How to use Paytm wallet for shopping and bargaining

Eager to avail of bargain offers and discounts with Paytm? This article explains how you can make get good deals & discounts with your Paytm mobile wallet. You will get details on how to search for a product and purchase it too on the Paytm marketplace.

When you register for Paytm wallet, one of the benefits is that you can use their mCommerce platform to shop. It is fast and secure, with more than 80,000 merchants with whom you can shop with your wallet on the Paytm app, so the sky's not the limit as far as shopping with Paytm is concerned!

You can also book bus tickets through Paytm.

Using the Paytm market hub

Find it

Your first step towards shopping at the Paytm marketplace is naturally finding the product you want. You will see the search box on the top right of your screen. Just enter the product and you will see the search results. You can even use the search tool to find a product by brand or the name of the seller. In case you are unsure of the specific product, you can go to the Menu tab and browse through the categories available. A 'Refine' feature allows you to hone the search via a specific category or brand.

Once you have selected various products that you are interested in, you have the option to sort them out in 3 main parts: new items, popular items and items by price. In the case of price, you can have the items sorted from high to low or vice versa.

Buy it

The seamless procedure to buy products with your Paytm wallet makes it a pleasant shopping experience. Here's a step by step guide to make that purchase:
  1. Select size of the product (if required) via the 'Description' feature (you can see this on the bottom left). Some products allow you to check it out from various angles, this being possible simply by scrolling up and down.

  2. Before you proceed further, under the 'Description' feature it is a good idea to check the return policy, details of shipping, etc.

  3. Click on the price and enter the quantity (1, 2, 3 etc).

  4. Click on Add to Cart.

  5. If you wish to purchase more products, you can use the back arrow at the top left of your screen.

  6. Once you have selected the product(s), click on the icon of the Cart at the top right of your screen and Checkout.

  7. You can now use your promo code if you have one. Add this promo code, the box for which appears at the bottom of the screen.

  8. Now click on 'Select shipping'. Here, you have to select your delivery address. If you do not see it, you need to add the delivery address.

  9. Now click on 'Proceed'. Here, you have to select how you will make the payment. [see how to make an offline payment in the last section of this article]

  10. Complete the payment.

That's it. You're done. Now you just need to wait for the product to be delivered to you.

Haggle for it

Don't we all just love haggling and getting a good bargain? Paytm has provision for this too! What's more, it is not just the price over which you can bargain. You can also bargain for something free with the product you will purchase & even for free delivery. Cool!

To begin bargaining, simply select the product and click on 'Bargain'. The bargaining will take place in real time, with the seller informing you about whether or not the request is agreeable to them. You may not get instant feedback since other people too may be bargaining for the seller's products, perhaps even the same one you selected. Also, in case you find that the bargain button is not a clickable one, it implies that the seller is not online at that time & you will need to check back later.

In case the seller does not accept your bargain, you don't need to buy the product. You can inform the seller that you are not interested in buying the product & check out other products.

Receiving it

While you can order from any place around the globe, the address of delivery for the product should be in India only. Products are not delivered outside India.

As far as shipping charges for a product are concerned, these would depend entirely on the seller. One seller could offer free delivery while another may charge a fee based on your location or on the number of products or on the price. If there is a shipping charge, you will see this on the Checkout screen.

A seller may assure you of a delivery within a specific number of days. However, the actual date of delivery may depend on the courier service which is arranging for the product to be delivered to you. You should also factor in public holidays and Sunday. Although there is no service at present for a fixed delivery date, what you can do is contact the courier service & make a request to have the product delivered at a specific time & date.

Tracking it

As soon as the seller has accepted your order & started the delivery process, you will get an email or SMS intimation along with the details of the courier. You can then track the progress of the order through 2 easy steps: (i) Visit the 'My Orders' tab at the top right of your screen; (ii) Click on 'Status' of the product you want to track. You will see the product's summary along with the tracking details.

Checking it

You can check the complete history of all the orders you placed at the Paytm Marketplace. This is a 2-step process: (i) On the top right of your screen you will see your User Name; (ii) Click on the user name and proceed to 'Your Orders'.

The history will display the products for which you placed an order, those which you received and those which are in transit. It will also show orders that are in pending status or which were cancelled. Transaction receipts can also be accessed.

Returning and cancelling it

The return policy allows for a replacement or exchange of the product or a refund of the amount you paid for the product. However, it is necessary that you are aware of each seller's return policy before you place any order.

You can return a product without having to pay any shipping charges for the return. All you need to do is to cancel your order on the app itself or via the Paytm website. Alternatively, you can send a cancellation request via email. In either of these cases, the product will be picked up from the same address where it was delivered on intimation via SMS or email to you.

In case you wish to cancel the order and return the product, you need to send a cancellation request to Paytm will then arrange for the product to be picked up, regarding which you will get a notification. You must put the product, along with components & accessories if any, back in the original box or cover (with all the labels & price tags as they are) in which it was delivered and ensure that it is not sealed as it will be checked by the person who comes to pick it up. You will also need to have a copy of the receipt/bill or of the acknowledgement slip. Note that if you received any freebie with the product, you will need to return that too. After the product is collected, Paytm will process a refund as per the seller's refund policy & the refund amount will be credited back to your Paytm wallet.

There may be issues when a return is not possible. This would arise likely in the case of some consumer durables, lingerie, freebies which come with clothes, innerwear and socks. Products damaged through use or tampered with or with no serial number or returned without original packing or without the accessories originally sent will also likely create problems of return. Keep in mind, too, that if you make a return request that is not within the given time frame, your return-refund request will not be accepted.

In case of a refund, once the seller gets the cancelled product back, the refund amount will be directly credited to your Paytm wallet. In case you have made a request for transferring the refund to your credit card account or bank account, it will likely take a week up to 10 days to process the refund at the bank's end. So in case there is a delay, you will need to contact the bank directly.

Using coupons and promo codes

A retailer may offer coupons and send you promo codes. There will be terms & conditions governing these as elucidated by the retailer and Paytm will not be responsible for any losses incurred by using the coupon.

With regard to cashback offers, you are not allowed to avail of cashback which exceeds 50% of your payments or Rs. 10,000/-, whichever is the higher amount. All refunds & cashback will be seen in your Paytm Wallet account. Similarly, if you use a promo code & the transaction does not go through, the amount will get credited back to your promo code so you can utilize it again. In case the transaction does not go through using your bank account, the money will be credited back to your wallet. You will then need to activate it through verification of your mobile number.

How to make offline payments

If you do not wish to use an online payment option, you can make the payment via a cheque, demand draft or NEFT. For all these, you need to have a cart value of more than Rs.2 lacs or there should be more than 50 items in a cart. You cannot use any other options (such as the wallet or net banking or credit card or debit card for making payments above Rs. 2 lacs).

How to make offline payments with a cheque

  1. Add a product(s) to your cart.

  2. Select Cheque payment from the options provided.

  3. Enter the cheque number and the name of the Bank.

  4. Click on the button 'Pay Now'. Once you do this, the status of your order will show as pending.

  5. Now in the 'To Pay' section, enter the Bank account number.

  6. Deposit the cheque at an HDFC bank branch which is associated with the Paytm's account.

  7. When the amount is credited to the Paytm account, the product which you ordered will be sent to you.

The bank account details of Paytm are:
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Limited
Account Number: 00030350012930
IFSC Code: HDFC0000003

How to make an offline payment using demand draft

  1. Add a product(s) to your cart.

  2. Make a Demand Draft (DD) from your bank. The DD should be payable to "ONE97 COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED" with the amount mentioned in your cart (refer to the bank details of Paytm bank above).

  3. At the payment page select DD as the payment option.

  4. Enter the number of the DD number and the Bank name.

  5. Click on 'Pay Now'. Once you do this, the status of your order will show as pending.

  6. You should now deposit the demand draft at an HDFC bank branch which is associated with the Paytm's account.

  7. Once the amount is credited to Paytm's account, the product will be sent to you.

How to make an offline payment using NEFT

  1. Add a product(s) to your cart.

  2. Log in to the Net banking account of your Bank.

  3. Add Paytm as your beneficiary (refer to the bank details of Paytm bank above).

  4. Transfer the requisite amount as mentioned in your cart.

  5. On successful completion of the transaction, you will see the NEFT /transaction number under the column 'Ref. No.' at the page of your last 10 transactions. Make a note of this number.

  6. Now proceed to the payment page & select NEFT as the payment option.

  7. Enter the NEFT number along with the name of the Bank name.

  8. Click on 'Pay Now'. Once you do this, the status of your order will show as pending.

  9. Once Paytm acknowledges the transaction, the product will be sent to you.

Important notes:
  • You have up to 15 days to deposit the cheque /DD after entering the details on the site, after which the transaction will be marked as failed.

  • It takes between 3 to 5 days to clear the cheque/DD/NEFT after these are deposited in Paytm's account.

Trouble shooting tips

  1. In case you do not receive the product(s) which you ordered from the Paytm Marketplace, first check the tracking information & with the courier and confirm that the address you gave is correct. Otherwise, you can directly contact Paytm via email at: Alternatively, you can leave a message for them at their social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

  2. It is possible that you discover that the product you ordered was not up to the mark, perhaps it was not original as claimed but a copy or it was some second-hand already used item and not new as claimed or some part of the product is missing or damaged. Whatever the issue, you should immediately inform Paytm via email at:

  3. In case of the seller's refusal to take back the product or exchange it or provide a refund, you should contact Paytm via email at

Happy shopping – and haggling!

[Note: the author has gathered information for this article from the official website. Readers are advised to check the Paytm website for updates & changes in any.]

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Author: Gypsy20 Sep 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

A very informative article indeed!

The author has said something about bargaining option on Paytm. The bargaining option could not be found. Could the author tell where is the button or the option? It would still be better if the author shares a screenshot which shows the exact position of the bargaining button or option.

Author: Vandana20 Sep 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Thanks Gypsy for appreciating the article.

I cannot attach a screenshot since I have not used Paytm wallet. However, from the information I have gathered it seems the Bargain button is to be seen on each product page at the bottom left of your smartphone's screen. If it is clickable, it means the seller is online. When you click on it, you can begin bargaining via chat messages. The seller may even give you a promo code with a date till which you can use it.

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