How to register Tatasky Mobile T.V

Staying updated is need of the hour. Tatasky gives you chance to stay entertained where ever you are. Activate Everywhere TV on your current Tata sky subscription and enjoy your favorite T.V on your mobile or Laptop. Tata sky everywhere T.V app on your mobile will also have your access to Videos on demand, live T.V and to all other service you avail on you pack. To know more about Tata sky everywhere T.V mobile service, Please read further.

Tata Sky Services

Tata sky provide DTH T.V services, also provides various options like showcase, Active English, Active fitness, karaoe, Smart games, Active darshan, fun learn etc. A wide variety keeps impressing you and improving self and you. Everywhere T.V allows one to see live T.V, catch up video, and VOD (videos on demand).

Tata Sky, Known for its best services

Tata Sky is considered to be best service provider as they provide various offers, their customer care is 24*7 available and responds quick to any request or complain. Everything is online there is nothing which is hidden. Tata Sky website interface is so easy that anyone using internet can easily get connected with it. It give you full access to all services through website and account only. They make no confirmation call or take long time in resolving any issue. Almost everything can be registered and activated via registered mobile no and Tata Sky account. Easy recharging like day card, monthly pack, annual pack, channels can be added and removed as per one's requirement. Tata Sky offers different Saturday special offer where one can subscribe to any particular pack which is offered at such a low price like Re 1 or 5 for first month. Also provide services on multi T.V and Karaoke. Tata Sky is with all latest technological updates, provides six different type of set top box and related services, Tata sky, Tata sky HD, Tata sky + Transfer HD, Tata Sky 4k, Multi T.V and karaoke.

Every where T.V on Tata Sky

Everywhere T.V is solution to the world war we all see in our home. Every member want to have control of T.V's remote control. The winner forces other to see programs of his or her choice. Battle continue till one gives up. Are you feeling winning times has gone rare? Or you have gone to the limit of silent surrender or submission.
Cheer up, here is your turn to watch what you want! Tata sky gives you the freedom to watch T.V on your mobile or laptop wherever you are.

How it s different from other mobile T.V apps

Tata Sky everywhere TV provide all channel to which you are subscribed to while other available apps on internet allow you to access particular channels only. Also Every where T.V provides access to VoD also. Active music and Javed Akhtar are also available on Everywhere T.V.

How to register for Everywhere T.V on Tata Sky

Everywhere T.V works on following devices
- All iphones, ipad
Andriod phones, Tablets
PC with Windows 7,8,8.1, XP
Mac computers etc.
To access everywhere TV one has to get Tata Sky Mobile app. This app is available on Google play, app store, and Tata sky website.
To register to the everywhere T.V services, follow these steps:
1. Download Tata sky mobile app.
2. Login into your account using user id/ subscriber id / or RMN(Registered mobile number)
3. Name your device. It can be any as per your choice.
4. Once you click on Everywhere T.V , a message will pop up to ask about you want to get contacted on your RMN.
5. On selecting "Yes", A sms will be received with details of payments and describing method of activating.
6. Second message you get, forward it to specified number in app.
7. Once this all is done, another app message will confirm your registration.

Note: Registration for this service is free but not activation. This will cost per device per day. And maximum two devices can be connected toa subscriber account. For connecting another device one has to deactivate service on othedevice on which he is already using. This service is also not available for windowsphones, Nokia symbian or blackberry.
This app is available on iOS 6 or higher only. One need innternet to watch live T.V on your device.

Feature that come along everywhere TV

One can pause the live T.V video for maximum to five minutes. One can ask for VOD (Video on Demand),
to see this, logon to, click on everywhere T.V tab and on the top of page, select VOD.
Search through the given options, any video from the catalog you want to download, Select the video and downloading will start and will be available to watch instantly.
This video will have an expiry date and will not be visible after that date. One need to download a video on any one device and it will be visible to other device or on set top box.

This provide you to have a chance of seeing last five day episodes of some of your favourite shows. These cannot be downloaded but can be paused, rewind or fast forward.

How to activate Everywhere T.V

One need to follow following steps after completing registration of a device.
1. Log on to
2. Click on Everywhere T.V tab, this will display list of devices you have registered with Tatasky.
3. Select the device, and click on Every where T.V

This will make you eligible to enjoy all service related with Everywhere T.V.
Note: Dropping or deactivating cannot be done on your account, for this you have to make a call on consumer service center.

How to deactivate Everywhere tata sky services?

To drop or deactivate one need to call on customer care or Tata Sky help line.
Note: Service cannot be transferred to another device. It can be dropped only and can be activated on another device. Not all channels are available on this service, channels appear will be according to your subscription pack on your set top box.

Other than Everywhere T.V following service are also available on Tata Sky subscription.
Active Music Break free music can be enjoyed here. It includes old melodies, favorite singers and latest songs.
Active Fitness This is another Value added service provided by Tata Sky, this helps viewrs about their physical fitness. It cover all different parts of body in different days. It also includes Yoga classes for particular cure. Celebrities share their fitness mantra here.
Active Javed Akhtar In Active Javed Akhtar, Jaaved Akhtar saheb discuss about the work done by Kabir, Mir, Ghalib etc. Tells about the meaning of Ghazals, Dohe etc and also when these were used in bollywood and by whom and how beautifully.
Active smart games Active smart games are not just for kids but for smart players. This is the line they use to describe this service, which have various video games. Updated list of games remain open to the subscribers of the following services.
Active Cooking This shows different recipes, veg, non veg, snacks preparation, kids lunch box recipes, easy recipes and more. Various shakes, mock-tale etc recipes are also included in their shows.
Active EnglishThis service help in improving pronunciation, learning vocabulary, and in gaining confidence in speaking English. This is really helpful for kids and housewives who can learn a lot while staying in home also.
Active Vedic Maths Vedic maths lessons are taught in this service. Vedic maths make maths easier and many times faster calculation. These service are available on subscribing for particular service on payment only.
Active fun LearnActive fun learn, includes making things from waste material or crafts or making simple thing which can help a student in improving creativity and understanding. Making of different projects, like making home made volcano etc are also included in this service.
Active DarshanThis option is for devotional viewers. Non stop Bhakti songs, free from advertisement and other interruptions. Also include songs as per the occasion like on Monday Shiva songs, Tuesday Hanuman ji songs and aarti, and so on. On special occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi or Navratra whole day Ganesha pujan or Durga songs are played. Live Darshan from different temples is also shown on special Puja days.
ShowcaseThis shows some latest movies on demand and payment. Any subscriber to Tata Sky services can ask to see any movie from Showcase. These get updated in every week. One need to call from the registered mobile number and movie will come on particular channel number. Four to five shows are shown per day of the same movie. So no problem of fix time. One can catch up at their choice of time.
Active smart ManagerThis is latest update from Tata Sky. In this professionals train about various thing that com across in professional world. From some application to how to convince your HR to give you higher hike in payment. How to showcase your skills. How to communicate with Manager or client. How to be presentable in your office. How to make friendship or healthy relation ship with colleagues etc.

So these are different type of services Tata Sky provides. One has to pay separately for subscription of each service. While activating for any of the service one must have positive amount in the account. Money will be deducted from the account by itself. One need to keep recharging its account only. There is no need to search for any shop, showroom or repairing center even. On calling from your Registered mobile number you get all services even dish placement or transfer or upgrading. And you need not to pay any peny in physical form, required amount will be deducted form account directly.

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Author: Chitra Rana Raghav28 Oct 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Latest update about the topic is that Tata Sky is giving free upgrade facility in this festive season. One can upgrade to HD in just 1500 Rs. For a year and there will be no monthly cost or additional cost till a year.
This is big offer and is open to limited time.

Author: Manoj Kumar Lamba02 Nov 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

So it will cost more. You will have to pay extra subscription charges, also to watch live T.V. on your laptop or mobile you have fast internet connections which costs high. So what is the benefit of doing so?

Author: Kailash Kumar02 Nov 2015 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Even on installing more than one television sets in different rooms of the house, different set up boxes are required and additional charges are to be paid. There is no doubt that the Tata Sky services are quite evolved and quality services can be availed, though at a cost. On their website, one can chat live with their representatives to resolve any issue.

Guest Author: Gopinath V17 Sep 2017

I want to subscribe in your site.(Mobile tv app) What is the procedure I have to follow. Please send me the details.

Guest Author: thakor vipul05 Dec 2017

Thank you for your explanation about Tata Sky.

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