What to do when your child is addicted to video games?

Are you a worried parent who is worried about your child's addiction to video games? Want to know what to do in such a situation? Here in this article, I have given the best things to do when your child is addicted to video games. Read the article to find the details.


The present generation kids / children are born and brought up in the high tech electronic world and comparatively are too much exposed to the use of electronic gadgets than the children of the previous generation.

Unfortunately most of the schools in India have become grinding mills and are not giving much importance to extra curricular activities which really help the children in identifying and bringing their inner talent. In particular, children of the teenage group are too much addicted to video games with the ever increasing mobile games apps, play stations etc. This has become really a matter of the concern for the parents who really are much worried about the addiction of their children to video games. Moreover, it's not an easy task to to tackle the teenage children and parents need to take extra care while tackling their teenage children.

Why children are getting addicted

It is evident that the present generation children are too much addicted to video / computer games and some of the main reasons for the same are:
  • Unlike the olden days, the market is getting flooded with much of these games with ever improvised / advanced versions of these games. So naturally children tend to get attracted towards these when they have a wide range of games available in the market.

  • In the present days, syllabus in the schools across India is too much and children literally have to struggle a lot with stuff competition in every sphere. The tender brains are unable to taken up too much pressure and hence trying to find out different ways for relaxation. And obviously, video games have attracted them a lot.

  • Another most important reason for the addiction of children to video games is working parents. When both the mother and father are employed particularly in software profession, these parents spend most of their time with their laptops / computers / i pads etc. It could be a part of their profession or to relax their otherwise stressful brain and to get entertainment both mother and father are busy engaged in their own e-gadgets. Unfortunately, such parents do not spend or unable to spend much time with their children. So to say, they do not spend quality time with their kids. Most importantly parents do not find it difficult to manage their kids when the little ones are busy with the video games.

    When parents ask the child to stop playing video games, the child gets irritated becomes fussy and parents find it difficult to manage them. So in view of avoiding all this fuss, parents are finding it a better option when the children are getting glued to the e-gadgets. Above all, the present generation parents, in particular mothers talk proudly about their kids who are glued to i pads / i phones etc. Little do they understand that how much it costs them and their little ones. The most sophisticated / costly e-gadget the child is used to use, the more proudly the mothers talk about it in their friends circle.

Warning signs of addiction

There are children across the world who spend more than 4-5 hours a day in playing video games. These children either have no time for socializing / making friends and increasing their circle or they keep themselves away from socializing and friends circle. They don't show interest in doing their home work, regular studies, they lack interest in various other outdoor / indoor games and they even do not feel like playing sports. At times too much of addition to video games can jeopardize their normal / routine activities which might affect their relationships.

However spending lot of time on playing video games does not necessarily be taken as a warning sign of addiction if the child can control his gaming activity. Some of the signs of addiction include:
  • The addicted child keeps playing video games for long hours.

  • The mind of the child is pre-occupied with video games and the child keeps thinking about video games during other activities.

  • The child keeps involving in video games mainly to escape from real life problem like depression, obesity, exams and other such problems in his day to day life.

  • When the child is too much addicted to video games, he likes to be lonely / isolated without mingling with his friends circle, even gives up his hobbies and completely withdraws from all other activities.

  • In some extreme cases, the child addicted to video games turns violent, feels depressed and sits in a corner, refuses to eat, sleep, easily gets irritate and refuse to do other activities when his parents take away the video games or when they have to cut down on their video gaming.

  • The addicted children get lured by the fantasy world especially with the online role-playing games. In most of the video games, the player / child assumes the role of one of the fictional characters in the game, thus interacting with other characters of the game. And to them such a virtual world seems to be more appealing and attractive than the real life.

  • The addicted child starts lying to his friends and family members to conceal his gaming.

What to do to detox video games

Video game detox is mostly similar to detox for other addicts. Electronic gadgets and their use has become a part of every day life in the present era and hence it is not easy to give away video gaming. However following are some simple tips which would help detox your child from video games:
  1. Engage your child in a hobby

    As a parent you need to make a note of your child's interests and try to develop it into a hobby. When the child is engaged for sometime in an interesting work, this will keep the child away from video games at least for some time. Now gradually when the child finds the hobby more interesting than video games, obviously the child will spend more and more time on this interesting hobby.

    Hobby not only keeps your child away from playing video games but its benefits are many. If the child develops the hobby, it will be greatly benefited by the hobby when it grows older.

  2. Connect with your child

    Unfortunately when both mother and father of the child are working, they find it difficult to spend quality time with their kids on a regular basis except for the weekends or holidays. At times, even on weekends parents feel like relaxing after the week days work and some parents feel that their kids are bugging them on a holiday. They feel relaxed when the child in engaged in some work or the other. This is one of the reasons why the kids are getting attracted or glued to video games. When there is no one around them to talk to, naturally children find their own means to keep themselves engaged.

    So as a parent you need to connect well with your child. Spend at least 1 hour a day with your child. This would really boost its morale and the child feels the emotional support of its parents. Sit with them for some time, talk to them, ask them what all they did in the school, what new things did they learn in the school and other such things. When you keep talking to them with much concern, they really feel happy and share everything with their parents. In this way, you can keep your child away from playing video games. If necessary, you too share something from your side. Tell your child what all happened in your office or what did you do in the office or something like that. Engage the child in such a chit chat and this would help in connecting and strengthening the parent-child relationship.


Parents instead of cursing or blaming the child for getting glued to video games, try to understand your child and act accordingly. Parents need to have little patience while handling their kids and they need to spend some time with their kids on a daily basis for getting the things done.

Article by Kalyani
Kalyani is basically an educationist and presently a home-maker who is fruitfully utilizing her free time in freelancing, online content writing and above all blogging. She is an active lead editor at IndiaStudyChannel.com for over 2 years. She is an environmentalist who strives to protect the environment through the revival of age-old eco-friendly practices. She also strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of India.

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Author: K Mohan24 Mar 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

This is the pertinent question which runs in the minds of the mother's whose children are clued to the video games and never listen to abstain from them. I think the mothers are to be blamed here. Most of them have the habit to get rid of children at their young age and start the habit of playing the video games. Thus the child gets interested and demands new games in the process. Once addicted we cannot change the habit overnight. I strongly feel that parents must take out the child for outing soon when he demands playing video games. That means diverting attention is very important.

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