Study Biotechnology in Canada

A lot of courses are being offered with respect to biotechnology sciences in abroad. Canada is one such place. The article described below deals with various aspects of getting admission in Canada for graduation in the subject of biotechnology sciences. If you wish to go abroad to study these courses then you can have a look at the details in the next section.


People do not always wish to complete their education completely in India. Sometimes people would like to study abroad with better offers. So what happens if you have finished your higher secondary and you wish to further continue your education in abroad country (or in this article about study in Canada), in the field of biotechnology. In that case you must take care of certain aspects. I am going to discuss them in detail below. If you make sure that you have all the required aspects I mention here, you can gear up to study graduation program in Biotechnology in Canada.

Eligibility criteria for this course

  • Since this is a graduation course, thus the basic prerequisites for this course aren't much. The main thing is that you have to score really high in higher secondary examination. The minimum grade that is allowed in colleges of Canada for admission in graduation courses is C. If you get B1 or B2 grades, which means marks above 60 and less than or equal to 80.

  • If you can then opt for for subjects like microbiology or biology or chemistry in your higher secondary. Mainly try to keep any of the subjects mentioned in the subject combination of your science stream. The rest of the s

  • To apply for graduation courses in Canada you must have a clear score of GRE examination. The full form of GRE is graduate record examination. Not only you must get a clear score in GRE, your score must be above 80%.
    It will be even better if you obtain a score in the TOEFL examinations

How to apply in Canadian universities

You must first make a list of those colleges under Canada university, do you want to apply. Then you must prepare yourself for the GRE examinations. GRE examinations are taken in every month of the year. You can either give offline and written examination. You can also sit for online computerised examination on the other hand.
In parallel you must go ahead with the application procedure for graduation in biotechnology in any college in Canada. To apply you must pay a form fee, that is generally around 150 dollars. But sometimes residents of India are given the benefit of fee waiver. This fee of 150 dollars need not be paid by the applicant in that case. Whether you can apply for fee waiver is for the university to decide. So what you do is, apply for fee waiver and send the application online to the university authorities before you even apply for the course or sit for the GRE examination. If they waive your fee then you need not pay. Otherwise you must take the help of credit cards or visa cards or debit cards to pay the application fee online. In the meanwhile, as I mentioned earlier also that apply for GRE and TOEFL examinations. There are scholarships for international students also available.

Now in the main application format where you are supposed to apply, you will have to fill up a detailed form, with all the required supporting documents. Do not forget to provide the scanned copies of all your qualifying marksheets. Then there are two important things that you need to carefully write out.
  1. One is the letters of reference by people holding high academic positions in different institutions. These letters have particular formats. You must follow all the formats, or better you ask your referees to follow the format when then write you such letters. It is best if you obtain around 4-5 such reference letters. Then your application becomes all the more strong.

  2. Next you should have a letter where you would write that why you are applying for that particular university. There are so many other institutes in Canada. So why is it that you wished to study in this particular college.

Finally provide the GRE and TOEFL scores, which will come to you by the time you are ready with your complete application. It will take some time to gather reference documents and a properly designed CV etc. So once all these are ready, just submit the documents in the particular institute by post. The call letter for the interview will come only after the corresponding authorities screen your application thoroughly and find you a suitable candidate. So you have to wait for that amount of time. If they call you you have to finally make the most of your opportunity.


It is not very tough to apply for graduation in biotechnology in abroad universities. But you must also think why is it that you want to study biotechnology in that particular institute? As it is you have a quite a lot of biotechnology institutes in India only. This is a very important question that the university will ask you, when you go to the institute in person to clear your interview. If you give a suited answer for this, you will not have to look back.

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