How to increase mileage of a bike

Do you want to increase the mileage of your bike? This article provides some of the best tips to increase the mileage of your bike, including maintenance tips, avoiding modifications to the bike, etc.


Bikes are the most common vehicle among middle class people in our country. Our streets are filled with bikes during peak hour. People are spending so much of money everyday for fuel. There are a number of bikes introduced in Indian market every year by famous automobile makers. Most of the bikes are advertised as energy efficient bikes. Indian people are keen to buy energy efficient bikes to cut down the cost spending on fuel. There are various factors affecting the mileage of bikes. Below are some of the tips mentioned in this article which will help you to increase your bike mileage.

Proper maintenance

Maintenance is important for any kind of vehicle or device. Proper maintenance of your bike ensures good mileage for a long period of time and saves your money a lot. It is good to perform a frequent service for your bike from an authorized agent. It is also good to follow the service and maintenance for a long period of time. Such maintenance will ensure the stability of the engine which in turns helps to save your fuel.

Use proper oil and petrol

Adulteration becomes a major problem in most of the sectors. Engine oil and Fuel is also adulterated in various places. Such adulterated oils and fuels affect your engine and in turn reduces your bike mileage. Such adulterated fuels and oils also increase air pollution. It is best to fill petrol from trusted petrol pumps and buy engine oil from authorized sellers. Impurities in fuel or oil will make problems with your engine and spare parts.

Avoid overloading

Bikes are designed in a way such so that it can carry certain limits of weight. Overloading your bike will consume more fuel and also affects the performance of your engine. Engine spoiled due to overloading will in turn consume more fuel. Avoid using your bikes for carrying heavy luggage or a number of people.

Avoid modifications

Most of the youngsters are changing various parts of the bikes based on their needs. Bike design and engine are interrelated to each other. Changing the parts or adding new parts to your bike will increase the weight of your bike which in turns consumes more fuel. It is good to avoid unnecessary modifications to your bike.

Change gears properly

Changing of gears will affect a lot the way your engine consumes fuel. It is good to change gears properly on correct speed. It will help you to save your fuel and money. Improper use of gears will also affect the performance of your engine and other critical spare parts.

Other critical items

Apart from the above items, below are some of the items which need to be considered to increase your bike mileage.
  1. Maintain proper air pressure in bike tyres. Low pressure tyres will consume more fuel and reduce the mileage of your bike.
  2. Turn off the engine while waiting in signal for a long time. It will help to save fuel and increase mileage.
  3. Avoid parking the bike in direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid parking the bike in open spaces during the night as it may affect the performance of the engine.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha13 Aug 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

To ensure that the bike may give you maximum mileage, one has to take the following points into considerations. Some of the vital points are listed below-
1) To maintain correct speed while driving. It has been seen that youths believe in maintaining high speed beyond the directives of the manufacturers causing excess consumption of fuels. Normally, the bikes should be operated at the speed of 50 km / hour.
2) Carburetor should be adjusted to offer maximum power to the engine and at the same time, there should be less consumption of fuel.
3) Periodical maintenance of the bike is necessary to eliminate dirt and greasy substances and to see that there is not any leakage in the the circuit.
4) Correct ratio of petrol and lubricant is to be maintained.
5)Correct tyre-pressure is equally important for efficient fuel consumption.
6) One should avoid frequent changing clutches and gears to save the fuel.
7) As far as possible, we should operate on smooth roads despite the fact that the road chosen may be to some extent lengthy.

The author has outlined a number of useful tips in this regard, however, it is always essential to pay attention to some vital points which would curtail fuel bill.

Author: Dr. Paresh Gujarati31 Jan 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The article is very well drafted with proper headings which help the reader to just scan the important aspects of maintaining and improving the mileage of a bike. I would like to add some aspects which also can be considered while dealing with mileage improvement issues.

1. Have chain tension right because it is the link which smoothly transmits the power from the engine. If it is loose or too tight, power loss can occur and deteriorate the mileage of a bike.

2. Do not use clutch unnecessarily except for changing the gears.

3. Do not ride the bike with the brake pedal pressed unknowingly.

4. Switch off the engine at traffic signals if you feel that the wait will last for more than 30-35 seconds; putting off the engine if the duration is less than 30-35 seconds will not serve the purpose.

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