How to get organic traffic to make a successful website

Are you looking for organic traffic to your webpage or website? If so, read this article to know how to get an organic traffic or natural traffic to a blog and become a successful blogger and earn online. This article will explain to you what steps to be taken to fetch natural traffic daily and how to increase traffic to the webpage. Learn how to write attentive URL too.

There could be many articles available online on how to get natural traffic or organic traffic to the website and how to increase traffic to each webpage but I am not sure whether those articles help you or not. Most of you would surely like to know how to earn money online by writing some of the best articles or through blogging life. So find the tips in this article to increase traffic to the webpage by following some important points and tuning your webpages accordingly.

How to get organic traffic and successful blog

Knowing search engine and audience

First one has to understand the search engine algorithm and visitors' requirement. This is the first thing you have to work on, as the more you understand the search engine parameters and the audience nerves, the more chances of getting success by increasing organic traffic to your webpage or blog.

To make a successful webpage for obtaining organic traffic, please find the steps as below -
  1. Analyze the search engine updates and audience trend and requirement in advance.

  2. Domain relevancy (e.g. Aircraft domain wont' help much for Coastal / Coral niche).

  3. URL and Title matches balancing domain relevancy.

  4. A brief summary with subject keywords and important words for subject.

  5. Article body text with 500 to 800 words at least with required keywords and information for the audience.

  6. Article with html tags, image tag and video tag insert if necessary.

  7. Article with relevant internal link.

  8. Make sure to cross check before publishing it.

How to analyze search engine and audience requirement?

This is a typical question for the beginner; however, an experienced writer / blogger can understand them easily. There are two tasks now for all writers, one is to understand the search engine algorithm and another to understand the audience requirement to fulfill them out.

One has to update himself/herself for Search engine algorithm (SEO) though it is not mandatory if you are a professional and unique writer. On the other hand, being a professional writer is not only enough to get the organic traffic but he/a she has to know the pulse of the audience at that moment and write accordingly with basic SEO. Sometimes, "trending" topic may or may not help for the writer and online visitors but it is better to follow some calendar in advance to prepare forthcoming topic to get visitor through it.

Domain relevancy is mandatory

As said earlier, domain selection is very important before posting on any relevant subject article. For example, Technology related domain is very important for "technology" based niche and post. This is what search engine indexes as tech based website for all sort of tech gadgets. It will not be correct if someone posts often "Sports" related article in Technology based domain instead of at a sports domain.

Importance of Title selection

The title what you are going to write will reflect as the URL of the domain. Thus you need to write a catchv or attractive title related to the domain and article subject to grab the attention of search engine and visitors. The URL plays very important role thus you need to specify it in a short about your article, so the online visitors can reach over there through search index.

For example, for a tech domain and URL, the title is "how to solve the RAM issue"? Ans: This could eventually help the search engine to index the result for organic traffic based on the above keyword search (on how to solve the RAM issue).

Try to avoid special characters in the URL which can divert the search engine attention to a different one; you may use numeric letters if needed and fit for the context.

Attentive summary tips is required

Once the title is ready, your next responsibility is to make a brief summary which shall explain it in a short about the upcoming article and its details to get the reader to read further for interesting information ahead. The summary shall have all the important keywords and information to the visitors in order to search for more detail at the body of the article.
At the same time, brief summary keywords shall help search engine to crawl, store and index the same. The SEO tips will help to get the organic traffic attention.

SEO tips

It is actually a big topic and a lot of explanation is needed. In short, it is better to have the keywords or phrase as searching by the visitors in search engine. Examples are below-
How to reach XYZ place?
Where to get BSc question paper?
XYZ smartphone price
What to see in XYZ place?
Cheap and best laptop

Long tail and short tail keywords are mandatory.

Article body with keywords

An article summary only is not enough to satisfy the online visitors for the requirement of the information but it has to be described well in order to get what they want more info online. It could be most probably the SEO type or SEO related too.

Thus, the author has to write in detail about each paragraph for explaining on 'how', 'why' 'when', 'what', 'where' and so on. The article body must have at least five hundred to eight hundred words in order to attract the search engine and visitor's requirement. The more, the better. This article body and text will help search engine and visitors to get what they are looking for, in detail. The more keywords or alternate keywords you used, the more the chances of getting organic traffic so increasing traffic as well. Author has to remember to use html (H2 or H3) tag, one image tag and video tag (if necessary only).

The body of the article must be well presented and it should attract the visitor besides furnishing ample information about the title or topic, as this will eventually help for improving traffic and less bounce rate. Author can also furnish reference URL (text type) if any if required or author can also furnish internal link if suits.

Since a drafted or posted article is going to be crawled, stored and indexed by the search engine, the article must match for crawl, store and index or else search engine might ignore in any one step upon finding copied or duplicate one. So, make sure you don't copy or violate the policy.

Try to check the draft completion whether you are missing any point or important information. Make sure to re-read the draft and post after sometime, you may find some mistakes at later stage too. So, re-checking the draft many times are better or proof-reading is the best method.

Note: Do not write too many articles in a day and post too much copied or copied type or useless article to earn money online. Be stable and consistent in your work, make sure you adhere all the policies and prepare or draft the article and publish one-time, which could help greatly.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman
Hafeezur Rahman has joined ISC in 2009 and he is a Job Editor at ISC since 2010, he also a Blogger. Hafeez continue to contribute in various sections of ISC and its sister sites like Techulator, NewRecruitments & Goaspider etc. He is a renowned feature writer & social enthusiast. He loves to write in a simple manner and share his visionary write-ups with the readers on the topics related to his field of interests and different niche. All his write-ups have been popularly read & shared by global readers.

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Author: Pravat Kumar Das15 Sep 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Whoever write blog or content for website always need good traffic from search engine. Every body talks about good key words, SEO but in my opinion there are two methods to write content.

1st - Always write about upcoming events, news (including current affairs) although it is of 100 words you can get huge traffic as internet users are going to search randomly some particular keywords in that day or week.

2nd - Try to write always about your local issues (like your local school, college, tourist place, local temples, local problems etc).

Because those things are mostly not available on internet and whenever someone will search about those things automatically your content will be on top of search engine. But author should have knowledge of good English, good writing skill and depth knowledge about what he is going to write.

Author: Kailash Kumar07 Sep 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

This article on organic traffic has covered a useful topic for content writers particularly for those who are not of technological background. The internet resources are full of information about almost all subject matters. It may prove helpful to cover information on topics which are not likely to be available in internet resources in abundance. It is likely to be more challenging to cover common subject matters compared to local and relatively unheard of topics because there will always be many people searching for such topics.

Author: Umesh14 May 2019 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

An exhaustive article by the author guiding the prospective writers for creating successful blogs or articles attracting the web traffic from the SEO optimization point of view.

Today the internet is full of authentic and well-presented information as well as the mediocre one and a surfer will get it at many places and from that point of view, much redundancy is there. In such a scenario it may often happen that the search engine will place many redundant sites in front of us on the screen and depending upon the algorithm one particular blog site will be ahead of others and may mask the other prospective places as the surfer will have his information already taken up from the first site available in the sequence. This is now the most challenging thing in the vast ocean of the internet as to how to come into the top results displayed by the search engine and that is what the SEO optimization techniques are looking up to.

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