Why kids should complete their homework themselves

Do you do your kid's homework? Are you aware that you are spoiling your child? Unknowingly we are dispiriting the children from adopting the hardworking attitude just because we cannot see our children struggling while completing the assignments.

Home work had been a matter of debate since ages. There had been discussion in every corner of the system as to if this home works can be done away with. However, there has not been any kind of ban on the home-works till now. However, the schools have been asked to consider the quantity being given. Well, now it is for the individual schools to decide on whether to give home assignments to their students or not. The motive of giving home work to the children is to discipline them and to make them come prepared for the next set of lessons as is voiced by a few schools. It is also used as a tool to re-emphasize what has been taught in the school. This would yield in better results, hence good name and more admissions.

However, the practice of giving assignments to students will not be too fruitful every time, especially to those in the bracket of preschools till class 2. The assignments given to this bracket are actually worked out by the parents.

Why do parents end up doing the kid's assignments

The parents carried away in emotions and consider the home assignment as too big a task for the kids. The reasons given:
  • The child is too small for studying again at home.
  • The homework usually is a repetition of the classwork. So let me do it for him/her.
  • Its only cursive writing. No learning involved. So, no harm.
  • My child had been on leave yesterday. Hence two days homework pending for the kid. So I need to help him.
  • Home work is discouraging. And the kid will not go to the school for fear of getting more work.
  • The parent carries out the task fearing that the kid might be punished for incompletion of the home work.

How does homework help the small children especially the primary class children?

  • Teachers claim that it does help. The home work given is the repetition of the class assignments. Hence, there is revision being done on a daily basis.
  • Routine home assignments help in disciplining the child. There also is an improvement in grasping power of the child.
  • The student is able to make up for the things not understood properly in the class. Or atleast, he now knows where he actually is lagging. The student also gets prepared for the next lessons.
  • The preparations for the examinations starts early and there is less pressure on the kid at the time of the examinations.
  • Even the cursive writing helps in improving the handwriting of the child with practice to write at a stretch.

However, it might not be of much help for the very young students who find it quite tough even to complete the class assignments on time. Such students should not be made to do lengthy writing assignments.

The after affects

  • There is every possibility that the child might seek your help in working out his/her homework on a regular basis.
  • The child may act as if he is sick while working on the home assignments. The parent may then tend to work out the home work for the child.
  • Revision of the tasks given in school is needed, hence given as home tasks, these should not be evaded. By working out for the child, you are actually crippling him.
  • Affects the child psychology. He may look up to his parents for every completion of task without struggling on his own.

What could be done

Instead of doing the homework, the parents need to encourage the children in completing the task. The children need to see the reason behind doing the task themselves. There are certain ways of resolving the issue in the systematic manner:
  1. The issue can be raised in the parents-teachers meeting to know how other parents are coping up with such issues as the home assignments given are the same to all the students.
  2. The teacher needs to be consulted frequently. In some cases, different assignments can be given depending on the capacity of the individual child.
  3. The child should be encouraged to complete the home work himself. But in case, the child is still not able to complete the task, he /she should not be pressurized to do so. However, the teacher should also be informed accordingly.
  4. Sometimes a small gift or a prize might help. But this should be made a habit.
  5. Do sit with your child while he completes the task. Make him understand the importance of the task.

Home work or no home work, every child has to build his/her own personality. But by doing the child's work, we are actually pushing him two steps back and damaging his self confidence, thereby the development. Parental involvement is very much required for the home assignments, but completion of the assignments by the parents would definitely hamper the development of his personality.


Author: Sheo Shankar Jha27 Jul 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

If taken in the right spirit, home work do help the children to revise the contents earlier taught in class. Such repeatations are crucial to understand the basics of the different subjects. However, this simple fundamental sometimes becomes beyond comprehension of both the children and the parents. To make these assignments palatable, school - authorities should devise some innovative formulaes to make the pupils interested in doing the home - work assignments offered to them. Best three prizes in respect of timely completion of such tasks would go a long way in raising their passion for home - work. Usefulness of this aspect can be discussed in the parents - teachers meeting to make the parents aware of the utilities of such assignments so that the parents can appreciate the main concept behind it. For the quick revision in the examinations, the completed assignments can be resorted to save the valuable time.

Author: K Mohan03 Jan 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

I am also fully agreeing with the author that the kids must complete the homework by themselves and the parents should not help them or nor write home work on behalf of the children. By writing themselves, they will try to understand what has been taught in the class and the main reason for giving the home work is that the student must again study the same and get to know more about the subject and thus he would register the question and the contents in the mind. But due to over pampering from parents some of them attend the homework themselves and thus during the exams the child would find it difficult to remember and write correctly.

Author: Indu Singh09 Jan 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Homework should be done by kids themselves. Homework is beneficial to mind and body of the kids. Homework is given as revision of taught work, so kids can do it easily. It helps in utilizing the time in a good way. It helps kids to be creative and develops the habit of self-study.

Author: Rashmi verma14 May 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 3

Homework is the extended class work. Before giving homework teacher should tell the children what to do and how to do and even the parents should let the children do their work themselves. They should just guide them. Some parents do their kids work themselves, they do this out of concern but it harms the kids. By doing homework themselves they develop the attitude of struggling for doing their work. This is one of the most important lessons of life.
By doing homework themselves they understand things in a better way they develop the habit of doing things on their own.
Doing kids homework is a disaster for them.

Author: shaik mohammed sohail24 Jun 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 5

I too agree on the points mentioned, except the kind of homework given by the teachers. I mean if a teacher is just giving homework to write it 5 times and come to the class, in my view this home work is not very useful because the children while writing this type of homework just think about completing their homework in no time.

Instead of giving this type homework, if they provide homework which children are made to think in an innovative way and something which they will love to do, that will make them feel smart and to be diligent.

It is not the number of times the kid is writing homework that matters, but how much the kid is understanding the subject. Is he thinking about subject in a 360 degrees oriented manner? This helps the kids to develop into sophisticated citizens and have a great future for our homes, society and country.

Author: Gaurav Singh20 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

I think helping children in doing their homework is not a bad idea. Parents are not supposed to write the homework of children on their own rather they should only assist and guide the child where he is facing any problem.

And also its duty of teachers to provide only those things in home work that the child has learnt very well in classroom. Homework is meant for practicing the things that student has learned in the class room. Because homework is provided to a student to get a grip on the topic. New chapters should be taught in the class room and teachers are expected to clear doubts and help them understand the topics in easy and playful manner.

Parents are not professionals who can make a child understand things as a teacher can. It's better to repeat the same thing in homework than providing totally new things. If it will be so then the children will not seek the help of their parents in completing homework and they will do it by self. Applying the concepts leaned in the classroom in completing homework by themselves will also help them to be creative and innovative.

Author: Rajiv Ranjan Sahay01 Nov 2017 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4

Homework is an important aspect of learning as it not only helps in the revision of the contents taught in the class but also helps in broadening the horizon of knowledge of the students as when they attempt to solve the problems assigned to them, they confront with new situation with every new question. This prompts them to consult their books in order to find the answer which eventually results in having a good command over the topic. In this way it will also push them towards self study and boost their self- reliance.

Author: Reena Upadhya06 Apr 2023 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Homework is the work given by teachers to the students to complete at home. It is okay for parents and elders to assist their kids a little when they are stuck with something. It is an assignment that is given to them. It has importance. Something is taught by the teacher in the classroom.

Also, homework helps kids to revise what is learned in the classroom. Instead of copying from one book to another, they should try to first learn what they were taught and then try to write it down without referring to the book. This will help them memorize and revise. Sometimes, they are asked to write down a page or two in copy writing books of 2 lines or 3 lines. Students find it boring. However, they should be taught how important it is to write clearly. A readable handwriting looks far more impressive than one that is shabbily written. Homework has lots of purposes. The need is that elders and parents instead of finishing their kid's homework by themselves should teach their kids the real purpose of homework and encourage them to finish their homework on time.

Also, teachers should not put a lot of burden on kids. Earlier there used to be a single teacher who would teach all the subjects. Thus, she knew how much homework is given for that particular day. Nowadays, every subject is taught by different teachers. They have no idea that students are overburdened with lots of work. Thus, they should be sensible in how much homework to be given and when to be given. When students fail to do the work, they should teach them by helping them clarify their doubts and not simply punishing them for not completing their homework.

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