Factors affecting the development of personality

Personality is the characteristics or qualities of an individual. There are some factors influencing the development of personality. In this article I have given a brief description about personality and factors influencing the development of personality.


Personality is the characteristics or qualities of an individual. It comprises of an individual's feelings and thoughts. Unlike other animals, human beings are unique in nature. Each person has his or her own personality which makes him/her differ from others. The basic personality of an individual may be acquired from his hereditary or genetic factors and it can be influenced by many external factors such as family environment, influence from mass media or social media, friends and siblings.

Factors affecting personality

There are internal and external factors which affect an individual's personality development. The internal factors can be hereditary, hormonal influence and physiological functions of the body. Heredity plays an important role in the development of personality. Hormone levels in the body also affect physical and emotional development of an individual. The nervous system (brain and spinal chord) has control over the thoughts and emotions of an individual.

External factors affecting personality development

There are many external factors affecting personality development. They are family environment, number of children in the family, school atmosphere, teachers and peer groups, relationships with siblings, mass media social media and cultural environment.

Family environment

It is very important to have a healthy and friendly family atmosphere to develop a good and a strong personality. A child considers his parent as a role model without analyzing whether they are right or wrong. Parents should keep this in mind and guide their children in a positive way. Both father and mother have the role to make their child a good individual. Over discipline and over protection affects our children adversely. Over disciplining or over protected children tend to be dependent always. There should be peaceful and loving environment at home to develop a positive personality.

School environment

Nowadays schools are giving burdens and stress to students by their heavy syllabus or curriculum. Parents are also competing to get admission for their children in reputed schools without understanding the abilities of their children. The school atmosphere plays a vital role in the development of personality as the children spend most of their time in schools. They make friendship from school and the friends influence their behavior. Teachers also influence the student's personality as the teacher is the person who can change or modify the behavior of his students. The school should provide time for play and other group activities, thus the students will be able to act in a group. The school atmosphere should help students to attain good characteristics.

Position of the child in the family

This is an important factor which influences the personality of an individual. The only child in a family is always depends on others and they cannot make any decision independently. It will be very difficult for them to mingle in a group. They tend to be selfish in nature. All these occur due to over protection of the parents. We can avoid these adverse effects, if the parents treat them as normal child. The older child in a family may be more responsible and intelligent than others.

Mass media and social media

People and crazy to imitate film stars or other famous personalities, they know through mass media such as television, films and books. It is nice to imitate the good qualities of an individual, but many of us, including children try to imitate the bad characters too. Social media also influence the person's behavior. It is very important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of such media.


Personality can be influenced by many internal and external factors. The external factors are very important in the development of personality, but bringing changes in these factors help us to get a good or positive personality.


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