How to get admission in foreign universities

Many of us dream of studying abroad in reputed universities which can help us excel in our career path and a glorious future. This article gives you what to look out when you choose university and other useful informations

How to Get Admission in Foreign Universities

Studying abroad in a different country is a dream of most students. They wish to go away from home, and spend years in a beautiful country, making new friends and getting to know different cultures. Whether you think about studying in Paris, London or Moscow…here you have a few useful tips on how to get admission in foreign universities easier and more efficient.


Make your decision early

You need to decide several months in advance in which country you'd like to study. If you haven't decided the country yet, check out the best countries to study abroad. Then, start a thorough research and check out in which cities they have the type of college or university you are looking for. A good tip is to start looking for studying opportunities in the capital cities, because they have more options there. Read everything you can find, and start the application process soon enough.

Learn the language

If you will decide to go to Hungary, for example, and study law in English, you still need to have some basic Hungarian language notions. This is not imperative, but it is extremely useful. So start learning the language of the country you will spend your next few years in. You don't necessarily have to take classes that are expensive, but you can find some free foreign language courses online. Once you are in your new country, you will learn much easier and quicker the new language as well.

Follow your on instincts

Many students make the mistake of applying to a University their parents appoint to them. Do you want to become a doctor, or do your parents wish you were a doctor? It is not the same thing. You should choose a study and career path that appeals mostly to you, because you will study in a new country away from home and at least you should be happy with your choice. Study whatever you like, and try to disregard the opinions of other people. It is you who will travel away from home for the next 3 to 5 years, so it should be your own decision 100%.

Several applications

You cannot be sure that the one university you apply to will accept your admission. This is why you should apply to several universities and then see which one will accept you as their student. You will have plenty of time to analyze all applications, and then choose the university that best suits you needs. Many students even opt for several countries, such as applying at universities in Germany, Belgium but also Sweden for example. Norway is yet another popular destination because Universities here are financed fully by the state, and students do not have to pay for their studies. As long as you can ensure to find a job there and get a rent, you can study for free in Norway.

Author Bio

Timothy Duncan is a passionate writer and traveler. He earned his diploma abroad at the University of London. Through his educational and informational posts he helps students to make the right decision when it comes to enrolling in Universities away from their home country. Timothy also trains students on how to get access to the best services to help them pay for essay online and get quality assignments at budget prices.

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Author: Swati Sarnobat19 Dec 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

If you want to get admission in foreign universities, you must pass language test, cultural test and the test of your subject. So, start preparing for these tests as soon as possible. Always be a good performer in your college or school. Work hard, study hard and always acquire information from the internet or other sources.

Author: Kailash Kumar16 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Regarding taking final decision about the location of university, though capital cities do have an edge over other cities of the same country on several counts as mentioned by the author in the article, but in larger countries like US, cities other than capital city where there is concentration of companies working in field of studies opted for, have several advantages e.g. in finding internship and employment opportunities. Universities located at New York/New Jersey, Dallas, California are therefore preferable over the capital city of the US. Also in certain states, the climate is too severe. In case it is possible, preference should be given to the better area/location climate wise also. Moreover, there are certain universities where there is more concentration of the students from the country of origin of the students. Such locations help in absorbing cultural shocks and making the transition/settlement smoother.

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