How best to improve written communication skills

Want to improve your skills of written communication? Know useful tips from this article to develop the right writing habit. Even if you are not a great writer you need to apply your writing skills at some point of time to communicate to others.

You need not be a writer to learn better written English. For various occasions, a person should express his message through writing such as writing a leave application, job application, to government offices, different legal and statutory authorities etc. A writer should apply his hard-core skills to write in an impressive manner. The other people should apply at least the basic rules of grammar to write effectively. Nobody can feel pleased to read a letter or a note that consists of several grammatical errors. Due to improper flow to language, a person cannot read easily and hence cannot understand your message easily. A person should also know the basic style and format of writing. Sometimes, you even write an informal letter to your friend. So, you must write a letter in such a way that your friend can feel touched when she or he reads the letter. You must follow some tips for effective written communication. Also, grammar check tools like Dupli Checker can help in finding grammar errors and improve your language skills.

Different ways to develop written communication skills

Special attention to grammar

Whenever you are writing a letter or a note formally or informally, you should at least follow some basic rules of grammar. So, first you check whether the sentence that you write down makes any sense. To write a sentence that is free from grammatical errors, first you must ensure that it consists of at least one passive verb such as is, was, will be, can be, etc. These passive verbs usually relate to a noun or a verb. For eg. She is sleeping (verb). She is a student (noun) etc. So, after construction of a sentence you must check whether you fulfil the following conditions. Do check the rhythm of the sentence and find out if you feel comfortable to read the sentences written by you. After finishing the draft, edit it once thoroughly and ensure that the reader can understand the message of the sentence.

Type of sentences

The type of sentences that you construct can be complex sentences but they should not be too lengthy either. You can write sentences with complex phrases such as 'not only, but also', although, or any sentences that are adjoined by conjunctions such as but, and, etc. The reader can be pleased when he reads such sentences. If you think that a sentence is too lengthy, then you can divide the sentences into two. The length of the sentence should should be two lines or two-and-half lines and do not write a sentence that covers three or more lines.

Reading habit

You must always read useful books that covers maximum information and you can develop writing skills easily. Preferably read magazines, newspapers, or textbooks because you can apply that pattern of language in your letter or notes. You can read novels in your spare time but read informational books first.

Avoid using slangs and unnecessary trends

Do not use slang when you are writing for formal use such as office drafts, government offices, statutory authorities etc. You must write the full spelling and if you are writing with a piece of paper with a pen you must consider some important points. Many people write letters unnecessary stylishly but these letters are not considered valid. For eg. small letter i is topped with a circle instead of a dot, or capital letters are unnecessarily decorated with curves or circles etc.

Practice writing on daily basis

Whenever you are free in a day, you can write down something in a notebook or maintain a personal diary and mention all your thoughts and emotions in that book. When you write down something daily, you develop a habit of expressing your emotions in a constructive way and also gradually develop writing skills.

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Author: Kailash Kumar21 Oct 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

Reading is the input and writing is the output. Learning writing is not an incidence, instead it is a process. It requires quite sometime in acquiring proficiency in writing. One important prerequisite is to have a rich vocabulary, which can be achieved by reading only. Reading reputed news papers and books of famous authors helps in enriching vocabulary as well as in learning the grammar. Reading works of a number of authors, exposes the learner to varied forms and formats of writing. So it can be said that prolific reading is required for becoming a proficient writer.

Author: Venkiteswaran31 Oct 2015 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

Author has touched a live wire subject among many students and freshers . Seeing the title I expected a more detailed article on this topic. But anything is useful to that extent and in that way this article also helps.

Just as small children hesitate to take a dip in cold water fearing its chill, many students and freshers have a fear complex that they are not good at communication skills. My suggestion to them is the quote: "Present fears are less than horrible imaginations". Take a dip step by step touching the water and moving more deeper. Then you will know that the water is not that chilled as you felt.

The first step to improve communication skill is to begin and indulge in communication. It is like learning driving. Initially it is difficult to use accelerator, brake, clutch, steering, horn etc all at a time. So concentrate on the road first, then by and by one will become expert after taking to roads. Developing communication skills (oral or written) is also like learning driving. Take the start, continue communicating and take the guidance and help of others who are experienced. has a repertoire of articles and forum posts on ways to practice and develop communication skills. Readers can use search box and find suitable write ups.

Author: Natarajan16 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Writing skills are vital in professional, social and personal lives. One needs a basic grasp of the language, grammar and spellings. It is important to know that we cannot develop this overnight, instead, when we make it a habit to write daily and regularly, we can continually improve ourselves.

Listening to English news, programs, good orators; reading English articles, papers, books etc certainly helps to improve the vocabulary, catch phrases. We can also get the hang of how to formulate and present the content we have to write. A lot can be learnt by reading the Sunday English papers that have invited articles, letters to the editor etc. I strongly feel, that one of the common ways to develop our writing skills is to find a educative website like India Study Channel and others, then interact in sections wherein a wide range of contents and issues are discussed (like the forum in ISC). Once we get a grasp of writing, then we can attempt to write an article that needs more effort, focus and grasp of the subject.

Equally important is to understand the question or issue in hand, plan the answers, arrange our thoughts and then write in precise sentences that convey the answer in a meaningful fashion. In the beginning, it is useful to consider our first written material as a draft and then work to improve it.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha17 Apr 2019 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Fearness is the main drawback in going ahead in any assignment and so is the case with the effective writing in this language. Delay takes place in the formation of the sentences because of over occupation of the mind with negativity causing free flow of the expression in the creative writing. The authoress has laid stress on the adherence of the rule of grammar and probably constant thinking on this point may spoil the free flow essential to produce a good write up. Of course, it is not deniable that composition of the sentences should be such that it should be devoid of grammatical - errors.
However, the most encouraging part in this context is that by being honest to our feelings would not let us down in composing write sentences. This art is achievable with the constant practice of readings of good works written by eminent authors. With a little practice, sentence would automatically follow grammar and hence one should focus on the events which would make the creation attractive enough to infatuate the end readers.
There could be the initial hurdle in the first phase of writing but with the progress of time, one can compose literary pieces of high order.

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