Are we really being human from inside?

Children are the messengers of God. They are little angles who need to be loved, nurtured and taken care of. But are we doing this properly? Why do we see every other day new born babies being found lying(or rather being left by their parents)in every place other than the hospitals? Day by day this number is increasing. If this is the real scenario then are we really being human? This article seeks an answer to this question.


I have started my article with a question "Are we really being human from inside?" I mean we are human beings. But how much humanity is left within us? Now let me come to the point that why am I asking this question or why am I even writing this article. Well, this question crossed my mind when recently a small newborn baby was found lying on a seat in a train. Nobody was there to claim the child. It was soon obvious that the baby's parents left him there. I mean how inhuman can a person be? The inhumanity rises to new bounds when we see this cruelty done to a baby by his own parents. That is when this question came to my mind. Through my article I want this question to spread among others.

What happened to humanity?

This is not the only case or not the first case where some tormenting situation like this came up. We read many such incidents in newspapers. Newborn or 2-3 week old babies are found left in the dustbin or in train compartments or in forest sides. Day by day such incidents are increasing. People leave them and do not even think what danger can befall them. It is said that children are the messengers of God. But do we really believe it? Then how can some people be so inhuman to the God's most beautiful creation? From this situation some points need to be raised.

My insight on such hurtful events

I would like to raise some points on this scenario. Firstly, it was initially seen that some section of people are doing this because of economic problems. They are feeling that they cannot feed anymore mouths. That is why they are leaving their newborn babies on the street, inside the dustbins and basically in any and every place other than the child care hospitals or homes.

Secondly, I feel not much awareness is happening on such events. If certain events have happened in the past then we need to learn from the past. We need to keep CCTVs on streets or public areas, so as to trace out the people doing it. Then only can we catch them red handed.

Thirdly, even if we do not catch the culprit red handed, we can try and solve this situation in our own way. We common men have to take certain responsibilities ourselves to arrest such situations. We can do public campaigns, college campaigns and debates and lots more. The young section is the future of our civilization. So if we need to spread to awareness among the youth, we can get a good response for this. We need to know whether today's youth know about this or not. What are the young guys thinking about this situation and how would they want to combat this situation.

Lastly I feel, people are not taking the family planning issues raised by the government seriously. This issue is one of the root causes of this bizarre situation. People need to know more about family planning. People need to know what family planning is needed. If you have family planning taken care of in all the families then economical problems will lesser arise.

Small Efforts to solve this situation

Well in my way I have thought of few solutions. I have discussed them a little bit in the previous section. I will delve into it a little more here. I would be really glad if people read my article and come up with their solutions also.

  • Firstly, as I mentioned more police patrol and more camera coverage on public areas are required. People committing such crime search for places where others are not watching them. So we require more police protection in such vulnerable areas. We need to have some laws by which as soon as police catch such people red handed can prosecute them under non bailable warrant warrants.

  • Secondly, people who think that the newborn that is coming is unwanted and will become a threat to their family survival need to really introspect them. Government has raised the issue of family planning so many times. Why don't they listen to it and follow accordingly, so as to keep their family small, healthy and happy. Instead of doing it they give birth to an innocent child and throw that baby away from their life like an unwanted creature. They could go to child care homes also for economical support, but they don't do that. They should only start a family when they are absolutely sure of their economical conditions. If they are economically sound to feed and nurture a new member in the family then only they should start a family.

  • Lastly, as I mentioned in the previous section, I think campaigns and live action dramas on these issues will help. People need to understand the importance and seriousness of this issue. College and school debates can help the children get involved in the eradication of this malady. College students can conduct campaigns among different sections of the society and spread this awareness faster.


If each society complex looks after this issue near their area then we can minimize such situations. The watchmen need to be alert at night time. Most importantly we need to prove ourselves as human beings. God has created us to be there for others. If we give care and love we will receive the same in return. Its time we seriously introspect ourselves. I would like to conclude that, if this article can spread awareness even among a single person, I would consider myself very lucky.


Author: Reet Kaur29 Oct 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 7

Yes, sometimes me too feels the same, when I say I am a human being, then I stop to think that really! I am a human being!
No I am not that human for which purpose God has created me.
I am selfish sometimes, and sometimes cruel. Off course, I am not a murderer of other persons, but still the murderer of so many flowers, plants, insects, etc. I am too cruel to my self sometimes that I do that sins that are against my will, like I keep mum sometimes when any person is doing something against the law, or anyone is giving or receiving the bribe.
I keep quite although I daily witness many people are involving such an activities that are against the humanity.

I really try to find the answer that am I a human being or am I serving the purpose of humanity!

Author: Lets RISE04 Feb 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Always we come across cases of children left alone to suffer the cruel world out.
We as an individual can't occupy these in to our houses and take care of them as our child. It effects the mental stability of your existing child along with the child incorporated in the society.
Also your solution to have camera coverage will turn out into of no use because those people are not interested in bringing up their child.
Hence a forced care will act again as torture to a childhood for a student.

Therefore building up a place where these children can be taken care for certain years and then allowed to choose their path. This acts as an opportunity to have freedom in their childhood making them gain the important technique of evaluating the situations.

Guest Author: Suresh Agarwal06 Nov 2016

I too question myself on the issue of humanity. Whether this has just come a fancy word that we, humans, throw around just for the sake of it? Or is there some humanity left in us somewhere, in some shape? That is a matter for much debate and deliberation.
I believe most of the poor Indian population, be it rural or urban, have a pretty clear idea about family planning and contraception methods. I think mostly abandoning the child is an afterthought i.e after conceiving the child. This is because of the their ignorance of the existence of child care centers.
So, I think one of the solution to decrease such acts of inhumane nature is campaigning the whole process of raising a child. not just family planning but also what needs to be done after the birth, taking care of the child under financial stress etc.

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