How to build character from the early stages of life

Character building has been engaging the attention of educationists and parents in the last many years. This article explains how character can be shaped on the anvil of life, with its blows, failures and successes, sorrows and joys, challenges and convictions.


Character building involves taking certain active steps in schools and colleges to put forth a positive view of life. The various elements which go into the making up of a good character must be analysed, understood and appreciated. The approach to character building must be positive and constructive.

What is meant by character?

Character is the sum total of an individual's convictions and behaviour. It is an integrated product of a person's personal and social qualities. It is identifiable by the stability and dependability in the actions of the individual. It presumes the existence of values which the individual has consciously set up for his guidance.

Characteristics of a good person

A person with good character should possess the following traits:

Personal characteristics

  1. Purity of thought and word

  2. Truthfulness and manliness

  3. Faith in god

  4. Self confidence and self reliance with simplicity

  5. Absence of jealousy

  6. Hard work and utilization of time

  7. Punctuality, clear reasoning and critical thinking

  8. Perseverance and steadfastness

Social characteristics

  1. Love and regard for fellow beings

  2. Honesty and integrity in all dealings

  3. Sincerity and devotion in work

  4. Initiative and leadership

  5. Tolerance and patience

  6. Motivation in public work

  7. Sympathy for the poor

  8. Sense of equality

  9. Sense of humility and modesty

National characteristics

  1. Social responsibility and regard for public property

  2. Respect for manual labour

  3. Love of motherland, its language and culture

  4. Co-operative spirit and capacity for team-work

  5. Sense of national unity and national outlook, avoiding narrow parochialism

  6. Feeling of brotherhood

  7. Overcoming racial and other prejudices

Ways of building up character

The character is build by following our teachers, parents and reading of books of great people.
  1. Following Teachers

  2. This is the important in building the character of a person. The teacher's lives should be models or shining examples for all the character traits that they would like to build up in the students. As per Emerson's quote "What you are speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say".
  3. Examples of the great

  4. The student should study and discuss lives and sayings of great men such as Buddha, Christ, Sri Rama Krishna, Swami Vivekananda and Gandhi. They should also have contacts and talk with living great men.
  5. Study of great book

  6. They should study the great books of the world such as Thirukkural, Upanishads, Bhagavat Gita, Bible, Kuran and also biographies of great people. The study of literature helps to improve their moral values.
  7. Relationship between student and teachers

  8. This is the most essential in building up of character where the student must feel free to seek help for their personal and educational guidance. Teacher should develop genuine love and sympathy for the students. Character can never be built up by inspiring fear in the students hearts. Teacher must try to make him or her realize one's faults. If the students realize their responsibilities then it would help them throughout their life.
  9. A regular daily routine

  10. A regular daily routine such as daily prayers, exercises, walking and study hour will teach us the meaning of being punctual and relieve us from stress. We understand the knowledge of time management by handling various activities in our daily life.
  11. Students active interaction

  12. Each student must be initiative for an activity in schools and also in other places. They must take part in conducting functions, organising social services schemes such as Tree plantation, cultural programs, medical services and volunteer in many other recreational programs. They must know their responsibility in every activity and do their best by discussing with other members too. This builds team work in them.
  13. Motivating traditional cultures

The students must help in preserving the ancient cultures and monuments and help in maintaining the historic places for the future references. They must realize the need of agriculture and help to promote the necessities of developing agriculture.


The students should be helped to acquire responsibility and independence of judgement and action. Character alone will help one to acquire the goods in life. Lack of character will make a man lose other intellectual skills, physical and other resources. Each one has to grow by himself. The school and other activities pave way for building your character.

Purity of conduct soweth the seed of prosperity; but an evil course is the mother of endless ills.

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