How to register and use Paytm mobile wallet

Confused about how to sign up and use Paytm? This article provides complete information on using the wallet to send money and pay bills. You will also get information on the Paytm mobile wallet limits on transactions.

With new smartphones being launched practically every week, if not almost daily, making transactions using these devices has become increasingly common. Mcommerce has become a nice in itself, with no dearth of mobile wallet options . Just a few months ago, even the largest public bank, namely SBI, launched the SBI Buddy mobile wallet. Already on the mcommerce platform though, was Paytm.


Paytm wallet is approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It is a convenient way to not just transfer money to your friend or relative, but also to pay your utility bills and shop for products. What's more, you can avail of exciting cashback offers on certain products when you pay with the Paytm wallet. Best of all, there are no charges whatsoever for adding money to your wallet, using it to shop and for transfer of money from one wallet to another. Note that, at the time of writing this article, the service for transfer of money from the wallet to your bank account has been temporarily disabled.

Benefits of signing up

  • You can add money to you Paytm wallet to allow for quick mobile recharges, placing of an order and purchases.

  • You can keep track of your orders and even cancel orders.

  • You can check out all your past orders & transactions.

  • You can download a receipt of all your orders & transactions.

  • You can avail of super discounts & deals, participate in contests, receive free coupons and enjoy other benefits of being a member of the Paytm marketplace.

Wallet Security

The money is your Paytm wallet is secure. Paytm even takes the precaution to block your account when the system detects a fraudulent transaction and/or detects multiple accounts being operated from a single IP address.

In case your account gets blocked, to unlock it send an email to from your Paytm registered email ID, providing your Bank statement which shows the transactions made on Paytm.

A possible problem scenario is if you have a failed transaction. If this happens and the refund is added to your wallet in the form of Paytm cash, you can go to your "Paytm Wallet Statement" and hit the "Refund" button to transfer the money to the source account (there are no fees for this transfer process).

Another problem scenario – and a major one! – would be if you lose your smartphone. In that case, you can secure your wallet by blocking your account. Simply send an email to from your Paytm registered email ID and Paytm will block your account. You can also send them an email at the same ID to unblock your account.

Wallet limits

As per RBI norms, there are monthly limits for the Paytm wallet, namely:
  • cannot keep more than Rs.10,000 in your wallet in a month.

  • You cannot spend more than Rs.10,000 from your wallet in a month.

However, there is provision for an upgrade to Rs.1 lakh. To avail of this upgrade, you will need to register for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. To do this here's what you need to do:
  1. Log in to your Paytm account.

  2. Go to your profile under your name.

  3. Select the tab 'Upgrade your account.

  4. Select the address where Paytm can send a person to verify your address & pick up the requisite documents. These documents are: Government photo ID (such as Aadhaar UID card or Voter's ID card), proof of address, and a recent passport size photo.

  5. Once the KYC process has been completed and approved, your account will be upgraded. This would take about 20 days.

What happens if you do not use the money in your wallet

Be aware that Paytm has a semi closed wallet expiry policy. As per this policy, any value in you Paytm Wallet must be utilized within 6 months from the date of your last transaction or within 6 months from the date of activation, whichever is later. You will be sent sufficient reminders to utilize the value. If you ignore the reminder and do not utilize it, then the unutilized vale may be forfeited at the discretion of Paytm.

Eligibility requirements

  1. You must be 18 years of age or above.
    You should not have previously been suspended or removed from the services by Paytm.

  2. You should not impersonate any other person or give false information or present a false identity or age or affiliation.

How to sign up for Paytm wallet account

The first thing required to enjoy the services of Paytm is to have the latest version of the Paytm app on your smartphone. Once you have this installed, here's what you should do: (i) create an account and (ii) get it verified.
  1. Creating the account: On your smartphone's screen you will see the icon of a cart. Click on that icon and on clicking the word 'Hello' you will see the 'Create Account' button and fill up the requisite details.

  2. Verifying the account: Unless your Paytm Wallet is verified, you cannot access any money or use the wallet in any way. This verification process is in place for security reasons. To verify your account, once again go the cart icon and click on the words 'Paytm Wallet'. Sign into your account. If you see a blue tick mark, it indicates that your account has been verified. If you do not see the blue tick mark, you will automatically receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. You can then enter the OTP in the 'Security Code' section & click on 'Verify account'

Voila! Now you are all set to use this single account, once you fill up the wallet (see how to add money below) for buying products, selling products, recharges, etc.

How to add money to your wallet

You have 4 options with which you can add money to your wallet:
  1. Online bank account

  2. Credit card

  3. Debit card

  4. Retail points

How to make payments using the wallet

You can pay via debit card, credit card, ATM card, Net banking and IMPS.

Card options

  1. MasterCard and Visa credit cards

  2. MasterCard and Visa debit cards

  3. ATM-cum-Debit cards (Maestro cards)

  4. American Express cards

Select any of the card options and fill in the requisite card details, such as card number, name as it appears on the card, expiry month & year of the card, CVV, etc. The transaction is completed once all these details are authenticated.

Net banking options

Through the Paytm site, you can avail of net banking options of 45 banks. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Select your bank from the list of 45 banks.

  2. On selecting, you will get access to that bank's secure Internet banking site.

  3. At that page, put in your banking user name & password.

  4. Verify your payment and on doing so you will again be directed to the Paytm site.

IMPS option

The Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) allows you to make a payment through your bank account via your smartphone. Select the IMPS payment option from the app's list and enter the requisite payment information.

How to pay school or college fees with Paytm

You do not need to pay any charges for using your Paytm wallet to pay an institute's fee. Also, there isn't any maximum payment limit for fee payments. You can even make partial payment of the fee if the institute is having this option.

To pay a fee for admissions to an institute, you need to have a verified Paytm account by registering at:

Enter the enrollment number or the admission number while making the payment. You are free to use the wallet for paying the fee for more than one child and even for a friend's child.

If it is a new registration, you need to enter each student's name and his/her email ID.

A complete list of educational institutes which accept Paytm's Fee Collection Service is available at the 'Select School' field on the Paytm website.

By default the institute's fee is deducted from your Paytm wallet. In case your wallet is not charged, then you can recharge it or pay directly by using your credit card / debit card to process the fee payment.
Once your payment is successful, you will receive an invoice that is generated automatically in your Paytm order summary. If you do not get this invoice, you need to contact Paytm via email at:

After 48hours (2 days) of the successful transaction of fee payment, the educational institute's database will show the update of the fee having been paid. If you do not see this update even after 2 day have passed, you should contact Paytm via email at:

How to send money with the wallet

You can use your Paytm wallet to send money to anyone simply by using their mobile number or email ID. There is a limit of up to Rs.5,000 per transaction or Rs. 25,000 per month for a regular Paytm account.

On transferring an amount, the recipient will get an SMS and an email with the intimation of have money being sent. The intimation will include your name/email ID/contact phone number. In case the recipient does not have a Paytm wallet, he/she will receive a message from Paytm with instructions on how to open a Paytm account & verify it to create a wallet so that he/she can receive the money which you sent. In the remote chance that the money was deducted from your account but the recipient did not receive it, then you need to check the following:
  • Does the recipient have a Paytm Wallet? If not, and he/she not created & verified the Paytm wallet within 3 days of transaction, the amount will be credited back to your own mobile wallet.

  • Has the recipient's Paytm Wallet been verified? If the account was created and not verified within 3 days of transaction, the amount will be credited back to your own mobile wallet.

In the eventuality that, despite creating and verifying the account, the recipient has not got the money you transferred, you should immediately send an email to Paytm at:

Contact information

You can call the 24x7 helpline number: 0120-3062244. It is best to call from your registered mobile number.

For any suggestion and feedback you can contact Paytm via email:

Suggestions and feedback can also be sent via social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

[Note: the author has gathered information for this article from the official website. Readers are advised to check the Paytm website for updates & changes in any.]

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