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Remember your childhood with "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!"

In this article, you will find a lovely discussion on the nursery rhyme "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!". Wonder about stars is always there in kids as well as in elders. Every night these stars astonishing every body. Many of us get a relief from routine tensions, when we look at these stars.


One who is having eyesite, always enjoyed the stars and moon at night. The astrals became a cause of wonder always. Kids or elders feel happy to observ them in relaxed position. A kid get astonished when it looks at this magic of nature.
In this article, you will find the nursery rhyme lyrics "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!" alongwith its brief meaning. Conversation with kids is here for your reference, which is followed by activities as well  as vocabulary .



Here are the lyrics of the nursery rhyme lyrics.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
A boy is wondered, when he saw a star in the sky during evening when it became dark. It was twinkling like a little lamp. The boy is having a wonder about it and its position so high above the earth. Also it is looking as a diamond fixed in the sky.



As new thing comes in front of a child, he or she begins to ask questions about it. Asking questions is their nature. But as a parent it is your duty to answer their each question. Kids of this generation are much faster in thinking as media is present around them in the form of cartoon channels, so please try to give them right and scientific answers. if you don't know answer then clearly tell your kids that you don't know and promice them that you will answer them within some time period. The generation next got the bon of minute observation. Here are the questions.
Q. 1. What is this?
Answer: It is a star.
Q. 2. Why it is sparkeling?
Answer: It is sparkeling because it is having it's own light.
Q. 3. Why stars come in night? Where do they go during the day?
Answer: Stars never go anywhere. During day time the sunlight is much more than their light so they seem to be disappeared. After sun set when it becomes dark they can been seen as there is no sunlight.
Q. 4. How long the stars are from us?
Answer: Stars are too far that you will take several years to travel towards them though you use highest speed rocket.
Q. 5. Does anybody travel towards stars?
Answer: Yes, astronauts travel towards stars.
Q. 6. What is astronaut?
Answer: Astronaut is a human being like us. But he eats everything and play all the sports as well as listen to his elders.
Q. 7. Can I become astronaut?
Answer: Yes, you can become astronaut. But for that you have to listen to your mother, father and teacher. You have to eat everything. Finally you have to play different sport. (You can name any specific sports here.)
Q. 8. Are there any alien?
Answer: This question is not related to stars but there are many cartoons and cinemas based on aliens story. Scientists are haveing different opinions about it. Here you have say your own experience. If you seen any alien then you call tale your own experience. But if you haven't seen then you can say, "Oh my child, I haven't seen any alien yet. The stories of cartoons and cinemas are the imagination of someone.
Thus you can make a conservation with your child which will give knowledge as well as the positive commands to your little angle.


As rhymes come some knowledge come. Every piece of knowledge carries a little activity with it. First of all try to remember, what you have done with this rhyme in childhood? Teach your child that activity and enjoy the memories of childhood. It will be good for you and your tiny tot also.
1. Here you can play a game of an astronaut, who mate an alien. Both of them have lost from their spaceships. Now astronaught and alien help each other to find out the respective spaceships and thus become friends. Thus your child will learn to help others in the fun way.
2. You can teach the kid to draw stars in different ways. This will improve creativity of your young one. A colouring page full of stars and a half moon will cause happyness to your child.
3. Radium stickers of space are available in market. You can purchase them and stick them on the ceiling of the children's bedroom. This will give them open sky feeling. Let your offspring to stick up some stickers. This activity will enhance finger muscles development.
4. Here is another activity of crafts. Mark a shape of star on hard board or thin thermocol sheet. Cut it gently. Pour some glue on it and sprinkle sparkle dust on the surface. Here are the decorative stars ready. Allow your child to do the maximum task. This will help him to concentrate. You can cut any glazy paper of the same shape and size and paste it on the raw star of hardboard or thermocol.
5. Here is another activity to explain why stars vanish during day. Go in sunlight with your kid and lightnup a candle. Show him the intensity of candle can't be seen as sun is so bright. Same happens with the stars. Now during evening when it starts becoming dark lightnup the camdle again and show him the intensity of candle which can be observed.


Developing word power from childhood will help him in enhanced language skills. Here are some synonyms and antonyms of the words used in the rhyme.


Synonyms for the word twinkle are glitter, sparkle, light, flash and glow; while antonyms are dark and dull.


Infant, small, tiny, miniature, short etc. are same as little; while large, huge, big, long ect. are the opposite.


The word star is used for celebraty, chief, perfect, main, well known etc.


The word wonder can be explained as astonishment, curiocity, marveling and admiration. Reverse of wonder are disregard and disinterest.


You can use jewel, gem, brilliant, allotrope etc for the word diamond.

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Author: Vinod.R03 Nov 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Nice article. The most famous rhyme is Twinkle twinkle Little star. Everyone like this rhyme , adults as well as kids.The answer question section is good. keep it up.

Author: Dhruv05 Nov 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is surely the most popular among all the rhymes. It is one of the first rhymes which any toddler learns. Their soft voice and twinkling eyes makes the rhyme very pleasant to listen.
The detailed description about the rhyme and the things, objects connected to it was quite informative. As a father, myself, I have learned quite a few things from the explanation which I can use to discuss with my young son.
Days back I was reading an article which said that any child is like a physicist, a dreamer. By seeing the sky there will be numerous questions in a young mind, similar to a Physicist. But for an adult it won`t generate much curiosity. For an adult the sky is blue because it was always so, what`s so new about it?
As a parent it becomes our duty to answer the queries which our kids have regarding their surroundings. We should help them in developing their curiosities. After all the children are the future scientists, engineers, doctors, astronauts and so on.

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