Electricity Generation. Fuels Used and Scope of Natural resources for power Generation

Do you know what it takes for generation of electricity? Here is an essay on how the electricity generation takes place, the fuel used for the generation and the scope of natural resources of electricity generation.


In today's world power generation has gained immense importance. As the world is progressing in leaps and bounds in developing its technologies and other activities for the betterment and ease of life, power is gaining more and more importance. Power have become an essential requirement in every humans day to day activities and human is so dependent on the power that he cannot cope up with his daily activities without the help of power. Power generation in today' world is a huge task and needs lots of activities and resources to produce it. Now let us understand what is power and what are the basic requirements for power generation. Once we come to know the enormous amount of input that is needed to generate electric power only then we shall be in a position to understand its importance and the method of usage and importance of saving the power.

Types of Power Plants

To generate electrical power we require lots of machinery, fuel, water, and lots of chemicals. As per the present days situation we are basically surviving on thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants. Thermal power means the power generated from steam converted from water. Then we have Hydro electric power where in we are generating power directly from water pressure and force. Then we have nuclear power where we are generating from nuclear energy. For thermal power plants the main fuels that are used are coal, lignite oil and residual fuel oil. For hydro power plants the main fuel is water and huge dams are constructed to develop catchment areas to store water and generate electricity. In the case of nuclear energy we are using reaction types of nuclear energy called uranium which is dumped in to the reactor for a chain reaction of hard water to generate steam and then produce electricity out of it. As the technology kept on developing different types of generation started evolving. As everyone is aware that coal and water have their own limitation of resources and needs to be consumed in a controlled manner and as such nuclear energy needs immense precautions from radiation to protect human and atmosphere it cannot be used as and when required.

Every resource of fuel that is being extracted from the earth's surface is damaging the ecology of the land and if we keep on extracting it at the present state of speed there will be a day when we shall have no coal availability for power generation. Similar is the case of water. Uranium for his hazardous nature cannot be used in bulk quantities for power generation and needs immense precautionary measures before putting into operation. As the days are passing by electrical energy's demand is keeping on increasing and that to at a rate of leaps and bounds. The question here arises how shall we meet the demand of power requirement? We need to explore the possibility from other sources of electrical generation to save the natural resources like coal and water. India is venturing presently in a small scale to generate electricity from other sources like wind energy and solar energy which are available in abundance. But the pace at which the development is taking place is very slow and needs exceptional steps from various governments to expedite and explore this natural resources energy in to power generating energy. There are also other sources of energies available in abundance such as gas tidal, bio-gas etc. Companies are venturing into power generation in small scale without any fuel. If this is met with success it would be a remarkable achievement in the technology of power generation.


The present state of electricity in India is about 1.4 lakh's MW of thermal energy , 28000 MW of gas power plants and around 25000 MW of hydro generation. Comparatively the wind energy and solar energy ranges between 6000 and 8000 respectively. In India the summer has the longest tenure and the solar power is available in abundance. Similarly India being a peninsula has lot of sea shores where wind power force in available in abundance. Why are governments not going for such natural resources generation availability? Gujarat and Rajasthan have gone on a run spree for wind energy. Even for solar energy, Gujarat is taking a giant step towards it. Conversion of all street lights into solar energy throughout India can save huge amount of coal reserves. Similarly Karnataka Chennai Gujarat and Rajasthan are utilizing wind energy for all small scale industries and farming sectors. Other states should also take a look out of these ideas. By doing so, we can not only protect our natural resources for a longer duration but also provide electricity in years to come.

Come let us strive and save energy and fulfill the dreams of one and all to have electric power in every human being life.


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