Private tuitions - the parallel education system

Private tuition has become an inseparable part of the children' education owing to the highly competitive environment we expose them to. The article tries to analyse the various trends in the tuition sector and focusing on the good and the bad that it does to the children.


The Private Tuition concept is on a high both in the educational sector as well as the career sector. The private tutoring and coaching is so prominent more in the urban that it is taken as a parallel educational system. Taking a general view, tuition trends show an increase on the dependence on tuitions from the very beginning of the child education. The dependence goes higher with the child moving up the education ladder.

Tuition Cycle in a student's life

  • Tuitions in primary classes
  • Tuitions in secondary classes
  • Preparations for the matriculation
  • Preparations for entrances for medical and engineering
  • Preparations for entrances for civil services
  • Preparations for entrances for Banking
  • Preparations for entrances for management/GATE/GRE
  • Preparations for entrances Engineering /management Courses

  • It is obvious that a student's entire educational era is complemented with tuitions and coaching classes. The Tuitions however do not limit themselves to the school or college classes. They go beyond the basic education of the child and aid in building the career of the child now the so called candidate.

    Why are Private Tuitions Needed

    These private tuitions have their importance in the student's life owing to various reasons:
  • Not understanding properly in the school: There could be students who are a little slow in understanding and need one–to- one attention which is not possible in the classroom teaching in the school. Such students need more attention than the others.
  • To supplement the classroom lessons: Private tuitions are also taken to supplement the classroom teachings in order to perform well. Private tuitions is also taken up in a temporary basis while preparing for the National Talent Examination or any other scholarship tests.
  • Thirst for knowledge: There could be students who are on the drive for that extra knowledge and so require such tuitions.
  • Peer pressure: Many students resort to tuitions due to peer pressure i.e. due to the fear of being left behind amongst friends.
  • Parent's Decisions: In most of the cases, it is the parents who decide if the child should go for private tuitions or not. The parental pressure prevails.
  • Implied instructions from the school: Even the schools play their role in deciding if the student should go for tuitions. The school authority does so mostly in their bid to maintain the school's reputation.

  • Whatever the reason, private tuitions these days are considered very important in framing the child's career. This often becomes a topic of discussion amongst the parents as to which tuitions the child should attend, where he or she should go and all such things.

    Trends in Private Tuitions

    Over the years one can notice certain trends developing in private tuitions or the parallel education sector

    Rural vs urban tuitions

    In many cases the tuitions start very early in a child's education life, sometimes from the first standard itself. The primary class education is more prominent in the rural areas where the parents are not literate and hence are not able to guide their offsprings. In cities it is mostly the parents who guide their children in their early education. However, there could also be parents insisting on early tuitions for their children for various reasons.

    There is a little variation in the tuition trend in a rural and urban area. While in the rural setup the tuitions start quite early and fade away towards the higher classes with the general drop outs. The trend however plays in the reverse direction in an urban area where the emphasis on tuitions is mostly in the secondary, senior secondary and matriculation classes.

    Rise in tuitions in the private schools

    It is also seen that the tuition culture is more prominent in the students belonging to the private school, mostly private unaided school than the Government school. Students in the private unaided schools are encouraged to take up private tuitions as well in order to score more marks for maintaining the school's reputation.

    Boys outnumber the girls

    One would still find a gender differentiation while attending the tuitions in the late evenings. Boys obviously rank higher as they are allowed to attend the late evening tuition classes as well, whereas girls are generally not allowed in such classes unless there is somebody from the family accompanying her for security reasons. Hence boys taking up tuitions are on the higher side when compared to girls.

    How helpful are the tuitions

  • The study gets regularized as the student does a routine study that also matches with his school requirements.
  • One can get the benefits of Group Study where there is competition in the group itself encouraging better understanding.
  • Immediate clarification of doubts.

  • How harmful could the tuition be

  • Too much dependence on tuitions. The child might not struggle with solving a problem himself understanding the concept himself as he knows the tutor would clear his doubts.
  • Shelling out of money as in some cases, the private tuitions cost more than the regular school fees. In case the student goes for more no of tuitions, it would actually cost big amount to the parents.

  • The private tuitions do not stop with matriculation. This now shapes into coaching for the preparations for the various entrance examinations in forming the career of the child. Probably, these tuitions and coaching end only when the student eventually gets a job which again paves way for a new horde of competition in the form of promotions, hikes and increments.

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    Author: Partha K.09 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    A good article. It reminds me of the time when I used to give private tuition to many students. In my case, giving private tuition helped me in various ways, some of which are mentioned below:-

    (a) I used to earn handsome amount every month to supplement my salary.
    (b) I remained updated about Maths, Physics and Chemistry. This is now helping me to teach my daughter.
    (c) I have learnt Hindi from my students.
    (d) I became acquainted with the road and routes of Delhi while visiting my student's residences.
    (e) I became aware of the culture of Delhi through my students.
    (f) Last but not the least, I used to gainfully utilize the holidays whereas my fellow-residents in the Bengali 'mess' used to spend money in cinema-halls and in liquor shops.

    Author: Devendra patel06 Mar 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

    A well written article with quality guidance about private tuitions. Tuitions are become most important of daily schedule of a children or student life. Every student needs one hour or two hour daily tuition apart of school. Many teachers are making good income by private tuitions in their local areas. But many institutes and private coaching are making huge amount of income monthly by coaching and consulting students.
    Today most students are only depend on tuitions for their assignments and education. It is very harmful for students future because it make students dependable on tuition and does not provide any chance to make students self dependable.

    Author: Jagdish Patro02 Jun 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

    The author has brought out valid points in the article about the pros and cons of going for tuition at various stages of our academic career. Unfortunately it has taken to a bad trend that the class teachers are influenced by the system that has crept into the education system as a whole. In spite of the pretty salary being paid to the teachers these days, the teaching community has adapted the tuition as an extra earning process by ignoring their regular teaching. Instead of putting more efforts to enlighten the young mind in a class room, the teachers resort to ignore the students to clarify their doubts and cases are there where they insist for joining their tutorials so that they can take care of them. There may be some good teachers but the reality is that the formula of going for tuition would help in more to the students has become a success mantra to everyone. Applying the same remedy, the corporate sector in education has made its debut working on the lines of Residential system pattern and commercialized the education system.

    If we go on the statistics, pupils who go for a tuition appear to be doing well and students at Engineering and Medicine study level also prefer going to coaching classes. This puts a big question mark about the study that is being imparted in colleges and schools.

    Author: Sheo Shankar Jha06 Aug 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

    These days private tuitions are supposed to be mantras to success. Despite the fact, the aspirant has not any inclination for it, there may be parental or peer pressure to join such tuition - classes. This definitely telling effect on their health since they remained engaged at a stretch from morning to night - attending their regular classes in their schools followed by joining tuition classes of different subjects at late hours of the evening.
    In facts, the benefits accrued to them would vary from aspirant to aspirant. Some get high marks in the examinations where as for others no substantial improvement is noticeable. However so, real gainers are the teachers engaged in money making rackets. They are the same teachers offering their services in the schools and again they they are offering tutions at different timings excluding the school - hours for their personal gain.
    The scenario could have been better if they could attach much stress to the basics of the subjects making the aspirants understand how the same has evolved. Practicing fundamentals would help the aspirants to fetch outstanding marks in both regular and competitive examinations. School - authorities, too, should be vigilant in curbing the greedy attitudes of the teachers and they should be encouraged to arouse interests among the aspirants in their concerned subjects.
    The author has listed all the relevant points how this has flourished , it's benefits and the other attendant harms in the private tutions. However, overhaul review of the situation would be beneficial.

    Author: umesh30 Jan 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

    The author has very nicely presented the present scenario of tuition, its advantages and disadvantages. Actually the weakening of traditional education system and erosion in the quality and standard of teachers in school as well as colleges has played a crucial role in bringing the present situation.
    The tuition industry has grown in leaps and bounds. It has become part and parcel of present day life. At this juncture it is very difficult for government to stop it or regulate it.

    Author: K Mohan17 Mar 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

    I wont agree with the author on this article as I am totally against tuition because as per me if the student is attentive in the class and wrote all the tips and points given by the teacher that is enough to build a nice content and present the same in the test or exams. I am of the opinion that a teacher may not give individual attention to all the students in the class and thus those who are above average and have the scope to score top ranks, the teacher would recommend them for special class or private tuition. Remember the teacher is going to teach the same lesson and in same way but only difference would be lesser or no children around the boy.Some teacher wantedly create such situation and ask the parents to go for the tuition and that is very bad trend. A student can be molded in the class itself and there absolutely no necessary for tuition at all provided the teacher clarifies all the important doubts in the class itself.

    Author: Swati Sarnobat17 Apr 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

    Parents can send their children for tuition from 10th grade onward because the syllabus is ever changing and the parents cannot afford to spend extra time. But, for the primary and middle level, they should encourage and motivate their children to study on their own. The teachers should take keen interest in teaching the students because a student should grasp maximum from the first lecture itself. Students who are not bright should be encouraged to go for tuition to understand the subject.

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