Indian Independence day speech for 2018 for kids and school and college students

Indian Independence day speech for kids and school children is given here. If you are looking for a simple and easy speech for your kids and students to deliver on Indian Independence day, then you can find a small Independence Day speech in this article.

India is going to celebrate its 72nd Independence day on August 15, 2018. On Independence day, honorable prime minister Narendhra Modi will deliver the independence day message and various programs will be arranged in government and private offices. In schools flag hoisting will be conducted along with many colorful programms and sweets will be distributed among the students. Independence day speech is the one which can't be avoided in an independence celebrations. So, most of parents and teachers are now in the search for the simple independence day speech for their kids, children, school and college students to deliver on 71st Indian Independence day. With that on mind we are here providing you an simple and easy catching speech for your kids and students to deliver on Independence day. Download the speech and by heart it and present well to get the appreciation from others.

Simple Indian Independence day speech

Respected teachers and my dear friends,
Very warm good morning to one and all present here.

Today on August 15, 2018, we Indians are celebrating our 72nd year of independence. Long before, India was under the rule of British kingdom. Indians have suffered very badly under the British rule. Today we have all the freedom for education, transportation, business and in every field. But before 1947 it was not such a case; there was no freedom at all for the people. It is our great Indian leaders who struggled hard to bring us the freedom with the success against British rule and earned independence to India.

This day is well celebrated in the country with much joy. The importance of the day is to remember those freedom fighters because of whom today our life has become so beautiful. During the British rule the children were not allowed to go to school and no independent trading was allowed. All the goods were taken from India and sold at the British markets at huge prices and giving no profits to the Indians. Indians were treated like slaves. The great freedom fighters Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhiji, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Lala Lajpath Ray and others all were the famous patriots who fought for the freedom of India.

Today, if we take the example of Gaza being destroyed by the Israel kingdom, there the people are brutally killed and are very badly treated. Even the small kids and even new born babies are killed without humanity. They attack the rescue homes, hospitals, schools etc. Once, we Indians were also in such a state of harassment. Today we are independent from all such powers. Our India today has a very well established democracy and judiciary in the country. All these were not just obtained but through much hard work and the sacrifices made by the Indian army, leaders and the people. The leaders organized many movements against the British and at last succeeded in their aim. Gandhiji, our father of the nation, is the important and main leader who brought freedom to the country through his ahimsa and sathyagraha methods. Gandhiji dreamed a country with non-violence and peace.

As Indians, our duty towards the mother country is to work for the development of India. Because the India we see today is a result of the sacrifice of many great leaders and it has their dreams in it. It is our privilege to make the country best among the nations and to work for its development.

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Guest Author: Moulikanjali08 Aug 2015

This is a very good speech for kids. It's easy to understand for students like us.

Guest Author: Abhinav12 Aug 2015

It is a superb speech & very easy to understand for both children and older people.

Guest Author: amani13 Aug 2015

Many thanks for this useful article on the speech children & teens can give on India's independence day.

Guest Author: suvarna14 Aug 2015

It not 69th independence day year but 68th

Author: Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala11 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Really a very nice speech to delivered on the occasion of independence. I want to add some more points here. Ghandiji launched three powerful mass movement Non-cooperation, civil disobedient and quit India movements with his three powerful weapons. His three powerful weapons are truth, non violence and satya grah.
Every student should know that we have not received this freedom in golden plate. So, we have to protect our mother land India. For the development of India it is necessary that we should do our work honestly. You are students and it is your duty that you work hard to study. If you study well, it will be a great work from your end to develop our India.

Thanks for a nice article. Appreciation for you work.

Author: K Mohan15 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

While I do appreciate the author for giving tips on how to proceed with Independence day speech by a school student or a college student, normally every one has his own way of expressing the views eloquently once called to the stage and there cannot be fixed way of writing speech for the purpose and reading it in front of the audience. What is required to say on this occasion that we should not forget the sacrifices of those who fought for our freedom and we are always indebted to them. Then list out the great deeds of some of the great leaders of those days who were against the British rules. Those details can be got from the history books and internet. One thing each student must remember that they should speak without any chit in their hand and that kind of speech would be liked by the guests and invitees.

Author: Nomita Mitra20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

In the beginning, I would apologize for writing my comment long after the Independence Day. No doubt, it's a good speech composed by the author but I regret to say that the same seems to have not been edited properly before final submission. starting from the summary, many errors have cropped up here and there in the article.
I shall request the editors to kindly re-check the whole article and remove the errors so that the quality of this educational site remains intact.

Author: Partha K.20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

1. "During the British rule the children/ kids were not allowed to go to school, no independent trading was allowed. All the goods were taken from India and sold at the British markets with huge prices and giving no profits to the Indians." -I find the above sentences are not fully correct.

2. "Today, if we take the example of Gaza being destroyed by the Israel kingdom, there the people is brutally killed and are very badly treated. Even the children and small kids and even new born babies are killed without humanity. They attack the rescue homes, hospitals, schools etc. "- How many school children of India know about Ghaza? There has been no recent incidents in Ghaza. Moreover, the Palestinian (Hamas) terrorists attack Israel from the civilian areas (rescue homes, hospitals, schools). So, the heat-seeking, radar-controlled Israeli missiles reached exactly the same spot from where the Hamas missiles had earlier been fired.

3. On the 71st Independence Day, informed and aware Indian children know more about atrocities committed in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. They are more concerned about mindless killing of common people in France, England, Spain and India by terrorists. But there is no mention about these incidents in the speech.

4. I second Ms. Nomitra Mitra regarding proper editing of the speech.

Author: Umesh09 Aug 2018 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 1

The basic framework and format of the speech is quite satisfactory and can be adopted by the prospective student speakers.

As fas as the content is considered it requires some changes as per the political scenario in the world especially the concerns regarding terrorism and separatist forces.

Author: Partha K.09 Aug 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I reiterate my previous stand. On the Independence Day, Indian students must talk about the progress made by the country and future hopes and aspirations of the new generation. Nobody would like to talk about Hamas terrorists getting killed by the efficient Israeli Armed Forces at Gaza. The children won't be able to co-relate themselves with the terrorist activities in Gaza.

Guest Author: Jacob Philip15 Aug 2018

Please discuss the innumerable stories of sacrifice by our own leaders rather than some terrorist in Gaza fighting organized democratic countrymen.

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