How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense

Read this article to know how to earn money from IndiaStudyChannel and Google Adsense. You will find some tips and guideline to work and earn from ISC and Adsense account.

Most of the new members' query is how to earn money from this site or Google Adsense account or how to get Google Adsense approval to earn money. Sometime new members are coming to this site by referral or by search engine. They get useful information over here and they also find some threads where they found lots of members earning money online here for the past few years from this site or from other ad network like Google Adsense or Infolink or Kontera etc.

However, the new members or visitors also interested to know how to earn from this site by contributing their few hours working from home or business. So, nothing to worry, I will guide you on this and find some of the useful tips to earn money online.

How to earn money from this site (ISC) and Adsense

So far, you might have seen few threads or pages or few sections in this site and would have surprised and got confused on how these people are earning money in such a nice way by some contribution. How can I do it or how can I earn money online like them? Don't assume as such, they would have put lot of effort to date and they would have contributed a lot in the past and they were in the same status as you are right now.

There is a saying, slow steady and win the race. If you want to earn from this site, go through some of the guidelines and tips given on this site or in this article to move slowly and earn money online gradually. You too can succeed. I have listed herein below some of the best sections in this site to earn cash and points.

ISC Forum section

Try to always use Forum section of this site to know the latest updates and latest contest if any, follow the guideline given by Editors, senior members and Webmasters of this site. Their announcement is like an alarm for us to work accordingly to learn and earn slowly. A small step can lead to many miles, so, you can take step accordingly. Make sure you go to each thread of the Forum section and understand it clearly.

You may create a new thread if you have any doubt, or try to search it with same keyword at search option given to get it from old thread or previous member's thread on similar query. You may even reply / share your knowledge in case if you would like to do so about the relevant topic of thread found in the Forum section created by other members.

ISC Help guideline

If you have any doubt, you may refer the link of ISC Help which can let you clarify all sorts of doubts individually without anyone's help here. If you are still unable to get the clarification on your doubt, you may then create a separate thread in the Forum section where senior members or Editors or Webmaster could help you soon.

This help section will assist you to clarify most of the minor and major doubts on how to work on this site and how to earn cash and points beside. You may even get the tips from this section like what is SEO, how to use HTML, what is Keywords, what is Google Adsense, how Payments issued here and so on. This is the best section for the beginners.

ISC Resource section

You can share your knowledge by posting some articles in Resources section where you can earn money and points from this section. The more you write and post articles, the more chances for growth beside learning and earning. Some of the members have become Blogger, Editor, Webmaster or run their own website just by working on this site for few months or years.

Those members too have got an Adsense account approval from this site itself. Most of the students, professions and home maker used to contribute in this site as a part time work to learn and earn here. You can do it of course.

ISC Ask Expert section

If you are particular on any topic or subject and you found such thread in Ask Expert section then you can share your knowledge by posting reply at Ask Expert section where you can earn money and points from this section. The quality with more detailed you reply, the more chances of getting higher cash and point rewards.

So, you can furnish the information you know. In addition, you may create a new thread in this section to ask if you have any doubt that can be answered by other members too. However, first search for your query in search option given before posting it to avoid duplicate or rejection.

ISC Jobs section

You can share your knowledge by posting some latest job openings in Jobs section where you can earn money and points here. However, try to make sure to search for similar job posts if already posted a different member to avoid duplication and rejection. Note, so far you can post jobs that recruits in/for India only and no abroad jobs posts are allowed here.

ISC Other sections

There are many other sections in this site that can be found on the header (clickable link) where you can visit and contribute in some of them to earn cash and points. Each section has different rules to follow, thus ensure the same. In general, it is worth to post or contribute whichever section you would like to after its permission from respective section Editors or Admin.

Google Adsense application status

Before you apply for Adsense account, make sure that you have reasonable quality contributions in few sections of this site, beside completing at least three to six months old (though it is not mandatory but duration for reasonable quality contribution) that shows all green marks in "Google Adsense Profile page" which can be found in View AdSense Profile link at Member's Dashboard. If everything matches, you may then try to apply for Adsense or else wait for some more days for it. However, one of the basic requirement for Adsense process is 'no' to 'very poor' English posts.

You may also find some helpful article on how to begin earning money online from other different sources. Additional tips to write or cover the topic is, you may write about latest trending topic at the moment like current politics, education updates viz. exam and admission, latest updates on sports viz. Cricket or Basketball, latest updates on World news, Medical and Health topic, Finance and Investment topic, Share market and its business, Insurance and Funding and latest Technology updates.

Hope you enjoy the article and got some idea / tips on how to get success by spending few hours to work and earn online.

Note: Make sure that you don't copy from anywhere and post it here in any section, which is violation and possible for banning your account without intimation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IndiaStudyChannel fake? has been offering genuine online earning opportunities for its members since its inception in 2007 through various programs.
Do I have to pay any money to join the earning programs in IndiaStudyChannel?
No, we do not accept any payments from our members for any of our programs. All of our revenue opportunities are absolutely free to join.
How much money I can earn from IndiaStudyChannel?
It depends on how much time you can devote and the quality of content you can contribute. If you have excellent writing skills, you can earn a lot.
Can I apply for Google AdSense through IndiaStudyChannel?
Yes, we use Google AdSense Host API system and we are authorised to programmatically create AdSense accounts for our members, subject to final approval by Google on case by case basis.
how can I receive the income I earned from IndiaStudyChannel?
When you reach the minimum payout level, we will declare a payout for you and you can submit your bank details at that time to receive the payments.

Article by Hafeezur Rahman
Hafeezur Rahman has joined ISC in 2009 and he is a Job Editor at ISC since 2010, he also a Blogger. Hafeez continue to contribute in various sections of ISC and its sister sites like Techulator, NewRecruitments & Goaspider etc. He is a renowned feature writer & social enthusiast. He loves to write in a simple manner and share his visionary write-ups with the readers on the topics related to his field of interests and different niche. All his write-ups have been popularly read & shared by global readers.

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Author: K Mohan03 Mar 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

For new members joining this site, there has been consistent doubt lingering in their mind regarding earning potential of this site and trust worthiness. This article clearly guides the new members on how they can fare well through this site. But one thing I want to clarify here that no member should think that their earnings will be wind fall here. But a decent earning is always assured either through cash credits or revenue share bonus for consistency. So members must follow this article and get benefited.

Author: Ravinder Singh Jasrotia04 Mar 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Really very helpful article. It will surely guide the new members of ISC while working here. It is worthwhile to mention here that new members should not expect any jackpot or huge money earning. Here members can earn only limited and consistence money.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman06 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks Mohan and Ravinder for your comment and feedback.

Yes Mohan, this site is not money making machine but one can earn as per his/her contribution with hard works. However, something is better than nothing from online work which many earns from this source.

Author: Ajay Gupta19 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Certainly a must read article for those who are new to ISC. Every points covered and explained in a simple manner. Quality is the main criteria on ISC and if one has to succeed here then following the guidelines is very essential.

Author: Premila Valsan19 Mar 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Thanks a lot for this article. Its is very useful and i am sure not only the new member's , even for the old users it would be to go through once in a while. Thanks again.

Author: K Mohan29 Mar 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Those who are having full time free in their life, can come here and participate with great interest. If three or four articles are written in a day in detail, I am sure getting three to four hundred rupees a day is not a big challenge. Moreover, if a member makes regular contributions here, there is member of article section award every month and good prize money is awarded. Like wise there is also chance for getting big money in the top twenty members for sharing site revenue bonus.

Author: Rohith06 Apr 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

As I am New to ISC, I really dont know how to use it properly, Some of the senior members directed me to read FAQs of ISC, Now I am gathering the style of using ISC, And your Post is quite helpfull.

Guest Author: Karan sharma06 Apr 2015

As I am new in the isc this article seems great for newly join people but need more details to understand what kind of platform is this

Author: divya08 Apr 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thanks For Posting This Article On ISC .
One thing I would like to know what is the use of points we earn?


Author: Hafeezur Rahman08 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks for your comments and valuable feedback Ajay, Premila, Mohan, Rohit, Hemant and Divya.

@ Hemant, this is educational platform, as said in logo - learn to earn and earn to learn too. You can learn and earn here from this educational portal.

@ Divya, there are few benefits from Pointing system, point will be reviewed and allot member level (like bronze, silver, gold etc.) which could help for applying and becoming a member of Advertisement company like (Infolink and Adsense etc.). The second one is, valid point will be helpful for getting revenue share from this site (top 20) every month.

Author: riya22 Apr 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

As a new user, I must add that this article is really very helpful and this site is a very good platform to learn different things and to get solutions of every problem from the senior members."Thank you sir"

Author: Aishi Chakraborty04 May 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

This article portrays a clear picture about ISC rules to new members and obviously it is extremely helpful. This website provides a wide range of knowledge regarding various issues. Another reason to trust the website is that is doesn't claim to make you rich overnight but to provide an income according to work and proper contribution. This is what exactly genuine sites do provide.

Author: Ashish yadav07 May 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Very nice article, This will surely help new members of ISC. So new members must follow this article and get knowledge about how to use ISC effectively.
Members should use SEO friendly keywords to get more traffic. More traffic from search engine will help to get Adsense account easily.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman07 May 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks for your valuable comments Riya, Aishi and Ashish.

Yes Aishi, you got the exact point from this site which are knowledge, trust, genuineness beside making reasonable income based on one's own contribution per this site requirement.

Author: savney monteiro18 May 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

This one article helped me understand how this website works.
However I will have to read it again and follow it minutely and work accordingly. A well written article.

Author: PARTH08 Jun 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

For new members joining this site, there has been usual doubt determined in their mind regarding earning potential of this site and trust worthiness. This article clearly guides the new members on how they can fare well through this site. But one thing I want to clarify here that no member should think that their earnings will be wind fall here. But a straight earning is always assured either through cash credits or revenue share bonus for consistency. So members must follow this article and get benefited.

Author: Kailash Kumar08 Jun 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

On reading I found this article very informative and useful particularly for newly joined members like me. I recommend to all new members to read this article. It covers the most sought after aspect of ISC i.e. revenue earning.

Author: Balamuralikrishna S12 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I joined ISC long before but I have not contributed for past two years but I am willing to contribute and started doing these days. This is article gave me a quick refresh and an enthusiasm to write again and contribute more to ISC. Thank You Mr.Hafeezur Rahman.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman13 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks Savney Monteiro, PARTH, Kailash and Balamuralikrishna for your observation and valuable comments. Yes, this article is mainly for new members and guideline to learn and earn. Enjoy this site.

Author: satyanarayan joshi24 Jun 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

A great and very helpful article for those who are new to this website, IndiaStudyChannel. Though I am new here but the environment I am enjoying, I can bet to anybody that he can never get it anywhere else. This is a great website with the experts as editors and seniors. Article has given me an opportunity for having a better look at opportunity to earn available here in India Study Channel. There are so much new entries everyday in India Study Channel. They can be motivated by reading this type of article because it is covering all the sections of ISC which has the earning potential. There are so many opportunities here in ISC and you just need to have intention to earn or learn or both at the same time. ISC is giving a great opportunity to all opportunity seeker like me.

Guest Author: Amit Sharma04 Jul 2015

Though I am a newbie here, I am very much satisfied to read this article. What I am feeling is that it seems to be a genuine site where you can earn some money while studying in schools & colleges in spare time. I would like to contribute my university exam papers & write some articles before getting into Google Adsense. Thank you sir! Very helpful for someone new here.

Author: Rupinder Singh01 Aug 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thank you Sir for this article.
this article very helpful for me to get knowledge about this website. This article is very helpful for new users

Author: Hafeezur Rahman01 Aug 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks Satyanarayan, Amit and Rupinder for your valuable time spent on this article and learned something fruitful from this site which is meant for. All the best!

Guest Author: Narayan Prasad21 Aug 2015

I read the article & felt very happy in my heart so I want to do such part time work.

Guest Author: yasmeen shaikh05 Sep 2015

I am new to this site and this post is really very usefull for me.

Guest Author: Anjum01 Oct 2015

I just read this article and felt really nice to know about learning as well as earning hand in hand.

Guest Author: Millennium School of04 Nov 2015

Good posting, keep it up.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman04 Nov 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks to Narayana P, Saquib K, Bishal T and Millennium School for your valuable visit and adding cheerful comments. Hope you all would get benefit from this tips/article. Wish you the best!

Author: SIDDHARTHA KANSABANIK07 Nov 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

This is a great and very much helpful site for those persons who are new just like me. I have been learning a lot of subjects from this site. Further, It is a very useful platform to income something by writing articles here. Not only earning but also learn many many subjects from this webpage. Reading these articles, I have been gathering a lot of information which is practically unknown for me some days before.

Author: Padmini16 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Great article with all the details at one place.
I request the author to include the points which are to be kept in mind after AdSense account approval because many times people get their AdSense account disabled due to their unawareness about some guidelines.

If the ISC sections which are supporting AdSense earning are also highlighted, that will be of great support.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman17 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@Siddhartha, thanks for your visits and adding valuable comment. Yes, this site is meant for learn and earn.

@ Padmini, thanks to you too. Yes, I will try to write and before and after AdSense approval guideline soon :) Thanks for reminding me too. The thing is, we used to guide the AdSense approved member once they got approval and post query over here in the Forum or via Chat. Since it is case to case differs. Anyhow, will try to add in my 'to do list'. Regards

Guest Author: ganesh yadav29 Dec 2015

Can I copy content from my own website ?

Author: Partha K.29 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@Mr. Mukul Sachan: Copying from one's own content is also generally discouraged in ISC. You can re-word the matter.

Author: Purna Prasad Sharma05 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Good article as a quick review on ISC.

Guest Author: Navneet28 Feb 2016

First of all thanks to Rehman for these useful tips. You really worked hard to publish this article. Keep working on this site. It will also provide you money and knowledge. You just need to spend 1-2 hours a day. If you want more knowledge or more money then you can join the AdSense program.
Keep writing good articles. I am waiting for your next article. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman01 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

@Mukul, answer for your question is 'no'.

@ Purna, thanks!

@ Navneet, thanks! Will publish soon.

Author: Venkiteswaran06 Apr 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

An evergreen article in ISC as new members are concerned about this topic. This article satisfies their doubts and anxiety to some extent. One has to really put sincere and dedicated efforts after reading this article to get fruits as desired.

Author: Krishna Teja Yeluripati17 Jun 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks for this amazing article about India Study Channel Mr. Hafeezur Rahman P. The information in this article is very essential to new members of India Study Channel and should be read by every member when they register for this site. I became a member of this site about two months ago and it took a month for me to know the points you mentioned in this article. I hope every new member reads this article and get a clarity on different sections of ISC during the start of their journey with ISC.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman29 Nov 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks to Venkiteswaran and Krishna Teja for your valuable visit, comment and suggestion. Yes, without effort no one can get fruits from online in a right way. And yes, this article is specially and shortly prepared for the new members of ISC as a guideline.

Author: Umesh30 Jan 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Excellent Rahman! You have presented vivid details of how to make money in ISC site. I have joined this site about a month back and for the people like me your article has opened up the whole pathway to go ahead with so many options available. I have said it earlier in a post but I will again like to reiterate that ISC is a wonderful site for ones academic pursuits. There are so many learned and knowledgeable members adding diamonds to this treasure regularly.

I congratulate you for writing such a clear and informative piece of text for the benefit of all of us.

Author: Sandeep Purushothaman20 Feb 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Thank you Rahman for this informative post!

Guest Author: Ronald Segura21 Apr 2017

This article is very useful and instructive, especially for people who is just getting started with Google Adsense. I really like talking about how to earn money online and Adsense is definitely one of my favorites.

Thanks a lot for sharing, keep up the great work!

Author: Hafeezur Rahman05 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks Umesh, Sandeep and Ronald for your valuable comment :) - Please do visit and read other articles from this site.

Author: Varghese03 Jul 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

A good and well-defined article for all the members. We know that getting active in any site is not easy, as understanding the terms and conditions of the site takes time. Such articles help everyone to understand the basic requirements and how a person can contribute in his own way. This site not only provides knowledge but also revenue as per your contribution.

There are many forums which can be accessed and members can provide his/her input in the form of a reply, new threads or new articles. Everyone need to keep up to the set standards of ISC and provide reply to the correct point as stated in the topic.

Author: Hafeezur Rahman08 May 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Thanks to Varghese and SplashTacular for your valuable comment. You can check other articles also and do keep visiting the website for incredible educational contents.

Author: Rathish Kannah22 Sep 2021 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

A very good article on how to earn through Google adsense in ISC. Thank you for explaining in lucid way. I have a question here. Is the adsense program still allowed. And also I could see the infolinks as well. Still ISC allowing infolinks ads as well. If so how to apply for infolinks through ISC.

Author: Umesh18 Aug 2022 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Today there are a large number of online sites which are offering writing and working opportunities for the people who have the requisite knowledge and are interested to do that and earn some money in the process.

The main point to understand in this matter is that there are a large number of writers who are actively working in the internet and at the same time there are a very large number of internet sites which are involved in this process. It is obvious that the amount of revenue earned by the sites will also be of a limited nature and out of that only they have to share some part with the contributors. Today the competition is everywhere and it is no surprise if the amount of this shared value is decreasing over the time significantly. So the earnings of the contributors have gone down as compared to the earlier times. For example what the You-tubers were getting earlier was much more than what they are getting today for the same number of views. Whether it is the direct payment by the site to the contributor or is the payment received by the contributor from agencies like Google Ad Sense, everywhere there is a decline. The simple reason is the crowd of qualified people vying for a small part of the revenue and competing with each other.

Even if we leave the earning aspect aside, there are many benefits of working online like improving once writing potential and learning things in this active mode. Earnings are only a bonus. That is the reason why many people are working in the internet on a part time basis.

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