviewer will not be interested in any way to find out about your hobbies, family or any other such personal information.

  • Why are you interested in this job?

  • This is another and one of the common job interview questions you will need to keep your focus on. It is meant to highlight the substance of your ‘role' that interests you. In your answer do not talk anything related to salary, benefits, commute factor or any other petty information which will signal that you have no enthusiasm to work or are not serious about it. An interviewer will want to hire someone who knows that they will want the job without any complaints on daily-basis job. This in turn will imply that you are interested in the work and not benefit you can reap out of it.

  • Why do you want to leave your present job?

  • ‘Why did you leave the last job?' is another significant question that requires a proper answer in case you are appearing for an interview after leaving your previous job. You cannot talk about the complaints and conflicts with co-workers or employers in the previous job. As a job seeker you are advised to reply by saying you are in search of newer challenges and are looking for those challenges in this job as you did not encounter them in the previous one. You will also have to be specific about the challenges and how you can find it in this new job. It is also okay to talk about your previous organization's financial instability or a planned or recent move you have made. Make sure, however, that you do not badmouth your ex-employers and/or colleagues.

  • How would this job bring out the best in you?

  • This important job interview question will give you the opportunity to speak of how you will make the most of this job to shine. In case you do not have an answer to this question your interviewer will never get to know your mind. This is the ‘crux' of your interview which is why you should have an answer ready, and it should be compelling and strong. Your answer should focus on your talent, skills and your previous experience along with your track record, and have everything combined to your job requirement.

  • How will you use the first 90 days of your position?

  • Through this question your interviewer is searching for an answer that will reveal your goal-setting and problem-solving aptitude. This will also help him/her determine if you are ambitious yet very realistic. You will have to talk about simple problems like time needed for getting to know your team and what the work is before making suggestions or ideas for improvement or any other big decision for that matter. However, your acknowledgement should be made in such a way that you clearly specify the details of working the initial 90 days in the office without being unreasonable.

  • What is your expected salary?

  • This is another of the common job interview questions you will have to face. There are many job seekers who are not able to answer this question in the desired way and mess it up completely. You should try to please your interviewer and give an answer that will impress him/her for then and at the same time will even not leave you under-paid for your job. Firstly, find out the rate in the market for your job position before appearing for the interview. And, never hesitate while talking the ‘money talk' so that you can negotiate for a pay that will satisfy both parties.

These questions and their answers will help you succeed in your next job interview.

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