How to choose the best Airfyer: buying tips & comparision of popular brands in India

Looking for a list of top air fryers and their prices in India? This article gives detailed information about the various reputed Indian brands of air fryers, their special features, prices and reviews. You will also find a buyer's guide for air fryers.

Whenever some new appliance hits the market, do you get this urge to go and buy it? It has happened with induction cooktops. Then came the air fryers. The marketing of the product was really catchy, with people getting excited at the thought of guilt-free gorging on onion pakodas, fat samosas and crisp potato wedges. Are you planning to but an air fryer? If so, first check out this article which provides some useful buying tips and helps you to know features of the various brands currently available in India

Useful buyer tips for air fryers

Before checking out the various popular air fryer brands in the Indian market & rushing to buy one of them, let's consider some basic aspects.

Why are you buying an air fryer?

It is said that one must differentiate between want and need. So, do you really need an air fryer? Is oil-free cooking on your priority list? Or do you just want it because:
(a) you got enamoured by the beautiful gimmicky words "air technology" or
(b) most people you know have it or
(c) you are goaded into buying it by constant queries from the people you know who have it asking, "Its really great! Why haven't you bought it yet?" or
(d) you want to show off a brand new kitchen aid to all & sundry and think it would be a great conversation center piece or
(e) just for the heck of it! or
(f) all of the previous mentioned reasons.

Are you really going to use it?

Stemming from the previous query, if you buy it, would you actually use it on a regular basis, say at least once in month? Or is it that it will be used only the first time when it is brought home and then just becomes a white elephant?

What exactly are the foods you are going to put in?

Find out what types of food items can be used in the air fryer. Only chips and samosas? Will pakodas get cooked in it properly with dry/wet batter?

Do you know how to use it?

This is an important query. It is not just enough to know all the control buttons and features of the air fryer, but also how to actually use it. By this is meant not just knowing how to start it, adjust the thermostat, put in & remove the basket, etc. Ask for a demo with actual food items. This will let you understand not only the cooking function, but also how much will fit in the basket. Find out, too, whether or not you can cook different items in the air fryer consecutively.

Is it really oil free cooking?

Do not get taken in with promises of totally oil-free cooking. It is quite likely that you will need a little dash of oil to get the food item fully cooked. Who wants to eat raw pakodas?!

What is the warranty period? What does it cover?

It is necessary to know the warranty period of the air fryer and what specifically it covers. Does it cover just the basic parts, such as a damaged handle? Buyers have mentioned the trickiness of removing the pan to put in the food which has to be cooked. One buyer mentioned pressing the requisite button and the body itself getting separated, so if that gets damaged…well, no air fryer!

List of popular air fryer brands in India

Now let's have a look at well-known brands which launched the air fryer in India. Mentioned below is not a comprehensive list, of course, so by all means check out other brands. To save you browsing time checking out reviews of air fryers in India, I have also included feedback of people who have bought and used the product.

Bajaj Air Fryer

When you think of the Bajaj brand name, you will likely either think of 2-wheelers or of ceiling fans! Of course, the company does have some useful home appliances and gadgets too. Not to be left behind in the consumers' desire for oil free cooking, Bajaj too brought out an air fryer model, the Bajaj AFX7 Air fryer, which comes with a 2 year warranty.


The air fryer has a 2 litre capacity fry basket with a partition. This comes with an integrated locking system to firmly fix the fry basket in place, as also a safety cover to ensure that you don't accidentally drop the basket. Heat is efficiently circulated via the dual fan technology system in addition to a turbo thermal flow system in the air fryer. Other features include an adjustable temperature control button and a timer of zero to sixty minutes.

Price: Rs.8,999 for the AFX7 2 L Air Fryer at the online Bajaj electricals store.

Buyers' feedback: Less than a handful of reviews of this product are to be found on the Net. The few consumers have posted their feedback seem to have liked it.

Havells Air Fryer

Many of you have probably seen the TV advertisement of Havells fans. So, like the Bajaj brand, you probably did not know they had launched an air fryer in the market too. Named the Prolife Air Fryer, it is covered by a 2 year warranty.


Operating on 1230 watts, the Havells Prolife Air Fryer's capacity is 2l for its food basket and 4l for its pan. The basket is an aluminium one with a separator, non-stick to boot, and can be released from the air fryer at the touch of a button. The 60-minute timer feature automatically shuts off at the end of this time period and provides for precise cooking. The air fryer has a cool-touch handle too. Varied cuisine can be tried out due to the adjustable thermostat control for each individual type.

Price: Rs. 14,995/-

Buyers' feedback: One consumer was happy with the result of cooking chicken & fish, but not satisfied with that of vegetable items. There have been grouses about the timer & temperature control knobs being badly designed. As for customer service, one consumer has complained about emails not being responded too, thereby labelling it as unfriendly customer service.

Oster Air Fryer

Not as well-known as the other brands, Oster brand of products is of the US based company Sunbeam Products. The Halo Air Fryer which it has brought out in the market can be used for frying, roasting, baking and sautéing with less or no oil. The company states that it uses "99.5% less oil than a standard fryer". It operates on 1100 watts.


The Halo Air fryer has an inbuilt halogen element which ensures that heat is instantly conducted, quicker than in an oven. Best of all, it has a see-through glass cover. The zero to ninety minute timer has a sound alert to let you know its work is done, as also an automatic shut off safety feature. The LCD indicator's colour changes to indicate this. Like other air fryers, this one too has an automatic thermostat control feature. The fryer has a unique rotating bowl and a paddle that can be removed when not required. A roasting rack is included too, which puts the food on a raised level, thereby draining out excess fat when roasting food. The bowl can be easily cleaned and even used in a dish washer.

Product Dimensions: 50.2 x 35.1 x 28.8 cm ; 6 Kg

Price: While the official website does not mention the price, on e-commerce sites it is available for prices which range from Rs.9.878 to Rs.10,899.

Buyers' feedback: Buyers have been thrilled with the idea of being able to see the food being fried through the transparent cover. While one buyer complained about the breaking of samosas and other snacks during rotation of the bowl, another has met total success in cooking roasted nuts & chicken too.

Kenstar Oxy Fryer

Kenstar is known for compact efficient kitchen gadgets, such as its electric toaster. Its air fryer, known as Oxy Fryer, is no different, making provision for easy cooking. The sleek-looking fryer has a power cord which is 1.2 metres in length and a handle which can be pushed back in after using the product. The Oxy Fryer comes with a 1 year warranty in addition to transit insurance cover. The company also has provided the Oxy Fryer mobile app to download recipes.


The Oxy Fryer tips the scales at 4.9kg. and operates on 1500W. Its food basket has a capacity of 3l and there are individual LEDs to indicate heat & power as also a 30-minute timer. A fan circulates air at super quick speed in the food basket and a conveniently placed air vent prevents odours from hovering in our kitchen. The auto power feature switches off the power supply on completion of the time that has been pre-set. The temperature setting knob enables you to set the temperature between 80 degrees and 200 degrees.

Product dimensions: 365mm (h) x 315mm (w) x 300mm (d)

Price: Rs. 7,990 at its official website

User feedback: With a higher capacity than other fryers to pack in food items, the basket scores high. The pan does get very hot, but some see this as an advantage as you can then quickly make further food items in it once the first batch is done. A lot of people endorse the product for both easy cooking and easy cleaning. One user did have an issue with removing the pan easily while another complained of the excessively hot air emanating from the air vent. A few users also grumbled that the base of some food items did not get cooked properly, but somebody did suggest that this problem can be overcome by shaking the pan slightly (with care though!). Overall, the Oxy Fryer does seem to have got more likes than dislikes

Philips Air Fryer

Philips was the first on the scene with its Viva model – and what excitement it caused! Thanks due to its slick promotional campaigns, it created quite a buzz. It had hit the market at the right time, when more & more people in India were aware of the health hazards of gorging on deep fried food, but were reluctant to totally give up on them. After all, samosas, vadas and potato chips are much loved by many!


The Viva Collection Air fryer (there is only one model currently – HD9220/53) is labelled in brief as a low fat fryer & multi-functional appliance with roasting, grilling and even baking possible. It weighs a good sized 7.0kg. The company does not point at oil free cooking, but clearly states that it may require a little oil. The non-slip base ensures the air fryer will not go for a walk & it comes with a 0.8m cord. There are the requisite technical features, too, as to be seen in other air fryers: timer, auto shut-off & adjustable thermostat.

Product dimensions: 287mm (width) x 315mm (height) x 384 mm (depth)

Price: Rs.14,995.00

Buyers' feedback: On the one hand buyers have found it to power-hungry, while others state that it is not that greedy, but only moderately so. There is a little change in the taste , but this is best product for caloric cautious people. Similarly, some say it is easy to clean while others state that it is a headache. Many did complain of a lack of a food separator – the company has provided it only in Australia and Korea.


Now that you've had a look at some of the popular brands in India, let's get back to the question asked first: do you really need an air fryer? I came across this tip [refer: Kenstar Oxy Fryer review at]: "Before you go to any 'oil-less' fryers, make sure your microwave doesn't have the functionality to do air-frying. Most high range ovens do have the option to fry with air already. You might just not know."

So the bottom line: think well before you buy rather than spending a wad of cash on an appliance you consider a fun gadget to have and may never really use!

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