How not to write in any public / social media.

If you are one of the person who wanted to ventilate your views on any social media or in e-portal, then you are right here to know how not to write in any media as it is always better to know the negative aspects more than positive aspects as negative aspects have more impact in public domain.


To start with, as we are in this site and so we should learn how not to write in this site and hence we should go through all the guidelines prescribed for this site to write.

Ask expert

We should only give answers if we know the subject thoroughly and hence we should not fall into the style of getting clue from the answers of others who answer with a knack of answering lengthy. We should understand the values of this site as members may come and go but the site is permanent and has an image in the public domain and hence those who visit seeing these kind of answers will surely have a negative image on the whole data available in the site. So we should first learn how not to give irrelevant answers.


We should write articles which are of our specialized area and also on one's own article we should not indulge into the practice of linking external sites, linking images from external sites. Hence one has to learn first before get into the articles writing as to how not to write with a habit of copy and paste from other sites/own blogs and how not to copy even images from other sites. Also textual file attachment is not valid and hence should learn how to convert them as image file without losing its original content reading.


The one explained for article is applicable to job section too and so it has to be written on own about the job profile of any jobs and should learn how not to re-produce from the original job-portal.


In this section one has to be amicable in responding as well as raising threads without any allowance of degree of spam and also should understand how not to respond to spam threads which may unnecessarily leads to points to decrease and also responding in old threads pulled by some one or pulled by us leads to negative scoring too and hence one must be careful and always on the way of judging the threads to answer so as to enable the points not to get reduced which are scored with our great efforts.

In dailies/magazines

Nowadays, every national or regional dailies are coming up in the e-format and one should be careful in connecting themselves in revealing the identity as everything is validating through e-mails and hence one should be careful in linking the e-mails in many e-portals. Also indulging unnecessarily with other members remarks/editors may lead to non-publishing of our efforts of writing comments/remarks. So it is better to learn how not to waste time as well as precious writing.

Also there are many links/videos shared in many public domain and one must be careful in giving share/likes as it will take away our download space and so one should learn how not to reduce our download speed with unnecessary sharing of videos.

Celebrities Pages/videos

Nowadays, many social network are shared with celebrities pages in Facebook and videos in Youtube and one should learn how not to misuse the freedom of writing with unnecessary indulging of one's personal aspects. To quote a few, recently a facebook page of the one of the actress of Malayalam Movie 'How old are you?' has got unnecessary remarks on her dressing in the film connecting to her actual age but she being bold enough to give an apt reply that it is her freedom and as long as she is comfortable with that dress, she will wear even beyond 100 years. Similarly there are videos shared in youtube with celebrities' daughters/sons marriages and the comments with respect to the beauty of bride/bridegroom is unnecessarily dragged which is not at all necessary. Hence one should know how not to misuse the freedom of writing in public domain.

There are certain cases, people cleverly pulled others without a direct personal attack but branding every body as mediocrity and even these kind of remarks may be avoided in order to have a pleasant virtual relationship.


I feel the above article has made with a justice to the topic that how one should learn on top the negative than the positive writing and people may follow how not to write in any public domain to have a healthy netizen to have a longer life period in net.

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Author: Kailash Kumar23 May 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

This a very good article offering guidance to all particularly to newly joined members. I recommend to all new members to go through its contents. It will prove very useful to them in posting contents on this forum.

Author: Sarojah24 May 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thank you Kailash Kumar for your reading of my article and comments.

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