How to promote Youtube Videos to get more views?

Are you trying to promote your YouTube Channel? Are you trying to get more views to your YouTube Videos? Here are the few tips mentioned in this article will help you to get a good number of views to your Videos.

YouTube is the one of the biggest video sharing site in the world. YouTube has enough videos that a man can watch for around 50 years without viewing the same again. YouTube also got the second highest number of searches next to Google. There are millions of channels available on YouTube covering almost everything in this world. YouTube is one of the main sources of income for Google stand next to Google Adwords. YouTube also offers its members to earn through the YouTube partnership program. There are many numbers of people earn decent income through the YouTube partnership program.

Below are the top 5 tips which help you to promote your YouTube videos and earn decent income.

Choose a correct Channel name

Your channel name describes what your videos all about. Choose a channel name something relevant to your YouTube videos. For Example, if you have videos about HTML coding, then choose a name like 'HTML Tips and Tricks' or HTML Hacks. Choosing a correct channel name will help you to get listed in the top of the YouTube search list and also help you to get more views to your videos.

Make interactive videos

There are millions of videos uploaded in YouTube almost covers everything in the world. Not all the YouTube channels are making money. Most of the YouTube videos are generating less number of views. Choosing something unique makes you different from other YouTube channels. Make your videos as interactive and innovative as possible. It is better to have a base concept for your videos and have one video link to another video which helps to get more number of views. Interactive and Innovative videos help you to increase the fan base for your channel.

Thumbnails, Description and Tags

Description and Tags given in your YouTube video tell search engines about the contents of your Video. Choose good number of tags closely related to your video and to the description given for your Video. Your video description and tags should relate to each other. It helps you to get listed at the top of the search list. Your description is the one which displayed first with the viewers. Make your description in such a way that it will attract the viewers.

Thumbnails are another important factor to attract more views. YouTube lets the users to choose Thumbnails based on the uploaded video. Choose a thumbnail which can represent what exactly your video content. For example, if your video is about cooking some food, then choose a thumbnail which displays the food rather than the person who is cooking the food.

Have backlinks

YouTube gave various options to their users to append the videos on other sites and blogs. Forums are the best place to create backlinks for your Videos. But unfortunately most of the Forums won't allow the users to append videos. The user has to achieve certain membership level to append their videos in the forum. Blogs are another way to create backlinks to your videos. Create a blog related to your YouTube channel and link your videos to the blog. Both Forum and blogs help you to get number of views.

Take help of social media

The world is living in the era of social media so it is better to take help of social media to promote your videos. Share your videos through your Facebook profile, Twitter and other social websites. You will get good number of views to your YouTube videos from social websites. Social networking sites will also help you to increase the fan base for your videos.

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Author: Gaurav Singh23 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

A well organised article with very useful tips on how to earn from YouTube. We all know that YouTube is a good option for earning money and if anyone wants to earn through YouTube then this article will be of great help for them because it covers the topic from the name of the channel to its promotion method.
But I would like to add one more method of promoting your YouTube channel which can help you to bring more visitors to your channel, which means you will earn more.
You can try giveaways as way of promotion of your channel. Giveaway is like reward program in which you can keep some condition and then you will reward something which is relevant with your channel content to your viewers. To promote your videos through giveaways, here I am giving you an example.
Suppose you run a YouTube channel over reviews of mobile phone. When you create a video then in the very start you can convey a message to your viewers to watch this video clearly as you will ask a question related with that video and if they will answer it correctly then they can win a new smartphone. You can also put more conditions like to participate in the contest, they will have to subscribe to the channel etc. In this way you can not only increase the popularity of your channel but you will also create a base of permanent viewers. And then you can multiply your earnings in no time.

Author: Swati Sharma09 Sep 2020 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Nowadays, many people are earning money by creating channels on YouTube. The author has explained important tips. I would like to add a few more-

Regularity - You maintain regularity on your channel. Some people do not put regular videos and so their videos do not get views nor are they able to rank their videos. So you keep working hard to upload regular videos, which will increase your subscribers and views and you will benefit from it.

Content - Whichever topic you are making a video on, you must first understand that topic yourself and then tell the people in your video and tell them in such a way that people understand it and increase their interest on the video. This will give you two benefits, one, you will get more views and the other, it will increase the watch time of your video.

Once you upload any video to YouTube channel, do not wait for anyone else but share it on social websites and if possible add a small write-up about the video which will increase your number of views.

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