Boost your Smart phone's battery Life for Longer

One of the common issues in Gadgets and Smart phones are its poor battery life. Even though, Smart phones have gained considerable popularity in the world, many say, it really sucks for few possible reasons. Among those, one of the most important reasons is the poor battery life.

Even the best batteries don't have enough reserves to power big bright screens along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G. However, various people are working on the battery technology and thus it isn't completely stuck and is definitely improving.

On the other hand, as an alternative to this problem, here are few tips to run your battery for longer. By just changing the phone settings or just changing the way you use your phone a little you should be able to extend your battery life by a good chunk. Other than these tips, there are also huge choices of portable USB Battery packs, which you can give your smart phones recharge on the go.

Now, here let's see those tips to extend your battery life as far as possible.

1. Dim the screen brightness:

Display is one of the biggest battery drainers on a phone. Instead of switching on the Automatic brightness feature, let the percentage level be between 40% and 50% to conserve your battery. Also, don't use animated wallpapers, screen savers which are likely to suck your battery power.

2. Keep the screen timeout short:

You can find an option of" screen timeout" in your phone's settings. This is how long your phone must light after receiving the input, such as tap. Since every seconds counts, set your timer to the shortest available time. On most of the Android phones the minimum time is 15 seconds. Thus, check if your phone's screen timeout is 2 minutes or something, better change it to 30 seconds or less.

3. Turn off Bluetooth:

This is the most important tip to enhance the battery life for even up to one hour. No matter how much you love your Bluetooth headset, it is always better to switch off Bluetooth option when not in use. This is because, the Bluetooth headset or your Bluetooth radio constantly attracts signals from the outer world which results in the battery down status.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi:

This is another serious battery drainer just like Bluetooth. It is always better to toggle off the Wi-Fi button when you are out of your work place or out of the Wi-Fi campus. You can also add a widget to your home screen to make the toggling easier by just a tap on it.

5. GPS Usage:

This is also a big battery sucker, which is mostly utilized by many apps to triangulate your phone's location on the Earth's surface. Many apps use this GPS service to find the nearby restaurants of your area, to direct you to a desired destination and so on. Just allow only trusted apps to make use of your GPS service and when you are in doubt strictly do not allow any unknown apps to use your GPS. Also, if any wallpapers, screensavers, and games require your GPS service, be alert to be suspicious to find out why they need it.

6. Don't allow multiple apps running in the background:

Multitasking, this means running multiple apps at the same time. This is the favourite feature for all the smart phone lovers. But, be sure to kill those apps you are not actually using since it may help you a lot to save your battery power. There is an app called Advanced Task Killer, which has an auto-kill feature that policies your apps throughout the day. This has automated feature to kill the unwanted apps running at that moment. You can even uninstall the unwanted apps like games, wallpapers, screen savers that you might not at all be using.

7. Don't use Vibrating Mode:

Unless or until, you are in a situation to use the vibrant mode, please do not make use of this. This is because the vibrant mode sucks more battery power than the normal ringtone mode. Ringtone has to make only a tiny membrane of your phone to vibrate to produce sound whereas Vibrator motor rotates a small weight to make your phone shake. Thus, it requires more power.
Other than these points, there are lot of options hidden away in the settings menu for disabling location services, push emails, sensors or features that you may never use.


Author: K Mohan16 Oct 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 1

Yes I do agree with the author that the tips given herein would certainly help to give longer life to the battery of smart phone. When ever you have issues with battery better to go for the original ones. We normally go for cheap batteries with false promise of long lasting. Every smart phone has its own OEM batteries and that will give the right life for the battery. By the way I have observed that whenever our phone is in roaming, the battery of the phone is discharged fast. What may be the reason for that?

Author: Venkiteswaran30 Apr 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 5

The tips given in this article on boosting battery life of our smartphone are very practical and useful. I am following all these tips.
However nowadays I see youngsters using various applications for getting the effect of each of the above mentioned tips.
There are application to 'control applications'. Applications to control brightness and volume automatically, applications with names 'battery booster' etc.

Whatever be it, the main complaint of the young users of modern smartphones is that battery does not last long. Any forum where they give user reviews of smartphones usually have a general complaint-"battery drains fast. I need to charge many times a day". If we closely review, we can see that all the above tips are ignored or the phone itself by default goes against these.

So nowadays users buy power banks of 24000mah etc. and keep it always attached to their phones.

But for users like me the tips given in this article are very apt and practical.

Author: John Theo Sang04 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

What is the use of buying an expensive smartphone when one should refrain from accessing smart phone features; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dimming the brightness of screen etc? One should never stick with simple phone that has limited features like the one Nokia 2800 or Nokia 3110.

The smart phone consumes lots of power in a minute. Most battery draining apps like online games, and other apps must be killed using the Task Killer or Manager. APK in order to stop then running in the background. Another one is if you want to save battery then activate the power saving mode or Extreme power saving mode. Also add the apps that restarts by itself in the white list.

Can you update more about those topics.

Author: Mjaay14 Aug 2017 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

People generally have the habit of keeping their phone on charging when sleeping. This is not a good habbit. One main disadvantage is that the pins in the mobile which connects to charger sometimes it melts.
The consequence of this is improper charging of your mobile. It shows 100 percent battery but drains out fast.

Author: Gaurav Singh19 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Nice article to help people on how to prolong battery life of their smartphones. The author has mentioned a number of ways to increase the battery life but I would also like to add something more to this list.
Using devices while it is plugged in charging is one of the main reason which kills the battery life of electronics gadgets like smartphone, tablets, Ipad etc. You should never use your phone while it is plugged in for charging because that way your phone battery gets heat and does not get charged properly because at the same time it is getting charged from one side and used from another side. So, avoid using your device during charging if you want a long battery life and good performance of your device.
Second method to stable battery life is that you should switch on Flight mode in your device at night when you are going to sleep. Most of the latest devices are packed with various features and because of that, certain apps keep running in the background all the time when your phone is in coverage area. So, by enabling flight mode you can stop those background processes and stop the consumption of battery. This will also help you in increasing your battery life.

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