Best tips for HR manager on how to conduct HR interview of candidate

An HR of an organization should remember some important points before and during the time of conducting an HR interview such as asking the candidate for introduction, focusing more on personal issues, salary expectation and previous job profile. He should also extract important information from the candidate to know if he can remain in the organizaiton for a long period.

Usually, the last process of an interview is the HR interview. The HR manager usually tries to extract personal information about the candidate and his goal in life. But even this round of interview is significant for the organization as they can know about the candidate in depth. In a large concern or organization, this round of interview is conducted by a qualified and professionalized HR. But in small organizations, the HR interview is conducted by the proprietor himself. Today, many people are working as freelance HR managers also. They should ask some questions that are really relevant for your organization. They should remember that an HR interview is conducted to know whether the candidate can stay in the organization for a long period.

Important points the HR manager should consider about the candidate

Introduction about himself or herself

Usually the first question about the candidate is a brief introduction about himself or herself because the HR can know about the educational background, career flight of the candidate and briefly about the personal information also. So, the HR manager should allow the candidate for maximum five minutes so that he can know more about the candidate.

The HR manager should also speak warmly to the candidate so that the candidate can speak confidently. If the HR manager feels that he can not acquire enough information through the introduction, then he must ask important questions without fail. He can ask him the name of his institution of graduation or post graduation and the university it was affiliated to. So, apart from those questions, the HR manager can ask the candidate about the occupation of the family or spouse. If the HR manager is interviewing a female candidate, then he must ask the candidate about the occupation of both parents and husband.

The manager should know about the lifestyle of the candidate since his or her birth. The HR should ask this question about the candidate not simply to investigate about his family matters, but to know whether the candidate can stay in the organization for a long time. If the candidate belongs to wealthy or extremely financially sound background, then he may not stay in the organization for a long time. Also, if you acquire information of the candidates cultural background before marriage and after marriage, then you can gauge the level of adaptability of the candidate. For e.g. if the female candidate is a south-Indian by birth and also married a south Indian, and today if she is working in North Indian cities, then she may not be able to adapt to the environment easily and hence enough time should be allocated to her to adapt to the place. If she is working with all North Indians, who have a different lifestyle and cultural background, then initially, she may feel awkward and hence this factor may hamper her professional life also as she remains lonely. So, if an HR manager acquires information beforehand, then he can arrange for a social meeting and help the candidate to become friendly with the people around her. In this way, when she feels that the people around her are warm and friendly, then she can adapt to the cultural environment quickly and hence she can remain in the organization for a long time.

Focus on the personal and professional issues of the candidates

An HR should remember that he should not focus upon the intelligence and ability of the candidate because technical interview and written test is already conducted and the intelligence factor hence is already assessed. In small organizations, the proprietor requires candidates with good character and anybody who can stay in the organization for a long period, so he should focus only to a certain extent upon intelligence and ability factor. He is allocated just few minutes to conduct the interview and hence he should not waste his time asking unnecessary questions. He should ask only those questions that pertain to the retention of the job. Based upon the personality and profile of the candidate, he should undertake strategies to retain the candidates in the organization.

Salary expectations of the candidates

He should not forget to ask about the salary expectations of the candidates because he should determine the total salary that should be paid to the candidates and accordingly determine if the salary factor in the organization is affecting the profitability factor of the company. He can also analyze if the salary expected by the candidates tallies the qualification and determined ability of the candidate. The HR manager should only ask and write down the salary expectations on the bio-data. If the candidate is expecting too much beyond his calibre and skills, then uprightly reject the candidate because the candidate may also place his demands without contributing much to the company and a candidate should be able assess his capacity and his non-ability to judge his calibre, means that he is not matured.

Previous job profile

If the candidate is not a fresher and has worked with one or more organizations, then know in detail about his job profile in his previous jobs. In this way, the HR manager can know whether he can adjust to his present job profile or not. He should also check and find out whether the candidate has continuously worked after his graduation or completion of education. A female candidate can discontinue for a period due to her marriage or maternity leave. These two reasons for quitting the previous job are genuine. Otherwise, do not select the candidate if she has unnecessarily not worked.

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Author: Kailash Kumar11 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

In case of candidates having previous experience of working in other companies, then the reasons for leaving the previous job provide very useful insight about the candidate's personal traits and attributes. In case of unmarried female candidates, it is very important to evaluate, if she will be able to make arrangements for living in the city other than her home town and what will be the scenario after her marriage.

Author: Venkiteswaran08 Jun 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I have read more articles on how to answer an interview. This is one rare article which I read on how to conduct an interview.
I do not know whether it is so relevant, because there may be some handbooks for such tasks or the interviewer would have gathered sufficient expertise and experience by exposure and learning.
However, in these days we have HR executives who are fresh from colleges. This article can give some relevant tips to those who are conducting interview first time.

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