How to maintain healthy hair naturally?

Everyone wishes for beautiful thick and long hair. Some people get it naturally and some have to do lots of efforts. Now many branded Ayurveda shampoos and oils are available in the markets which are useful for hair treatment but along with that here are some easy but important tips to get beautiful hair naturally.

People always prefer thick and healthy hair. It is possible through healthy eating habits and some hair care methods. You should be very careful while selecting hair oil, shampoo, comb and hair dryer. Strong and healthy hair may be hereditary, but if you are ready to spend some time for your hair maintenance, surely your hair turns to strong and healthy from today.

Washing your hair

Washing hair in correct manner is very important for hair care treatment. Firstly remember that do not wash your hair daily. Daily washing the hair will remove the natural oils from your hair and make them rough. Use shampoo to wash your hair. Gently massage the shampoo on your scalp before washing. While selecting the shampoo, you have to be careful again. Select the shampoo which is sulfate and silicone free. After washing out shampoo, use conditioner on our hair. Apply and rub the conditioner from the direction of hair tips to roots of the hair. Keep the conditioner on your hair for few minutes and rinse it off to get soft and shiny hair. Do not use hot water always to wash your hair. Use cool water to maintain the oil balance of your scalp.

Drying your hair

Drying of the hair is as important as washing of the hair. Blow drying your hair in a correct way can prove beneficial. Hold the dryer in a specific distance and set in cool mode. Using hair dryer in hot setting can make your hair rough and dry. If you are not using dryer then avoid knotting your hair with towel. Wet hair is more delicate and it can break if wrapped in towel. Do not rub your hair harshly with towel or cloth. Avoid combing or brushing hair when they are wet. If you are using any type of styling product then be careful that you use it only on hair and not on the scalp. It can make your scalp dry and damage the roots of your hair. Do not over use the styling products on your hair to save them from breakage.

Hair brushing and accessories

Wet hair is very frail and they can break with easy jerk even. Brushing wet hair can cause hair damage. Over brushing on dry hair also can cause hair damage and hair breakage. Use natural bristle brush such as boar bristle brush which is helpful to spread in your hair and make them look soft and bouncy. If you are using a comb then use wide tooth comb only. You can also use leave – in conditioner or detangle lotion to make your hair more flexible. Choosing correct hair accessories is also necessary. Always use elastic and fabric covered elastics on your hair. This can prevent hair damage and hair breakage.

Food and special treatments for your hair

Healthy and balanced diet can support a healthy hair growth. Omega 3 fatty acid and iron is very beneficial for natural hair growth. Eat salmon or tuna fish, flax seeds, walnuts, milk to get sufficient amount of omega 3 acids, Honey and dates provide iron sufficient content. Eat bananas, potatoes, spinach to get B6 which is essential for hair growth. Chicken and eggs provide huge amount of Proteins which is beneficial for new hair growth.

To give deep conditioning treatment to your hair roots, use oils like olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. Use hair cream of hair mask for your hair which is easily available in the market. Mix olive oil, mayonnaise and eggs with milk. Apply this mixture on hair and wash it after 3 hours without using shampoo. Repeat this therapy thrice a week to get luscious beautiful hair. Use conditioner after washing hair with conditioner, this can help your hair to be softer and manageable.

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Author: Atanu Goswami17 Mar 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Nice tips Mathi. As my knowledge, Vitamin E is essential to get thick and long hair and you can get vitamin E in Almond oil. If you massage Healthbuddy Herbal Almond hair oil regularly on your scalp it helps a lot. You can get it on flipkart.

Author: Swati Sarnobat28 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Your hair should be exposed to mild sunlight. So, once in a while, when your hair is wet, you can stand out in the sunlight. Sun provides Vitamin E to your hair. Do not maintain lengthy hair if you cannot take proper care.

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