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The day I thought to give up

This is a self written poem. I want to express the feelings of a stressed out person, who gives up to the situation. The situation might be very difficult to handle. Just believe in God and yourself. Every hardship comes with an exit window. We just need to gather all our power and look for the solution.

Essence of the poem

The below poem shows the anxiety, the grief a person goes through when he is stuck with hardships. And if no one is there to lend a supporting hand, it becomes even more difficult to pull oneself out of it. In such situations, one not only loses all the hopes, but also the power to fight with the odds. The world seems to be dark and lonely. The grief rolls out as tears.

One should not forget that giving up to the situation and losing all the hopes and energy, will not let you fight the situation. Giving up to the situation may lead to loss of inner peace. It will weaken you as a person. Rather believe in God and yourself. Stand up again with full power and try to find out a solution. It is said, "If God closes one door, He opens the other". Similarly, one can find some other route to fight the odds. There has to be a solution to every problem. Do not give up. Try to maintain your calm and composer. Look for the options to sort out the issue. Have faith in God. God always helps those who help themselves and will always be with them.


There was a day when I thought to give up.
I just gave up to the mire,
All my hopes and desires
All my strength and fires.

It was a day as black as a coal,
As hard as a bole.
As dry as desert,
A reason for disconcert.

When one feels the pain
And there is nothing to restrain,
From the distress and agony,
To show the path of harmony.

When there is no hand to support,
Everyone seems to purport.
All the things look messed up;
Then one is ought to give up.

So I gave up and sat back
Dumping all energy in a sack.
And off I went, in search of content;
Which was hard to find, as I left it behind.

I lost my peace, when I decided to cease,
Cease all the options of fighting back,
From the situation and its smack.
The day I gave up, I lost my own self.

Cried and cried,
Shouted all the night.
But the tears are not going to help,
No matter how much I yelp.

There has to be a way,
to put me out of dismay.
Something to pull me out
Of all my stress and doubts.

How to live with lost hope,
I don't know how to cope.
"Brighten the roads ahead, Oh Lord! Can you help?"
I bowed down and asked him. And He replied with a grin;

"Don't worry oh my kin,
All power you have within.
Even the toughest of hardship,
Don't allow it to miff.
Just rise up and see,
A small window there can be.
Close your eyes and see through.
I am always with you!"


Author: K Mohan12 Aug 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Every one goes through the stress and tension in life and for that reason one should not run away from the problem or decide to give up the life. If challenges and tasks are not there, we cannot learn anything. Mind it in life not every period will be congenial and cordial for us to achieve the success always. There would be taxing times, there would be catch 22 situation and some times even series of negative things happening to us and that may force us to even go to the extent of committing suicide. But talented are those who would not give up and seek alternate ways to get out of the situation and what I firmly believe that when problems comes, they also go on their own without even giving a hint to us. So live the life as it comes and put the step forward with keen observation and concern.

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