Have you heard of the latest laser treatment for piles/hemorrhoid?

Haemorrhoid and piles is a common health condition that is painful and capable of disrupting day to day life. Though many treatments are available they do not cure the condition. However, the Holmium YAG laser treatment offers a permanent cure to the problem.

Piles are a common health condition that has been treated conventionally through surgical and non-surgical methods. These include use of topical ointments, allopathic and ayurvedic medicines, open surgery, stapler, banding and cryocautery to name just a few. All the above treatments are effective to a certain extent, they provide a temporary solution and do not cure the problem; they just treat the symptoms. However, the new Holmium YAG laser treatment provides a permanent cure to the problem of haemorrhoid.

What are haemorrhoid/piles?

Piles and haemorrhoid are one and the same thing. Piles are vascular structures located in the anal canal and their job is to facilitate easy bowel movement. These vascular structures are made up of a combination of connective tissues and vascular channels and are for the most part venous.

What are the symptoms of piles?

Piles can become inflamed and infected causing severe pain and bleeding, especially while passing stools. Some people might feel no pain, but experience bleeding through the anal passage every time they defecate. Others feel both pain and bleeding. Though piles are not a life threatening condition, they can cause a lot of discomfort. In some patients piles extend externally, outside the anus and become thrombosed, making it a very painful condition.

What causes piles to get inflamed and infected?There is single specific reason for the formation of haemorrhoids. The condition can be found in an otherwise healthy person. Pregnancy may sometime trigger the condition. People suffering with chronic constipation and those who strain a lot to pass stools can also develop the condition. Piles can also be caused by certain medication, a lack of fibre in the diet and is also known to be hereditary.

What is Holmium YAG laser treatment for hemorrhoid/piles

Holmium YAG laser treatment is a new painless cutting edge technology that cuts and coagulates the damaged and inflamed tissues. This ground breaking technology uses green laser beam to effortlessly cut masses of inflamed piles, both internal and external. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that causes no bleeding and little or no pain. The procedure does not require hospitalization and after care, and can be carried out as an out-patient. It is a safe and well recommended procedure, where the recovery time is quick, and patients can carry on with their routine work within 5-6 hours of the treatment.

The Holimum Yag laser can be used to treat not just piles but other related conditions as well. These include fistulas and fissures, which also form on the anus.

Where can I get Holmium YAG laser treatment done?

The laser treatment for piles is now available across the country in major hospitals and clinics treating piles, fissures and fistulas.

How much does the piles treatment cost?

The cost varies depending on the hospital and clinic and a lot of other factors. However, it borders between Rs.10,000 and Rs.20,000 in a decent clinic/hospital. Though the cost might appear high compare to other methods one must consider the fact that this is a permanent cure and a patient is not confined to bed rest after the procedure.

What is the final word on laser treatment?

Laser treatment for piles is better than other contemporary therapies and treatments. The results are remarkable and there are enough success stories to collaborate this.

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Do you have video for the surgery with holmium laser?
What is the suitable parameters (watt, joule , hz ) for this operation?

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