Countries with nuclear weapons

This resource is to explain the power of nuclear weapons with respect to each country. You will also come to know the list of countries which have powerful nuclear weapons. I also explain about what are the policies followed by different countries to use the nuclear weapons.


There are numerous military conflicts, border disputes and all that worse happening right now. With all of that international conflicts, comes the question of escalation. How far will they go? Could any one of this conflicts escalate enough to cause a nuclear war? To answer that we first have to look at which countries actually have nuclear weapons. As of now there are 8 countries which are believed to have nuclear weapons and they fall into two categories. They are: countries that have signed on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons and the countries which are not signed on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Countries which signed for NPT

United states, Russia, France, China and United kingdom are the countries which are signed on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons. These five countries have agreed to stop making nuclear weapons. They have also agreed to destroy their current stock pile over time. The trite have the nuclear weapon free world. But, its not enforced by any one government body in the five states are basically under the honor system. So progress is slow as moving it all.

Countries which are not signed for NPT

Then we have 3 nuclear capable countries with bombs that are not part of the NPT. They are: India , Pakistan and Israel. These countries refused to sign the thready before this put into effect in 1970 primarily because it caught the number of countries which are allowed to have nuclear weapons at 5 countries that already had them. The above 3 countries have not developed their nuclear programs. India tested their first nuclear weapon in 1974 and the Pakistan tested their own in 1998. Israel has not confirmed due to not having a nuclear arsenal and there is no solid evidence of testing a bomb recorded to the federation of american scientists Israel may have as many as 80 nuclear weapons.

Countries might be pursuing nuclear weapons

There are also countries which might be pursuing nuclear weapons like Iran which has a nuclear program. But they claim for energy use only. After a series of European union, sanctions has agreed to scale their program down. But they also recently missed a deadline with the UN to provide specific information pertaining to their nuclear explosion experiments. So, we cant really be sure what their present status is?

North Korea

North korea which has drew from NPT in the 2003 has conducted 3 nuclear tests and is said to have enough from 6 to 10 war heads. But they have not yet developed the functional nuclear weapon we think. North Korea usually does not share information. So, no one really knows how close they are.

China and India policies

China and India have a no first use policy. They wont use nuclear weapons unless they were attacked with one first. The UK has also stated that they wont use their nuclear weapons unless the enemy state uses a WMD against their troops. The US is wage about it and claims to have nuclear weapons as a deodorant .

Russia's policy

Russia doped their no first use policy in 1993 and now claims that they will only use their nuclear weapons if the Russian federation is under threat.

France and Pakistan policy

France and Pakistan policy's are similar to Russia's which just leaves Israel which was not made an official policy yet because they have not officially acknowledge that they even have nukes.


No one wants to be the first nation to strike using a nuclear weapon in this state and get the large scale retribution from the international community and possible nuclear counter strikes. As it stands now, the main argument for nuclear weapon is to prevent attacks by nuclear weapons. Libia started dismantling their own nuclear weapons in 2004. South Africa intentionally dismantling their own program and weapons in 1991. Israel eliminating the serious nulear reactor by bombing their facilities in 2007. So, the threat seems less effective.


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