Tips for Good Essay Writing

Essay writing is usually a part of syllabus in most of the schools and a person who can write good essays can surely write any form of writing with mesmerizing style. Following some simple steps is surely going to help a person emerge as a good essay writer.

What is an essay?

To put in simple words an essay is the detailed write-up of some particular object or matter chosen as subject. Essays can be of living or non-living things, it can be about some incident that took place in a person's life. There are lot many topics on which a person can write an essay.

Prior to Writing an Essay

In case someone has just started writing essays it would be wrong if he/she directly jumps on to writing after getting a topic. It is rather recommended that one should take out sometime before they start writing and do a bit of research about the topic. One should think in all possible mannerisms and then note them on a piece of paper. It usually happens that at first go one might not get all the necessary points but on thinking for sometime the matter gets clearer. In case one has time then he/she can check Internet in order to find more information. They can refer to seniors or their teachers in order to gather information.

Once all the points are found out, one needs to separate them into groups. For example in case someone is writing about mobile phones they will have separate groups like benefits, side effects, history and so on. Generally in school essays it is recommended that one has to limit the number of paragraphs to minimum three and maximum five (though this varies as per choice and rules).

Essay Writing

Once the details have been divided into groups one has to decide where to place which group. Usually each group turns out to be a separate paragraph.


This is the most important part of the essay as this decides how many people will be attracted to the essay. Title must be extremely catchy and one need not give a very long title which itself looks like a sentence. Rather it should be of three to five words and reflect what the essay is all about.

Starting Paragraph

The first paragraph is used to give a hint of what is being written. One should not directly attack the topic rather should start with some quote or something related to the topic but with artistic words. This is necessary in order to make people feel like reading the write-up. In case one directly gets into the points, readers may feel that it is a simple information manual and not an essay that brings all the points in a much-loved manner. It need not be a lengthy paragraph and should contain no more than 50-75 words in case of a limit of 500 words (the usual limit for school essays).

Second Paragraph

In here one needs to tell about the history of the subject and some reference to the need of putting up such a write-up. This paragraph will be longer than the previous one and must be of some 100 words or so. Mentioning names and dates would be a good idea to gain more marks from the examiner but one needs to be sure that they do not give wring information. In case exact information is unavailable an average regarding the same can be given as it works out equally well.

Following Paragraphs

One should now directly write about the topic but at no cost beat about the bush as that makes the examiner angry and as a result marks may fall. Following paragraph should talk about the benefits or whatever the main topic is about but keeping the word limit in mind as it should not exceed 120. This paragraph needs to be a good and attractive one as it contains the most important points.

After this, one paragraph should be dedicated to the negative points i.e. the things that speak against the topic of the essay. But it should be kept in mind that one should not speak much against the topic as it puts a bad impact on the reader.

Concluding Paragraph

A short but nice paragraph should be the concluding one. In case the essay was about some problem one should give a short idea about whatever was discussed as the solution. Usually people give less importance to the last paragraph and that kills the entire effort of the writing. One should be extremely attentive while writing it as this is what the people will usually remember while giving the final opinion about the writing.

Beautification of the Essay: Some Important Points

Just like flowers are planted in order to beautify a place one can use some words which can increase the beauty of the writing. For this one should read newspapers and novels where they are sure to find such flowery words.

An essay without a single grammatical and spelling error will surely be appreciated by all.
In case handwritten the sheet should be as neat as possible as that will attract the reader.

The more one writes the better he will become. So one should make it a point to write at least one essay a week in case they wish to become good writers.

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Author: BarathVikraman09 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Very useful information and tips, thanks for sharing. Here are some essay writing tips which I want to share with you all. Writing an Essay is certainly a skillful job. In few words and lines you need to describe a small topic in very beautiful manner. While writing an impressive essay it is important to remember few things. The main thing is don't make your essay too short or too long. Too short essay may be considered as incomplete and too long essay may turn boring. Elaborate all your points in perfect manner. Your opinions should be related to the topics and you need to use specific language to express them. Never use indecent language while writing essay. Avoid repeating same word many times. Use such a language and elaboration which can help the reader to understand your topic completely.

Author: EbinGeorge30 Apr 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Thanks for sharing this information regarding the essay writing steps. But I have a doubt that are these steps similar to that of admission essay writing? If no, does admission essay writing service ( provide me the steps for completing an admission essay rightly?

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