Comparison between Philips air purifier and Eureka Forbes air purifier

Want to breathe healthy air while sitting at home? Here we will discuss how to inhale pure air while staying inside our home and offices. Let's have detailed information of Philips Air Purifier and Eureka Forbes air purifier and its features and benefits one by one.

As we all know our planet is very badly suffering from the diseases occurring due to pollution. Pollution is of three types' air, water and noise. No doubt three of them are harmful for human body. We all need clean air for healthy life and we all do lots of efforts to stay healthy. We all are very much conscious about our diet and goes for exercise daily just to stay fit and healthy. We all prefer filtered or mineral water in our daily routine whether we stay at home or goes somewhere for outing. Now the question is if the air we breathe is impure than how we can be healthy. Here we will discuss how to inhale pure air while staying inside our home and offices. Let's have detailed information of Philips Air Purifier and Eureka Forbes air purifier and its features and benefits one by one.

Why we need air purifier

Some people think that our home is very neat and clean so we don't need any air purifier in our home. But they don't know that according to WHO studies our home is ten to thirty times more polluted than outdoor with cooking smoke and Formaldehyde gases of paints. In comparative to other countries India has more pollution and dust. Inferior air quality inside our home can cause so many health problems like lung cancer and asthma, people are also suffering from headaches, nasal congestion, dry eyes and nausea etc. Due to poor air quality newly born babies, infants, pregnant ladies and youngsters are at high risk of above problems as they spend most of their time at home. Fact which we all don't know is that our daily food intake is near about 2 kg and water intake is 4 kg approximately. Where as we inhale 13.9 kg of air daily which means 24,ooo breathes a day. We are unable to do anything on the matter of outdoor pollution but our one step of buying air purifier can gives us and our near ones a sound indoor environment where we can breathe in healthier way. So we all should be equally concerned regarding intake of air as we are concerned about food and water.

What is air purifier

Air purifier is a device which helps removing smoke particles, bacteria's, virus, pet scurf and farina and dust particles from the air inside our home. It gives healthy and pollution free environment while sitting inside our homes and offices. Just like AC air filters sucks dust from the room similarly air purifier's multi-stage active filtration system absorbs all dust, bacteria, virus and other harmful contaminants from the air inside our home.

Benefits of Philips air purifier

Philips air purifier provides healthier air by purifying indoor air with its unexampled quality. A unique and high-performance technology for Philips air purifier is VitaShield IPS technology.
  • Philips VitaShield IPS technology makes it more superior than any other air purifier.

  • This natural technology is very effective and authentic and is used in military-grade gas masks too.

  • To instate its result of purifying no harsh chemicals or ozone is used.

  • For different types of environments Philips VitaShield IPS offers a vast range of advanced filters.

  • Its multi-stage filtration system is quite active in trapping approximately 99.7 percent airborne particles.

  • Pre-Filters, Multicare Filters, HEPA Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, they all together helps in catching contaminants.

  • Main features of these filters are that they need not have to replace frequently as it is advised to clean pre-filter over time. Generally, filters may need to replace between 2 to 4 years.

  • Dust, bacteria, viruses, hairs, pet scurf and farina and even harmful chemicals get trapped in air purifying filters.

  • The power consumption of all purifiers is maximum 47W.

  • When your kids grow in healthier air, chances of diseases and allergies automatically reduce in future.

  • It can be used throughout the year, especially in spring and summer season as people often fall sick and struck by seasonal allergies due to change in season.

  • It is very beneficial for patients suffering from asthma and other respiratory problems.

Philips air purifier is available in three different models

  • Air purifier living room (AC4072): Material used for its main body is ABS plastic and its front colour is metallic white with the control panel of oyster metallic and decoring of oyster silver, these features make this model very attractive in the first look. It weighs 7.2 kg and its dimensions are 200*355*640 mm. Its noise level is 20 dB almost silent and 50 dB boost power. Its market price is 39,995 rupees.

  • Air purifier living room (AC4014): Its main body is made up of ABS plastic and its front cover is of white colour. It weighs 6.1 kg and its dimensions are 350*196*623 mm approximately. Its noise level is 35 dB at minimum speed and 61 dB at maximum speed. Its market price is 28,995 rupees.

  • Air purifier bedroom (AC 4025): Its main body is also made up of ABS plastic and its front cover is of white colour with the green beautiful rim. It weighs 4.5 kg and its dimensions are 333*186*510 mm. Its noise level is 36 dB at sleeping mode and 54 dB at highest speed. Its market price is 16,995 rupees. This bedroom model provides you with healthier sleep always.

Fully and smart automatic sensors automatically and continuously monitor and adjust the air in your room. Plus its three and four step air quality nimbus light keeps you indicating the quality of air and assuring you that you are breathing in healthy air and away from unseen or smelt contaminants.

For more details and information call at given hotline numbers:
  • Monday to Saturday timings are 09:00 to 21:00 and on Sunday between 09:00 to 18:00 at given toll free number (1800 102 2929).

  • Monday to Saturday timings are 09:00 to 21:00 and on Sunday between 09:00 to 18:00 at given standard call rate number (1860 180 1111).

Eureka Forbes air purifier is available in two different models

  • EUROAIR ENERGIE: An Airflow by euroair energie is at the speed of 500 m3/hour. Its net weight is 8.5 kg and dimensions are 441*209*559 mm approximately. The power consumption is 123W. Its price is 25,990 rupees.

  • EUROAIR DETOX: An air flows by euroair detox is at the speed of 270 m3/hour. Its net weight is 7.6 kg and dimensions are 460*250*582 mm approximately. The power consumption is 76W. Its price is 15,990 rupees.

Benefits of Eureka Forbes air purifier

  • To remove dust, smoke, odour and other harmful gases Euroair detox is having superior HEPA filters and double UV filtration with TiO2 technology which destroys germs, bacteria's and other biological pollutants very effectively.

  • It is having a special feature of UV lamps and HEPA replacement indicators which tell that it's time to change them.

  • Whenever you feel stressed and tired you can switch on its negative Ion generator and you automatically start feeling relaxed.

  • You can put the unit on sleeping mode and can silent fan speed, it is fully controlled by remote.

  • For safety measures air purifier is also having a child lock facility.

  • The unit of Euroair energie can sense the indoor quality of air and can regulate its fan speed according to it.

  • Another benefit of buying these air purifier is, Eureka Forbes is providing special combo offer on purchase of Euroclean HealthPro with Euroair Detox and can get free Fireguard fire extinguisher worth rupees 4,990 absolutely free.

For further queries can call at given Euro Helpline number 3988 3333


Philips and Eureka Forbes both are good and reputed brands in an electronic world but before buying any of the above products one should go through all terms and conditions and other technical specifications given by Philips air purifiers and Eureka Forbes air purifiers properly and of course price too. Features of both brands little differ and advanced from each other to make their products unique and demanding in the market. No doubt both brands tried to give their best features to the products. Interested one should also check the online price as sometimes there is a huge difference between the prices of retailers and online home shopping sites. According to me both companies are very reputed and being trusted over so many years but before buying one should check his pocket and go through prices of all air purifiers.

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Guest Author: Arushi19 Nov 2015

I have a Philips and an Airoshine air purifier and I am by far happier with the Airoshine for two reasons: The layers of filtration are more with the Airoshine than Philips and the PM 2.5 sensor and display shows me how effective my machine is.

Guest Author: Trisha Basu28 Feb 2018

I live in the hostel that is in the busy streets of Mumbai. Mumbai is a metro city with end number of vehicles, traffic, air pollution, because of which I have eventually got rigorous coughing issues. When consulted the doctor, he is suggesting me to stay indoors and wear a cloth mask whenever I go out. I took measures and planted plants at my window

I request to have good health forever choose the right and must appliances that will make life healthy.

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