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Indian Kitchen Gardening Ideas

The idea of kitchen garden is not only for the purpose of hobby. You can easily grow variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and spinach herbs without any hassle. Are interested in kitchen garden designing? Read the below article to form your own kitchen garden easily and relax in the shadow of favorite plant.

The idea of own kitchen garden will give you much more than your imagination. It can give you fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs without any hassle, it can save your money and time and it will be your small share to conservation of environment. Along with these benefits, gardening will give you relaxation from your busy schedule and this useful hobby will bring you near to nature. Here are some simple tips which can prove helpful for you to build your own green corner of kitchen garden

Land suitable for kitchen gardening

It is necessary to follow some preparation methods while starting to build up your kitchen garden. First try to find a suitable piece of land in your back yard, useful for your kitchen garden. Consider the points like sunlight and water source for garden. Try to see the south, east or west facing piece of land for gardening so that your plants can get sufficient sunlight throughout the day. Try to fence the selected area to save your plants from animals like rabbits, rats and squirrels.

Preparation of soil

While making your first bed, clean soil by removing sods. Mix compost and organic matter in the soil. If possible try to prepare the bed some inches higher than the adjacent area. This will help the proper drainage of water and it will be easy for you to work in a garden. Use soil tiller to loosen dirt and mix fertilizers properly.

Suitable plants for Indian kitchen garden

When your soil is ready for plantation, it is necessary to decide what to sow in that. Instead of trying big vegetables like pumpkin, go for small juicy tomatoes or carrots to grow in your garden. You can design small squares for many small plantations like beans, radish, onions and many more. You can plant one seed in the middle of one small square. Dwarf varieties of plants like tomatoes and egg plants can be grown easily in a small space. You can even use small and medium containers to plant some herbs and vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, radish, pepper, eggplants, onions can be easily grown in containers.

Container kitchen gardening

If you do not have enough places for gardening can grow fresh vegetables and fruits in containers in their balcony or terrace. You can also grow herbs like basil, mint, coriander, lemon which are useful for cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. After plantation, seeds should get enough water. Don't water the plants in the night, it can lead to fungus growth. 4. Seeds and supplies: before starting your garden work, it is necessary to purchase seeds, fertilizers and other garden tools. Any good nursery can be helpful for you to choose correct seeds or seedlings from huge variety. Avoid keeping these seeds for a longer period. Select natural fertilizers for your plants.

How to take care of gardening

It is necessary to get some knowledge about designing your garden. The knowledge of space between the seeds is important before planting vegetables. Generally vegetables are planted in a row to track the plants. Keep some space between the rows which can be helpful for you to weed, fertilize and water the plants easily. Monitor the pest infections and be alert about weeding the garden regularly. regularly, after plantation take proper care of your plants by giving proper nutrients, manure water and fertilizers. You can even harvest the vegetables easily when they ready.

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Author: K Mohan16 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

It is really a great attitude and habit to have a garden in the kitchen or lawns of our home. If you have good terrace space, even that can be used for the gardening. On the other day I came across an image in the social media where broken plant pot has been used effectively to nurture potato cultivation. The one side broken pot was effectively used with mud and potato plant and on its full growth, we can easily take the potato without disturbing the plant or taking it out from the pot. That was one of the best kitchen garden engineering I have ever come across.

Author: Shruthi09 Nov 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 5

Having an hobby like gardening gives a lots in life - it provides an awesome inner peace and satisfaction. However, Kitchen gardening in cities is challenging and space for gardening is a constraint and all the supplies except kitchen waste has to be bought for a high price. If we over come these problems and spare our free time, we can grow organic vegetables.

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