How to fix Write Proctected Error from the pen drive

This tutorial provides a solution how to fix pen drive write protected error problem when you try to plug in with a computer. With the help of this article you can also get reasons behind of this error problem and also get the information how to retrieve lost data from the pen drive.

In this article we'll look at the pen drive write protected error problem and its solution. Sometimes due to some unknown reasons, the pen drive shows the write protection error message when you plug in the pen drive to your computer device and try to some files or folder from it. Through this error problem you're unable to read/access their stored data. Don't be in a panic about this critical situation - from this informative post I will explain some procedures.

Procedure to Fix Kingston Pen Drive Write Protected Error problem.

  1. Need to Check Virus from Pen drive

    Sometime when you used pen drive to computer and it already infected by a virus that is 100% possibility your USB drive is infected by Trojans or other types of virus. So it's required to scan pen drive by using antivirus software. By using antivirus setting you can also set the automatic scanning process when USB drive plugged to computer, if you not set the auto scanning task then you can scan pen drive manually.


    Once the scanning process is done, if it shows infected part or file then fix it. After performing this procedure, if this problem is present then moves on second process.

  2. Unlock the Kingston Pen drive

    Some Kingston pen drives have an automatic switch on the right side and many time pen drive users lock their USB drive. So you need to check if it's locked then you need to unlocked pen drive. After unlocked, you will be solved the write protected error problem. 


  3. Need to Check pen drive is not Full

    If Kingston pen drive is fully loaded that is one case you receive the write protected error problem. So check the used or unused space of pen drive. 

    Go to drive icon and right click on it, choose the "Properties" option where you can get the complete drive information like free space or used space with pie chart or bytes or MB size volume. If it fully loaded, then you need to delete some files from it.


  4. Uncheck the Read-Only option

    Sometime for the security purpose users allow the read-only option of their files. So you need to verify it, select any file which is stored in USB drive and right click on the selected file go to properties option and now properties window appeared on screen. From the bottom of this window you can see the "Attributes" feature, check the "Read-Only" option if its mark with right arrow symbol then its need to unmark it by clicking on the box. 


  5. Run DOS Command for Fixing Write protected problem

    You can fix this problem by running some DOS command, 

    Click on "Start" button go to "Run" window from here type "cmd" and enter now DOS command shell will appear on your screen. 

    *Type "DISKPART" command order and press enter
    *Type "list disk" and enter, now you can see presented disk list. 


    Verify your disk from listed table; if it's not showing your drive, then it's not helpful for you. If it listed here now note beside the number.

    *Type the "select disk 2" and enter now you will receive Disk 2 is now the selected disk message


    Type this command order on dos shell >> "attribute disk clear readonly" then enter


    Once this task is done, then type exit and enter.

  6. Through the Registry you can overcome writes protection error 

    Open "Run" window and type "regedit" then OK. 


    Now Registry editor window will appear on the screen, by clicking to next arrow in the menu now move to this location 


    Once you reached the above mentioned path from where you can see the Write Protect name 

    Now select it >> right click on it and choose modify.. 


    Now Edit DWORD value window will be appear, if here you're seeing value data 1.1 that means you Kingston pen drive is Write protected. You can fix it by changing the 1.1 numbers, replace 1.1 digit number with 0 numbers because 0 number is indicate "Don't Write protected my pen drive". 


    Once you change the number then click on OK and exit from the registry windows and also remove the pen drive from the computer. Now time to once again insert the USB drive.

    Note: If the Write protection error problem is still present then last option is left that is formatted procedure. If you format your pen drive then you fix the write protection error problem from the pen drive and you can successfully work with your USB drive. But if you format their pen drive you lost their all stored data from it and you cannot recover lost data.

  7. Format Kingston Pen drive

    Select your pen drive icon and right click and choose format option, you can format their pen drive by using any type of file system dynamic disk volume such as: NTFS, FAT (default), FAT32 or exFAT.

Conclusion: In this tutorial we got several procedures that how to fix pen drive write protected error problem. These above mentioned processes helps to overcome this problem in the end if you don't get the positive result or after formatting pen drive you lost their data and then there is no one any manual process to get data back from formatted pen drive.

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Author: Shaikh IzajAhmed31 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks Vaibhav for this article to fix protected error for pen drives, I tried many things to do so and not found a better solution, I used HP Tool to recoved my pen drives but none worked but after reading this article and the techniques you provided helped me to do so. And Many people on earth will use these techniques and software you showed in this article will help to recover proctected and damaged pen drives and bring them to life.

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