Things you should know before choosing a pet.

Pets are 'the new family members' who are the best companions and 'silent friends'. Dogs and cats are some of the top pets in many people's choice list, don't make boundaries for your list though. Here's what you should do to choose a perfect pet, apart from a Bow-Wow!

Do you 'really' need a pet?

Many a times, people take pets for no reason, either because their neighbors have a giant, beautiful Labrador or because their kids are insisting them to get one. Don't flow into emotions and don't bring a pet until you're ready to take care of it.

Ask these questions to yourself, when you're searching for a Pet shop-

  1. Why are you searching for a pet?
    (Do you really need a pet? Are you a real animal lover?)

  2. Can you afford a pet? (Important! What's your salary? Sadly, a pet will also not like a master who can't get them a bowl full of milk and food thrice (or more) a day!)

  3. How's your house? Do you have a spacious house? (If you want to have a dog or cat, a house with at least a garden is 'must' to have!)

  4. How's your colony? Do you have open areas in your colony? Do you live in apartment? (If you don't have open space around your house, where will you take your lovely Scooby for potty? Unless you're strong enough to face the criticism and scolding of people, every morning, when you take your pet for freshness in front of their homes.)

  5. What is your interest? What do you like? Many people choose a big pet just to show off (or to scare the neighbors and acquaintances with their big 'love'). Don't follow others, even a parrot will be suitable for you, if you just want to have a pet with whom you can flaunt!

  6. What is your office timing? Do you leave the home early in the morning and return when a quarter of your colony is sleeping? Don't hurt a pet with your torturous work schedule, they want to play with you.

  7. Who'll take care of them? Do you live alone? Do you have a heavy income package and a big villa with easy office timing, 'but' you live alone, then too don't adopt a pet with much demands, you'll not be able to make your big Scooby happy!

Now when you're ready with your needs, choose a place to get your pet from. There are several online stores from where you can have a pet, though remember you can not see the pet in reality until they're delivered to you, so don't get affected by a super cute picture and some sweet lines, such as, "I am small and cute in search of a caring family. Please adopt me ?, bow!"
Choose a store near your house, from where you can get the pet and further help with the pet.

Search for some other options available in the Pet list apart from dogs and cats. Some good pets are:

  • Parrots

    Mitthu! A very common name for almost every Indian pet parrot. Green, white and multi-colored parrots are not only beautiful, but also talkative. They can repeat you, they learn words and speak and obviously they have a sweet voice with a high frequency! You need an open place for them on your roof or balcony, a cage and some easily available foods. Chillies, fruits, water, rice. Come on you have all of them in your kitchen.
    A tough task with parrots is cleaning. You've to make sure that your Mitthu doesn't escape and leave you, when you're cleaning their cage.
    They need regular cleaning. A disadvantage it is, but they're easy-going and beautiful.
    Give them a try if you want a small pet!

  • Fishes

    Colorful fishes, big, small, some pebbles, some light sand sometimes a small 'turtle' companion. They won't escape and leave when you're cleaning their home. Yes! Fishes are beautiful option. You can have a single fish or many fishes, as per your capability, and make your tiny aquarium. Their home, food are available in market at reasonable price, no burden!
    The only thing you've to take of is their Oxygen cylinder and some basic cleaning, so that they remain healthy.

  • Birds

    If you like chirping of birds and their tiny and jumping figures, give a try to a couple of birds. You can get them from a pet shop, feed them with easily available rice, water and bread crumbs. I've seen these birds pets at many home, and believe me, it is more than gorgeous to hear their sweet and beautiful voices.

  • Cattle

    Nope! It's not an old-fashioned part. If you have a backyard, and a servant or helper to take care of these Cattle, then a cow or buffalo will seriously be a great pet. Earlier, the Cattle were much famous as pets and it was considered as a sign of prosperity to have a cow at home. I guess, Cattle are the only pets which give you some profit as well, apart from companionship! They need a little more budget though, for their food and cleaning, and yes, you would have to bear that muddy smell of dung throughout the day!

  • Cat

    Cats are not much popular in India as pets. They're not much obedient and a tiny meow doesn't seem to be of much help or safety. You need to provide safety to your cat, clean home and proper pamper. They're not easy going, but they're the perfect option if you want a small, soft and delicate pet!

  • And here comes the topper,
  • Dog

    Ahh! Choose anyone, any breed, any color, they all are beautiful. Choose a dog as per your need. If you want for security, go for some big dog, and if you want a pet for playing, go for some small ones, they all are cute though. Their budget varies according to their size and requirements. They too need proper cleanliness and training. They like to play, so they need their master to play with them, take care of this thing, you would have to invest much time with them!

Take care of these things and go for a perfect pet!

Bring a new family member and love them with complete care. Happy pet, happy you!


Author: Venkiteswaran19 May 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

A relevant article in today's situations.

Having a pet is taken as a sort of status. There used to be a joke a few years ago. Travelling in car,"the mother holds the pet and the servant holds the baby". But I am compelled to believe it as we read reports of celebrities throwing lavish party on 'birthday' and 'marriage' of their pets. Sometimes when someone talks like 'yesterday my Julie had a fever', it may be about the pet dog.

As is common people compare and even the common people also want to flaunt their pets, and spend lot of time talking about their pets.

But taking care of a pet is more difficult than looking after a child. Our children can somehow express their problems and difficulties by sign or voice and can clearly express when they are a few years old. They can sleep under wraps or in airy dress according to weather change.

But for a pet, all these things have to be assessed and taken care by the owner properly. To lose a pet after caring it for some period is a sad affair and can cause eve behavioural problems.

That is where the article comes handy asking the relevant primary question "Do you 'really' need a pet?". If the answer is yes, then this article gives the rest for you.

Author: K Mohan25 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Rearing a pet is the pure prerogative of respective persons and their interest. Some are interested in good breed of dogs and cats and some have the habit of rearing birds as their pets. I have seen one person rearing tortoise as his pet. Pets can be of anything but care must be taken that it wont hinder the freedom and movement of others. Some pets have the habit of making noises in the night and that could be irritating to the neighbor and he may even lodge police complaint. So not bothering the neighbors we can have any pets within the law permission. Moreover rearing a pet is great task. If the owner wants to leave for summer vacation then looking after those pets would be great task. For ordinary pets there are animal boarding and lodging but for selective pets we cannot rely the private boarding and lodging and they won't allow also.

Author: Anauj23 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 9

Owning a pet is a great responsibility. One should never bring a pet home to satisfy a whim. Pets need time and attention – and individuals must be willing to be involved in the pet's day to day activities, before deciding on getting one.

According to my knowledge, Indian native birds are protected under the Wild Life Protection Act 1972, and parrots are a protected species under this Act. Many species of tortoises and turtles are also protected under this Act. Keeping them as pets is punishable by law. There is a fine and there can be a jail term as well.

Anyway, here are a few tips that can make tasks easier for pet owners –

1. Place sheets of old newspapers at the bottom of bird cages. This makes cleaning the cages a lot easier. You just need to collect the soiled paper and replace it with fresh ones.
2. By birds, you must mean budgerigars and finches and love birds. People should check which birds are legal to keep.
3. The white and multi-colored birds are cockatoos, cockatiel and macaw.
4. Birds need big cages, though I am against caging creatures.
5. Fish are nice to keep, but they're only ornamental. You cannot interact with them. Care must be taken to not have different types of fish in the same aquarium. Some fish can be aggressive and get into fights with other fish.
6. Cattle are not pets. They are domesticated animals.
7. Pets should also be given a place to sleep and toys to play with. Big dogs need a lot of exercise, they need to run and play and need long walks. They also need to be vaccinated and neutered and need regular health check-ups by a vet.
8. And finally walking a dog. I think pet owners should clean up after their pet poops outside someone's home or on the pavement. This is the basic civic sense that should be practiced.

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